Q & A 158

About Thought 126

Question sent in English to the UNIFICATION website and its answer given by Presence of the One on 19 July 2021


Question: Dear Father One, I have a question about Thought 126 from 5 June 2021. What else shall we do and how could we increase our efforts to adjust to the higher vibration of the New World of the 6th Human Race? Thank You, Dear Father One, with all my heart and Soul for your answer.

Answer: You need to do more and more and as much as you can from what you have been given so far and what you are being given on the UNIFICATION website in Parts Messages, Guidance, Teaching – Answers to questions, Spiritual work every day and day after day!

In this relation, Master Morya told you in His Message called 'New Divine Grace' from 31 March 2014 the following: 'It is your turn to act now. We are ready to join your work to work together as a team. That will fully strengthen the result of your work in the spirituality, as well as your achievements.'