Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 10

18 November 2012

Participant: How to look at the divorce – like interruption of misery or like something Divine that is interrupted?

Rositsa Avela: Conscious! The divorce is a very bad thing when the family is in (observes) the Divine Moral Law, when both spouses seek God and develop in God. They can help each other, even if they have quite a difficult moment. In this case, it is best to constantly ask for help from Above, to forgive and help each other and to endure! To pass through all that comes being side by side.

However, in a situation where two married, both of them without the necessary awareness, but at some point, one of them awakens and starts journey on the Path of his spiritual development, the other lacks desire for that, flatly refuses to follow his/her spouse and even tried to stop him and even stumble him, then a person is faced with the choice of how to continue his live.

Sometimes two partners gather just to work off something karmic between them and this is a karmic family. When a person achieves awareness, and ask his family partner for forgiveness, regardless of whether he/she is given this forgiveness that is the moment when his part of the karma is worked off and it is pointless to continue the suffering indefinitely, especially if it hinders the progress forward on the Path to God, because that badly affects the children as well.

If one of the spouses is cheating and being irresponsible to the family, the divorce is permissible if he/she refuses to improve himself. In this case that already isn't a family in God. That is hypocrisy before God because it is a violation of the Divine Laws. Because very often when one spouse is cheating, the other is sick and the children are sick too, as that ruptures the family aura, the common energy protective shell. Thus, the whole energy goes into the illusion and scatters. This is similar to the situation when a person talks to someone who withdraws his energy unrightfully and he feels bad in his presence during the conversation. What needs to be done in this case? The person has the free will to decide whether to direct the conversation in a positive direction, or to terminate it and leave if he sees that that is unsuccessful. The same thing is with the marriage and with every sphere of our live.

The family is the most precious asset, but when the Divine Laws are being observed. If they are being abolished, the family is already an illusion. Such a family is harmful for one more reason – the children who growing up in it are given wrong example, a model that they can follow then in their live.

It is tough. But in such situations the person has to take his decision himself. There aren’t universal advices. Ideally the person should consult with his heart. For someone may be better to stay in such a marriage, if there is some remaining karma to be worked off, for someone else that might be unnecessary and even detrimental. The soul knows best. Therefore, we need to be without judgment of others. Everyone knows best for himself.

Therefore, when one of spouses wakes up and embarks on the Path to God, the family may be destroyed if the other refuses to follow him and go with him on this Path. Because as one spouse goes to God, and the other goes even in the opposite direction, the gap between them is growing.

As I said, people are attracted according to the vibrations. If the divorce is already a fact, the person who progress on the Path to God has cleared enough his karma and at some stage wants to have a companion at his side with whom together to be in service of the Common Good, and ask for help from Above, then he can meet someone with similar vibrations. Together they can create a new family, already in the observance of the Divine Moral Law, to progress together to God and help each other, to raise their children much better and give them the right model and the required energy, so that in turn they can move properly in their live ahead.

As Lord Shiva says in one of His Messages, when a person progress towards God, it may turn out that he has nothing left, among the ashes of his life, family and work, because everything illusory that has existed in his life is destroyed. At this point he turns his eyes towards God and says, 'Lord, I am Yours, I am with You.' Then he is given everything he needs to build his live again in the right from the Divine viewpoint way. Like a phoenix from the ashes, a person may aspire/rush to God and this way to create a new, light beginning. But first he must pass through the purification and transformation of all that is illusory.

The same applies for the whole humankind, which would have to pass through what needs to be passed, according to the conditions that it creates for itself now, in order to purify itself and for the creation of new conditions for the coming of the Golden Age. In our consciousness, we must be ready for everything and have all our love to God.

I bless all of you to prepare yourself so well. To always have a vigilant consciousness and to observe the Divine Laws.

Participant: Sometimes when we pray, we fall asleep or our speech slows or some other energies appear. What should we do then?

Rositsa Avela: Usually if a person go to bed earlier and wake up earlier well rested, the morning service is going very well and without the person being sleepy. Then other people are still sleeping and everything is calm, the field is clean from negative thoughts and feelings of people around, it is also without noises and a person is harmonious and more easily rises to the Higher octaves.

If the service is performed at different time during the day, for example in the afternoon, and you begin to feel sleepy, then it is better to have a shorter service. As otherwise it's better to be without service than with service without the necessary quality.

The person should find the right time, when he gets the best effect. For each one it might be different. That strongly depends on the environment. It is the duty of everyone to take care of the cleanliness and quietness of the surrounding area and only then proceed to perform the service.

If the time you have available is short, made a shorter service. The important thing is what is the charge during this service, what is given to God, instead of looking at what is its duration. Because as we said, a person can be in service all day when he is in Joy, for instance prepares some food for his family and put his Love in the food, which all the members of the family will eat. For the rest of the time a person may only repeat in silence: 'Thank You, Lord' by emanating of Gratitude and Love towards our Heavenly Father and to the whole Creation.

Participant: I have a short question about the food – we know the blessing for the food. I have some inhibitions to bless a food that has some meat in it. I eat without meat, but my family eats it.

Rositsa Avela: Is to your choice to say that you feel that the meat is harmful and stop cooking with it, and they if they want some, to add extra some sausages to food and at them.

Participant: I cook separately for myself without meat and with meat for the family. Then I send energy and love to the food, but without blessing it. But that's the dilemma and I am deprived of the opportunity to be in service while I cook. Is it right to only send love to food, without blessing it?

Rositsa Avela: What is the blessing – it is sending of energy, of Love, and you just said that you do that, apart from pronouncing the words.

Perhaps your question should be different – whether it is good that you cook food for your family, knowing that it is harmful and what is the right thing to do in this case? You could gather them all around the table and tell them calmly that you stop cooking food with meat for them because you feel bad when you do it. And if they want to eat meat, to do whatever they want, without involving you and to require anything from you in this direction. You can explain them that knowing that it is harmful for them, you have decided to stop harming them, that your soul refuses to accept it and it is in turmoil. And if they insist that you continue to do so, that will be violence against your free will. Because when you cook food with meat and you know that it is harmful, you feel internal discomfort doing it and what you cook isn’t a food but something harmful. When you try to send a love to food, but you soul is troubled and you are without Joy in what you do, how do you think, what kind of energy you sent to this food? The main question for you is whether you want to cook something harmful for your family. The blessing in this case is a further stage. It is important to realize and to accept the fact that you are without any obligation to continue to do so and that is a matter of your free choice.

Participant: Is veganism the next step after the vegetarianism?

Rositsa Avela: This is quite natural. Then after the veganism is the sun feeding. Because then it is received clean and radiant Divine energy, it is stopped wasting such a huge amount of energy and time to prepare the soil, planting, growing, harvesting and processing food, and then to digest and excrete it. As this process is extremely low efficient. It's all about growing up in the awareness, of consciousness and matter of further evolution of the humankind.

Participant: I have a question about the entities that attaches to certain chakras – what they are?

Rositsa Avela: Astral beings that enter when the aura is damaged, when the aura has break in it, or it is being ruptured to varying degrees. This happens when a person fells into negative states, allowed to go out of balance, allowed to be without control over himself and when he lives in violation of the Divine Laws. Conversely, when a person is harmonious and positive, in Joy, in Love and lives in God, the energy shell is durable and Fire that radiates from each open chakra, repels to a great distance the astral beings. Because that is deadly for them, it transforms them into Light.

Our meeting is coming to an end. By being here, in these less than 24 hours, you have received an extra-large amount of Divine Energy. This could be very good or very bad. It depends on you to be for good. I bless you to succeed in using this energy in the right from the Divine point of view way in your life and to be sufficiently aware and responsible for how would you use it.

I recommend you to be more in silence for some time to allow this energy to be fully assimilated and to rearrange properly in your temples. Be especially in silence in regards to your closest circle – people who appear to be your karmic partners. You can calmly say that you announced a silence fast before God, for a while you will be silent and would speak only what is the most important and necessary.

Thank a lot to Beloved Jesus who would help to be converted all that bothers the most you progress on the Path to the top of the Divine consciousness. He will help. You have His support. So make the most of it.

I am glad that we were together. May the Divine Providence be your Guiding star in your life ahead!

End of the meeting.