Guidance by Lady Master Nada

from 05 September 2022


I AM Nada, and I turn to all people with Living, Bright and Pure Souls!

When you work and sell the produce of your work, you receive money – financial means with which you live better in your material world. At the same time, though, when you work, you create Good Karma, too, but only when you work with Joy. Then, your creative energy gets stronger, and this helps your Soul to live better on the subtle plane of Existence and evolve.

This is one side of the medal – the accumulation of funds and energy, but the other side of the medal is equally important – spending them!

We have always guided you to be very careful with spending your energy, but you have hardly succeeded. For this reason, I have come today to give you this Guidance and to explain to you in a little more detail the most important on the issue.

When someone goes to the shop to buy something they need, they often pay with the funds they have accumulated. And if it is scarce, they live more poorly, and it happens so that they become ill more often as they are without the possibility to look after their material body well through preventive measures with good food and a healthy lifestyle.

This is clear to you, and you understand it well.

But think that the same also refers in regard to the Health of the person’s Soul, which is in direct relationship with both the person’s karmic purity and their fulfilment of the Lord’s Commandments and Laws and with the presence and quantity of accumulated energy – the so-called Good karma from their good-fruitful deeds. Because it is this energy of the Good karma that a person pays with on the subtle plane, the same way they pay with their funds in the shop, on the material plane.

I will give you the following example: each time a person enters the internet space, they pay with part of their energy of the Good karma to the network of the illusion whose representatives, being in incarnation, gave humanity this ‘discovery’ and ‘benefit’. And also, during a longer stay on the internet, energy is taken away from the person periodically. Besides, people pay with their energy of the Good karma each time they enter a new internet page/site/blog, etc. to their owner, and the owner also accounts for and pays with energy to the network of the illusion whose representatives created the internet. It is so with any other ‘discovery’ made by representatives of any network of the illusion. People pay a fee to the respective provider to use their service on the material plane, and on the subtle plane, they pay with part of their energy a fee to the network of the illusion whose representatives created it, and this happens each time the person uses it on their own will and for their personal needs.

The exception is only one – when a person uses the services in or in relation to their direct job responsibilities. Then, their employer pays the fees both financially and in energy. But in case the employee uses the company internet for their own purposes and enters to see, listen to, or read interesting things, then the very employee pays with their energy!

In case the person has little Good karma or is without any that they could use to pay in terms of the pleasures and ‘comforts of life’ used, they pay with their life energy, which shortens their stay in the current incarnation. And in case the person has Good karma and wastes it for pleasures rather than for their progress in Spiritual growth, they remain without it, and their evolution stops. Besides, the person remains without the energy needed for their protection in case of attacks against them by the representatives of the illusion when they have sinned by breaking the Lord’s Commandments and Laws, and thus, they have given access themselves to the representatives of the networks of the illusion to the person’s temple and reason to be harmed. And this accumulates even more negative karma for the person.

This is how everyone makes a choice on how to live and whether to be Healthy in body and Soul and to advance in Spirituality successfully or to be sick both in body and Soul and to become more and more karmically burdened and to involve!

Everyone chooses whether to use the ‘crutches’ of your modern civilisation, offered to you so complaisantly, and at ever lower prices, but only on the material plane, at the expense of the growing prices in energy on the subtle plane, or to cleanse spiritually, to develop and advance and to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit when the person is ready to receive them! Yes, this happens when the person
blue-dotgets access to the information on the subtle plane in the universal library/database
blue-dotand starts to move freely in space with their four lower bodies
blue-dotand to communicate with their close ones who also have access to telepathy.

All this and many other things have been given to you and are a step away from you when you cleanse your 4 lower bodies and rise, and make this step on your own, without using the ‘crutches’ of the illusion!

I AM Nada