Meeting in Bulgaria near the town of Burgas, part 1

26 August 2012

Rositsa Avela: The topic of our meeting today is the Guidance from Lord Alpha delivered on 6 January 2011. First, I will read it to you; then, we will discuss its content in more detail. If you have any questions, you can ask them. Special attention will be paid to the Sungazing during sunrise.


Lord AlphaI AM Alpha, your Heavenly Father.

I have come to give you my recommendations on how you should live from now on so that you are well, and you can successfully continue your development.

Be in positive silence, in Balance and Harmony to stop wasting your Divine energy through your thoughts, feelings and words in the world of the illusion.

Thank God continually – in your mind and aloud, for everything in your life, wherever you are, and for everything as it is.

Thank with joy!

Demand, sincerely wish and ask the Beings of Light for help all the time – as soon as you wake up in the morning, during the day, and when you go to sleep at night!

Balance your energies:
blue-dotThrough Gratitude – by expressing it both in spirituality and materiality;
blue-dotThrough labour – by working with both your left and right hands;
blue-dotThrough food – water, air, sun, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts, pulses and bread.

Because that will take you to the Divine Love and Wisdom.

Strengthen your Faith! Send away your doubts about God as soon as they appear.

I AM Alpha, with all my father's Love to all of you in whom the Fire of the Living Live is burning.


What is at the forefront of the Guidance from Lord Alpha is the Teaching on Gratitude. That is because at the moment Divine Love has been blocked in many people; also, if a person falls into a negative state, the access to Divine Love is terminated, and the person deprives himself of the opportunity to experience it and emanate it.

Therefore, at the moment, Gratitude, i.e. Thanking, is the safest way for the majority of the population on the planet to send their energy to the Lord and God, i.e. to Presence of the One, to Lord Alpha – our Heavenly Father, and to their individual Higher I AM Presence! We can feel the Gratitude, and we can give it. That way the required return flow may be achieved! We have to give our energy to the Lord and God to receive energy from them! Some people have their heart chakra partially closed, to a greater or lesser extent, due to the negative karmic deposits from past incarnations or from the current one (the chakra is blocked due to the suffering experienced by the person), and these people have almost deprived themselves of the opportunity to experience Divine Love. However, Gratitude can be experienced; the more Gratitude is given to the Lord and God, the more energy is received from them, and that helps to reach Divine Love – to open the heart chakra and the person to be able to experience Divine Love. As one may give his Divine Love to God or other people only if he can feel it himself.

Gratitude is actually the umbilical cord that connects us with Divine Love! We start from Gratitude to reach Divine Love and the ability to emanate that Love in the world. Therefore, always thank, if you are in a negative mood, or something negative overwhelms you – begin to thank God! Anything that happens is allowed to happen because the same type of energy is present within your energy field. If it weren’t there, everything would be alright. If someone is pure karmically, there will be a lack of negative events for him. Everything in his life will be arranging itself in perfect order, and the things will be happening in the best way.

The more you thank, the more the energy of Gratitude, which you experience and give to God for what is happening, transforms and melts all that is negative.


The next very important point in Lord Alpha’s Guidance is the Labour performed with both hands – working with both the left and right hand.

Everything should be in balance and harmony – this is a fundamental Law in the Universe. Energies circulate in the right way only if they are whirled by both hands, i.e. one must work with both hands – the right hand gives, and the left hand receives!

If you look carefully, in many of the statues, Jesus has both his hands widely opened towards the people in front of him*. As through one hand, he gives the Teaching, and through the other hand, he receives all that is negative from people to convert it into Light within himself.

That is why it is good to give things with the right hand and receive things with the left hand! When you do that in this way with the Phoenician symbols – with money, they start to come in greater amounts into your life because the energy is circulating in the right way! You give cash or the payment card with the right hand, and you take the purchases and the change with the left hand. That way, everything happens in the right way, and the flow multiplies – it increases, including the flow of the monetary energy and everything else. If one uses predominantly only one of his hands, usually that is the right hand, that increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Thus, use both your hands and do it fully consciously, strive to do so!


* Pictures of the cathedral Marktkirche in Wiesbaden, Germany.





To be continued.