Meeting in Bulgaria near the town of Burgas, part 2

26 August 2012

To eat that way is also very good because when you take the food with your left hand, you receive its energy and information components. The energy component allows all your bodies to be nourished. Through the information component, you receive information about the food on the field level – whether it is good for your organism or it is toxic. The brain then gets the opportunity to quickly react and give you the feeling that there is something specific, or the food that is harmful to you is tasteless for you, you may even vomit it if necessary, very quickly, before the harmful effect appears!

Question: What if a person was born as left-handed?

Rositsa Avela: There is one left-handed person per about every ten people who work mainly with their right hand – that is for balance and harmony of all the others.

Traffic on the roads in the world is mainly on the right side with motor vehicles having a left-hand steering wheel. However, in England and some other countries located in both hemispheres of the planet, the traffic is on the left side of the road, and the motor vehicles have right-hand drive. That exists so that there are balance and harmony. And everything is precisely right.

The same thing is with left-handed people. They balance all the other right-handed ones. Because work has to be done with both hands, but since most people work with one of their hands only, there must be other people who work only with the other hand to restore the balance.

Participant: Here in Bulgaria, left-handed people were converted to right-handed in one way or another.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, forcibly, unfortunately, that was happening.

Participant: My son is left-handed, but I have never disturbed him about it.

Rositsa Avela: You have done very well then.

Participant: When my daughter was a schoolgirl in the first grade, they tied her left hand behind the back so that she stopped using it!

Rositsa Avela: What happened, happened. I am also left-handed, and initially, I was writing only with my left hand, but at that time, no one would allow you to write only with the left hand. I was continuously told to immediately start writing with my right hand until I started writing only with my right hand. At some stage, I was able to write with my both hands and mirror writing, too. Now I write only with the right hand, but when I started to draw at the end of 2010, I found out that I could easily draw with both my hands. Now I draw both with the left and the right hand and some paintings – simultaneously with both hands.

Participant: Does the rule that the right hand gives and the left, receives apply to left-handed people as well? Because I am left-handed, and at the moment, I write with my right hand, but some other tasks I do with my left hand so that I have some balance.

Rositsa Avela: It applies the same way – that is a principle! Regardless of who is left or right-handed and which of the brain hemispheres he uses. One gives with his right hand and receives with his left hand – in all cases. When you work, you should work in a balanced way, with both hands. Each activity can be done with one hand, with the other hand or with both hands together.

So, the Guidance of Lord Alpha, on how one should balance all his energies, says in the first place through Gratitude, then through labour – by working with both hands, and the third is through food.

Note that in that Guidance, water is listed as the first among all other foods that are best for us in the time we are living in now! Water is the food – it is a major solvent, it is the substance that accepts and retains various codes, which we accept through it, and they affect us. When a person is balanced, tuned to the Divine scale, and blesses the water that he drinks in advance and his food as well, when he consumes these, he can receive their energy component that nourishes his physical body, as well as the subtle bodies. Because the water has been already restructured in a completely different way. Therefore, it is better and advisable when we eat cooked food, to have it more like a liquid, with more water in it, i.e. to consume boiled and more watery rather than baked or drier dishes. Furthermore, through the water received into the organism, we remove from it all incoming harmful substances, as well as part of the negativity.

Air is also food; it provides the necessary oxygen for the life of each cell in our body. When we inhale it just before and during the sunrise, we receive through it the prana that feeds all our bodies. Air is an information carrier, as well as water.

Plant food is also an information carrier. While plants are growing, they receive information and are being charged with energy from the Sun, the Moon and the stars around the clock. When we take that food with our hand – with the left hand instead of using a fork and a spoon, we receive the most of the energy and information components which that food carries. Of course, not everything can be eaten with hands in our society, but for the food that you can eat with your hands, you receive the most of the energy and information components.

When a person takes food with his hand and brings it to his mouth, that is the first contact with the food and the moment when the information contained in that food enters the aura of the person. His brain receives an impulse on what to do, depending on whether that food is good to eat in terms of both energy and purely material content. For example, are there any harmful substances in it such as radiation, fertilisers, other toxic substances, or it has been cooked by someone who at the time was negative and cooked it without being in joy. And when the food is carried by the left hand and enters the mouth, the brain is already prepared – it has received the information on the field level, and the person feels that food as tasty or the opposite – he feels that he is without the desire to eat at all or specifically that food. Children are particularly sensitive, and when the child refuses to eat some food, the parent must be without any violence towards the child at this moment.

Everyone should approach food consciously, in balance and harmony, and bless the food before eating it to transform as much as possible the negative energies contained in it (if any, but in most cases there are) during the blessing and saturate that food with Divine energy. Most of the food is transported by motor vehicles and is therefore subjected to low-frequency vibrations and all sorts of energy influences during the trip, when being loaded and unloaded in warehouses, stores, etc., including in your homes, where it stays in the refrigerator or freezer and where the situation is sometimes different from the state of peace, love, joy and harmony. Blessing – the Good Word, charged with Divine energy, may completely transform that negativity so that only the beneficial effect remains in the food that you are going to eat. However, you can achieve that effect only when you are calm, and being in that harmonious state, you elevate yourself, say the blessing for the food, and then start eating.

For God, everything is possible, and the key is within each one of you. You can do everything! To such an extent that if you elevate yourself in God enough, you could completely restructure the food into Light, whatever harmful things there were in it before that!


To be continued.