Guidance by Confucius

from 04 April 2021


I AM Confucius.

Even if my Icon is not one of the most beautiful and you like it less than the other Icons, I put in it everything you need both as information to be given to you on the subtle plane to serve you well in later times, and as a pure energy impulse to help you in the future. And I am satisfied. It turned out well.

Sometimes, the most important and best things are least visible when they are disguised with an inconspicuous appearance! And people are without wanting them because they do not like them, and thus, they remain and survive the longest and do the best work ahead in time!

Keep this wisdom in mind!

And if you decide to apply it in your life and do it, you would only benefit from it.




01 July 2020, by Confucius

It would be good to live without being in the spotlight of the projectors of the illusion so that you preserve yourself for a long time by being uninteresting and without standing out among other people, but being successful in fulfilling the Mission of your life, for which you came in this incarnation of yours!

01 March 2021, by Confucius

I came to repeat in other words what I have already said; it is so important!

Live so that you are without making more impression on the representatives of the network of the illusion than normally when you are without doing anything at all. Work off your cover and be without standing out among everyone around you in the time you are living here and now, and even more so in the future, during what is to come until your passing through the Portal of the Great Transition to the World of the 6th human race on this planet.