Guidance by Elohim Peace

from 05 April 2021


I AM Elohim Peace.

Think before you get annoyed, angry and start shouting, whether it is worth torturing yourself and making your Soul suffer!

Sit and calm down.

And invite Me to come and help pacify your Soul.

Remember these words of mine even though you are on the edge! And do it.

And when you sit to calm down:

1. Start counting slowly and calmly out loud from 33 to 0, imagining in advance how the more the number decreases, the more negativity drains from you, and you get free from it.

2. Then, start counting 3 times from 1 to 10, again slowly and out loud, and imagine:
blue-dotthe first time, how Tranquility, Peace, Balance, Harmony and Divine Love grow in you,
blue-dotthe second time, how your positive attitude is strengthened,
blue-dotand the third time, while counting from 1 to 10, imagine how your Gratitude and Divine Love for the Father One grows in you!

3. Finally, sing a song to the Father One and send him through it your increased Gratitude and Divine Love.

Elohim Peace