Guidance by Lord Lanto

from 22 January 2021


I AM Lanto.

In case you are prevented by the representatives of the networks of illusion from doing your job, which is currently the highest priority, and you are in a hurry to do it, but for example they:
blue-dotput you to sleep
blue-dotor make you nervous, easily irritated, hurtful
blue-dotor to fall into apathy and lack any desire to work,
blue-dotor to work more slowly when your work is urgent, and you need to finish it by a specific deadline, and it is approaching, and you still have a lot left, and you try your best to work faster, but without any effect,
then turn to the Father One and explain to Him what the situation is with you, and tell Him that even though you have done all you can and given the best of yourself, you are unable to handle it on your own because someone from the subtle plane, and not only, stumbles you and harms you a lot.

And invite Him, sincerely wish and ask for support and help from Above to be given to you so that you can do it in time and your work will be goodfruitful and of the highest quality.

Leave the situation in His hands and let everything happen according to His Holy Will, as it is best from His point of view – of the Father One. Send your Divine Love to Him and thank Him with all your heart and Soul. And then very often, whenever you can, do it again and again.

The more you thank and give your Divine Love to the Father One, with all your heart and Soul, the faster and better your deeds will go, and you will eventually finish your work on time and with ease!

Lord Lanto