Guidance by the Father One
about the 5 Rules-Guidelines on the Protection of Purity

from 15 August 2023


My dear children with Living, Bright and Pure Souls.

I AM the Father One said that the information about the 5 Rules-Guidelines on the Protection of Purity is to be removed from the UNIFICATION website because the time for their presence on the website is over while people were without following the recommendations given by Me there.

A Teaching is efficient when its followers implement what is given from Above in it. Otherwise, it becomes a dead Teaching, without any efficiency or Strength and without any benefit to people.

And if a part of the Teaching lacks implementation, it is removed after a certain time so that it is without harming the whole Teaching that is given through the UNIFICATION website by I AM the Father One and with My approval by some Higher Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light.

And in such a case, the loss from the removal is completely at the expense of those who have neglected My Word. And the consequences – as well. And this is such a pity, but it is the best in this situation so that the rest of the Teaching given to you can be preserved Living and Efficient.

The more you implement the Guidance and recommendations given to you in the Teaching, the more its Strength and Power grow, and thus, the Goodfruitfulness grows for everyone who follows it!

The Father One, with Love to all my children!