Q & A 157

Payment of bills and acquisitions/purchases according to the phases of the moon

Question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 May 2021


Question: Taxes, fees, fines, electricity, water, mobile phones, …, i.e. all bills, health insurance, child support, etc., when is it best to pay them – on the rising or waning moon?

Answer: The answer is general and applies to all payments that you want to eliminate in your life with ease or periodically pay the debts in your life, also with ease. They are all paid on any of the days of the waning moon.

And when you pay for something you acquire, i.e. all purchases, the payment is to be made on the rising moon so that you can use them for a long time, they are strong enough, and they serve you better and better, and as you easily get them, so will grow your wealth, prosperity, well-being, better lifestyle, etc.

When you buy something with a contract of payment, it is bought, i.e. the contract is signed, and you acquire/start using what you bought on a rising moon, and then every month, you pay your debt under this contract on a waning moon.

It is also best to receive your salary on a rising moon, even if the amount is transferred by your employer to the bank account on a waning moon. Because you need to keep in mind that from the point of view of your employers, it is best for them to pay salaries on the waning moon so that they can easily fulfil this obligation.

The important thing is that the one who receives his salary withdraws the amount on the rising moon so that his remuneration grows in the future, and he has a higher and higher income, and his income multiplies.

And in case it is paid cash, the amount is to stay until the first day of the rising moon, and then it can be taken out of the envelope, and the person should thank Me that this money is there, and more and more of it comes, and send his Divine Love to Me. And the salary should be spent so that it suffices until the rising moon of the next month when the next income will begin to be spent.