Guidance by the Goddess of Divine Freedom

with Lord Shiva

from 31 December 2020


I AM the Goddess of Divine Freedom.

Dear children of Light with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, almost all of you need to Free yourselves of some things in your life, both on the fine plane and on the material one.

Judge for yourself what bothers you the most here and now, in this moment, and in every following moment. And if you find it difficult to cope on your own, you can invite me, sincerely wish and ask me to support your efforts so that you can be Free from this thing with greater ease, at high speed and in full.

And when it turns out that it is quite difficult for you to overcome the given thing and get Free from it, even after My intervention, you could turn to My Spiritual Sister – the Goddess of Divine Freedom with Lord Alpha, and invite us, sincerely wish and ask both of us at the same time to support you to be Free.

But remember – an achievement can be yours only when you work it off yourself and you have worked hard to get the desired effect. And we from the subtle plane to get involved to support your efforts when you are prevented from being successful by the representatives of some networks of illusion.

Only then, when you acquire the given achievement, do you begin to manifest it and have access to its beneficial consequences and good fruits. And also the effect you have gained is long-lasting in time.

Your work in this direction is very worthwhile, because in the future it may turn out that you need to have as many achievements and worked-off Virtues and Perfections as possible!

The Goddess of Divine Freedom