Guidance by Lord Jesus

Part 1

from 05 May 2021

I AM Jesus.

The most important thing I have to tell you is the following:

1. The time has come when you can survive in the future in the events that will begin to happen in the world when you are in the maximum, almost 100% fulfilment of the Guidance of the Father One and the Higher Beings of Light given to you on the UNIFICATION website. It would be good to write them all down on a list so that you remember them and reread them very often so that you recall them constantly.

And work! Work hard as much as you can! You are without any time to rest if you want to succeed!

Always before the beginning and after the end of the work, express your gratitude and send Divine Love to the Father One and also to Archangel Michael and all the Guardian Angels, whom you invited, sincerely wished and asked in the morning to guard you throughout the day.

2. Live without criticizing the strong of the day and without criticizing any person for their religious rules and customs, bad habits and habitudes and whatever else.

It is your job to be equable and without criticizing because criticism is a kind of condemnation! Do only what is right from the Lord’s point of view and, thus, sow a Divine example in relation to all others so that the distortions change imperceptibly. And only explain to your closest ones what and how to do and for what reason, where the distortion is and how it could be corrected. And all of you should do the right thing from the Lord’s point of view.

3. Those of you who possess abilities Endowed as a Gift from Above, be without manifesting them openly before the eyes of the people of the illusion! And even in front of your close ones. This carries risks! It is best to act secretly, without anyone seeing you! Only you and the Lord! Because the most important thing, with the highest priority, is for the Lord’s work to be done successfully, and this is done only by being in complete silence, alone and in an unexpected moment!

Let the Lord lead you and the Father One guide you, and you will be successful. This will dramatically increase your chances of completing and fully realizing the Mission with which each of you has come in this incarnation and which the Father One has given you!

4. It is very important to be restrained in your speech and to be very kind, respectful and well-meaning to all, without exception, both to people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls and to those who are representatives of any networks of the illusion and whatever they are – whether they belong to the Living Life or are something completely different! Because they can do a lot of harm to you and even destroy you if you are without enough attentiveness to them!

5. In these times, the most important thing is to be able to do the work that has the highest priority. Concentrate all your efforts there! And refrain from side activities that waste your energy resource!

I Love you with all my heart and Soul!

I AM Jesus


Guidance by Lord Jesus

Part 2

from 21 June 2021

I AM Jesus.

The next thing I have to tell you is:

1. It is very important for you to be able to fulfil your Mission – the main Mission of your incarnation, as well as as many of the accompanying Missions as possible, which support and facilitate the fulfilment of your main Mission.

2. Avoid getting irritated on any occasion even though the representatives of the networks of illusion may press you! And when the pressure on you is very strong and you do something wrong, first ask for forgiveness from the person you have sinned against, without any explanations! At such a moment, your excuses and explanations are 100% from your illusory part, and their purpose is to harm as much as possible the person against whom you have sinned. This is so because as you apologize and explain to him, he absorbs the malicious negative energy put in these excuses. And because in case you really made a mistake, the representatives of the networks of illusion probably already have some access to you.

This is the most important thing to understand in this case! Accept 100% that you made a mistake! It doesn't matter under whose influence! It is clear that it was not intentional, but the aim was through you at that moment, by your sinning, to harm and break someone else or to prevent something Good from happening. Since the Good concerning the Beings of Light and the Light Network is evil for the representatives of any network of illusion, and their mission is to prevent it so that they feel good!

And even if you think you are sinless in this case, and even if you are really sinless, this may not be the case from the point of view of the person opposite because in the networks of illusion, the rules are sometimes different from the ones in the network of Light. And your job in this case is to humble yourself and ask forgiveness for your sin and to end the situation immediately! In this way, you disarm the person opposite and he stops being negative towards you. And if you confront and start proving that you are right, you can do much more and too much harm and split up with a lot of energy, and even your aura can break through or tear!

And only after you have asked forgiveness from the person, at the first convenient moment, ask Forgiveness from the Father One as well, repenting before Him (see Spiritual Practice “Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps”). Each case is different, but it is much easier to be forgiven for sinning when you first ask forgiveness from the person you have sinned against and only then repent to the Father One!

My dear ones who are with Living, Bright and Pure Souls, I love you so much! I strongly recommend that you be in exact fulfilment of this Guidance of Mine to you so that you avoid unnecessary suffering!

It is so simple – without any explanations to tell the other person who is telling you or accusing you that you made a mistake, fair or not:

'Forgive me, ………………. (name), I sinned!'

And to be silent further, and to leave everything in the hands of the Father One! That’s it.

3. Regarding your minor health complaints and defects on the body – the most important thing is that the human soul is Living, Bright and Pure! And to survive, and to fulfil your Mission, as I have already told you! Be Healthy in Spirit, Soul and Body, and accept that there may be some damage to your bodies because with them, you atone for some mistakes! You are without the possibility of wanting everything to be perfect for you, since the Mission of almost every one of you involves taking part of the negative karma of other Beings of Light to support and help their Souls survive! And this is a much higher and nobler goal than what your body looks like and what minor ailments you are experiencing! The best thing in this case is to thank the Father One for each of them and send him your Divine Love, with all your heart and Soul!

I AM Jesus


Guidance by Lord Jesus

Part 3

from 26 December 2022

I AM Jesus.

I continue giving my Guidance to those of you who are with Living, Bright and Pure Souls and are with Divine Love and acceptance to Me and the Teaching I AM giving with all my Love to each one of you!

It would be good if every one of you:

1. Always has a clear understanding of how important it is to preserve calmness and a positive state of mind and that they are his/her permanent constant state! And keep this Thought in the first place in their Consciousness until this happens!

2. Manifests their Divine essence mainly for their close people by pouring their Divine Love over them and by forgiving them anything they sin, and in the first place, by being without any condemnation to them but explaining to them calmly where they have been wrong so that they wish and manage to correct themselves when the person has been kind to them.

3. Takes care first and foremost of their husband/wife and stops pouring negative feelings and outbursts over him/her and condemning him/her. One should be kindest and most loving to their husband/wife as this is the person by their side – the closest one with whom the Lord and God has/have gathered him/her to be in one unified whole and work in a team to fulfil their Missions with which they have come in incarnation, and thus, to Serve the Father One! And to be in Peace, Divine Love and accord between themselves!

In this way, every one of you will help the most to their spouse so that he/she manifests their Divine qualities, Virtues and Perfections to them as well!

This is exactly what the representatives of all networks of the illusion are trying to fail you in and to destroy the Divine Love between you, and to steal your Divine qualities, Virtues and Perfections.

Will you give them the possibility to do that? You – both family partners, determine yourselves how you will live in the future. What I have said for one of you is fully valid for the other one as well! Both of you correct yourselves as it is quite sad to observe you being like this from the Higher octaves of Light! As then, your Souls are suffering, and your Higher Selves – as well. And this is equal to an illness of Spirit and Soul. And how can your bodies be healthy in such a case?

This is My most important Guidance to you!

I AM Jesus