Meeting in Poland, near the town of Zielona Gora, part 1

17 November 2012

By publishing the materials from the meeting on the website, I use the opportunity to thank once again all the participants for the warm welcome and the hours of Joy, Light and Love!

Dear friends, our meeting in Poland started with singing the song 'Our Father', and I want to say that all the Poles who were there sang the song in Bulgarian with all their hearts and so well, that one may take them for Bulgarians!

Rositsa Avela: Do you like the song? Lord Sanat Kumara explained to me how we could dance to this song while singing. He also explained that singing and dancing, the word that is spoken while singing, and the pauses in the dance with raising and joining the hands of the dancers with each other – each of these corresponds to one of the elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. And when all this is done together, when it is sung with all one’s heart and Love to God, the Divine Strength and Power are multiplied and flow into our bodies. When in the dancing circle a man, a woman, a man, a woman etc. are alternated, this is the ideal option. If women are wearing long dresses or long gowns, the energy in their bodies can flow in the right way. Then the Divine energy of men and women can be intertwined in a unified whole. There is an exchange of energies, and some mystery happens because women give their excessive male energy to men, so the men become more men. And vice versa – men give their excessive female energy to women, so women become more women.

Now, before we start our meeting, we will say the protection. First – the invocation for activation of the connection with the Great Central Sun, then the invocation to Saint Archangel Michael for protection at any time, and finally, the invocation for directing the energy of our meeting for the benefit of the Common Good.

For the better flow of energy, it is desirable that legs and arms are free, without being crossed, while the invocations for protection are read and during the entire meeting. A question may arise about why in the Eastern spiritual tradition people sit in the 'Lotus' posture with crossed legs. In fact, this position comes from several thousand years ago when the energy of the planet was quite different, the planet itself was much cleaner and balanced, and the Divine energy went directly into the planet. And when those who were engaged in spiritual practices were sitting in the 'Lotus' posture, they opened their first chakra and moved the Divine energy received from the planet up along the entire axis and gave it to the Higher spheres of the seventh chakra during the meditation.

But now the condition of the planet is different. The planet is extremely dirty, and the access of the Divine energy to it is very difficult, and it happens mainly through focuses of Light, such as people with open chakras who are in constant Service to God, and also representatives of the animal world, such as some species of whales and dolphins that have Buddha consciousness. So, now it is exactly the opposite: during work in spirituality, a person is open and receives Divine Energy from the Higher spheres, takes it down along the central axis and gives it to the planet. Thus, everyone of us helps, according to his capabilities, for balancing the planet, and this is best achieved when your arms and legs are without being crossed.

However, when we want to prevent the depletion of our energy, being in a crowded place or tense atmosphere, it is good to cross your arms in front of the solar plexus, and your legs, according to what is possible at the moment.

Before we say the invocations for protection, I want to share something else – the phrase from 'The Great Invocation': May Light, Love and Divine Power restore the providence for the Earth!' is a very important and powerful formula. Light – Divine Wisdom – the sixth chakra – the colour yellow. Divine Love – the fourth chakra – the colour pink. Divine Power – the fifth chakra – the colour blue. The three together – Divine Wisdom, Divine Love and Divine Power, will restore the providence for the Earth, God's Providence.

It is one and the same when this formula from the Great Invocation is said, and when the cross sign is done: 'In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit', i.e. both formulae have a really great force and power when they are said. They both activate the 4th, 5th and 6th chakra. In the name of the Father – the fingers are placed on the 6th chakra – the third eye, the Mother – 4th chakra – the heart one, the Son and the Holy Spirit – on both shoulders consecutively, which are at the level of the 5th chakra – the throat one.

(The invocations were said.)

Rositsa Avela: This is the first meeting after the Divine Mercy for conducting meetings was announced; yes, and it is here, in Poland.

When I was given instructions on how these meetings should go, I was told that each time it will be announced under the protection and with the blessing of which Being of Light the meeting will be held. And after it ends, for all the participants, after going home, it is very good and recommended to thank this Being of Light over the next 7 days. Because His energy will help each participant in the meeting to transmute the negative deposits which exist in his aura and impede him the most at the moment. If they wish, this gratitude may also be expressed for 17 or better still – 27 days. Everyone considers for himself – as they wish and feel with their hearts. This explanation was given by Presence of the One during the Autumn Equinox: 'This is an additional Mercy of Heavens which I AM Presence of the One give for these meetings and their participants. '

Our meeting today and tomorrow will be under the protection of Beloved Jesus. He instructed me to start the meeting by passing His words to you:

'I AM Jesus, and I AM in the temple of our Messenger Rositsa now, and I bless you all, participants in this meeting, and I am ready to answer all the questions to which it would be good to get a response from Above. This meeting will be held under My protection. Today Rositsa will read the message which I gave. This information needs to be brought to your external consciousness, and later it will also be published on UNIFICATION, the website of Our Messenger. You will then be given time for rest and reflection in silence (till tomorrow), and time to think about what questions to ask.

I AM Jesus, with all my Love to you.'

The Message Continuation of the Teaching of Healing, by Beloved Jesus from 6 November 2012 was read.

To be continued...