Guidance by the Goddess of Divine Wisdom

from 25 April 2021


I AM the Goddess of Divine Wisdom.

My Icon was received very well in energy. And from now on, any one of you, dear children of Light with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, who looks at it and during this time with all his heart and Soul invites me, sincerely asks and wishes that I support him to increase his Wisdom and sends his Divine Love to Me, My Wisdom will flow into him so that it can support him, and in the future, he will be even wiser so that he is able to do his job and successfully fulfil the Mission of his incarnation!

You could do the same with any other Higher Being of Light whose Icon has been received and uploaded to the UNIFICATION website. As you look at His Icon, His accomplishments and experience can flow into you when you are Respectful to Him and give Your Divine Love to Him.

My Guidance to you, Beloved, is:

Do your job, striving to do it every time at a higher speed and with higher quality. Because as you work this way, you will start to do more and more work, and you will be more successful, more powerful and more and better things could start and begin happening to you.

Do it constantly, without a pass, and work at high speed, without distracting yourself with anything. If you have work to do – do it! Then, everyone else around you will start doing the work that is given to them, and they will do more and more work, the more you do it!

Now, what is the volume of work you do from the one with the highest priority? Are you happy with yourself? And with the others around you? If you are not correcting yourself first, everyone else will do it and achieve it afterwards. Otherwise, they follow you in your failures, and you slide down and drag them along.

It's all in your hands, Beloved! Change yourself and become successful, and everyone else who is connected with you will also change and become successful, and your whole team will be successful. I mean the people who, according to the Lord's Providence, have come in incarnation and are with you on the Path, and you support each other.

The more successful you are, the more successful they will be. I am transmitting to you this Wisdom, which can take you out of the swamp in which the illusion has pushed you. Act, Beloved, and others will begin to do so!

You can be highly successful in this work in the future – more and more with each passing day, and after you, the others around you both on the material plane and on the subtle plane!

You are like a train. The more the Locomotive starts to accelerate and move at higher speed, all the other wagons attached to it move at exactly the same speed – from the first to the last one! Such is your job – yours and your team’s.

Become successful, and all your close people will be successful.

The more you accelerate the pace of work, the more they will do it!

I have just given from the highest-energy fuel to the Locomotive to fly forward along the line drawn by the Father One to the final destination, the Portal of the Great Transition! And the whole train to successfully pass through it in the World of the 6th race on the planet RAIMA – the Locomotive with all the wagons attached to it!

I AM the Goddess of Divine Wisdom