Guidance by Lord Eliseya

from 21 August 2022


What I want to tell you today is about the priorities in your life!

What is higher and respectively more important, with higher priority, are your relationships not on the physical plane regarding your work in materiality, but on the Spiritual plane – regarding your work in Spirituality and the relationship between your Living, Bright and Pure Souls – between the closest people in the family and with the others whom you communicate with – people, animals, plants.

Because the relationship between Souls is one that is centuries long and turns into a relationship between Higher Selves!

So, stop bothering about anything on the physical plane! When you are well on the Spiritual plane, everything becomes well on the physical plane as well, without you realising that. Yes, without any specific efforts on your part! For that reason, the representatives of the illusion set harmful programmes, encodings and blockages, harmful habits, persistent negative states of Consciousness, which are supposed to lead you into a collapse of relationships on the Spiritual plane – between people’s Souls!

Hence, this is where you need to direct your efforts as well – to refine yourselves to be with Divine Love between you and your relationships to be in harmony and balance, to be in inner Peace which you pour over each other, and to be in Joy!

And to reject any negative manifestation as a creation of the illusion, and to be without paying attention to it and getting deeper into it in any way!

Be Polite, Gentle, Kind, Loving with each other and bring Joy to each other, and be without any condemnation whatsoever, bearing in mind what the pressure against you could be on the part of the illusion! And look after each other, every one of you, the way you look after yourself, and even more than that! Then, you will be better off both on the Spiritual plane and on the material plane, and you will be without being accessible to the representatives of the illusion and being harmed by them.

I AM Eliseya, with Love to all people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!