Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 2

17 November 2012

The Spiritual practice of the 12 bows was given by Lord Sanat Kumara at the end of 2011. Its main point is that everyone who performs it should feel deep inside the feelings of Repentance, Gratitude and Love and give them to the Heavens afterwards. When this Spiritual practice is done with quality, this helps for the faster and easier transmutation of negative karmic records. I was surprised that we had been doing it for almost a whole year with only a few people who were around me, without being told to publish it on the UNIFICATION website.

This Spiritual practice is now going to be used by everyone after Beloved Jesus gave His Message 'Continuation of the Teaching of Healing' on 6 November 2012, where He explained again the importance of repentance and asking God for forgiveness. Each of you can carry out the Spiritual practice of the 12 bows every day on your own to help you to be Healthy in Spirit, Soul and body.

These 12 bows are in the seven major and the five secret rays. During each bow, a person repents for everything sinned in all times in the respective ray and asks for forgiveness to be given to him from Above so that the negative karma that causes the closing of the respective chakra is transmuted. It is where the person has done wrong, and there is distortion of the Divine Energy and accumulation of negative energy that its transmutation into light happens.

The most important thing for the person is to feel the power of his repentance; it should come from all his soul and heart. One should repent for his past mistakes. He should be in what he is doing at the moment with all his thought and all his feeling.


Spiritual practice of the Twelve bows.

1. Stand facing the east.

2. Bow very slowly and deeply to the ground (within the person’s capabilities). And while you are bowing, say in your mind or out loud:

'I repent, Lord, forgive all sins done in all times!'

The most important thing here is to have this feeling of repentance from all your heart and soul while you are bowing down and to realise that you are asking for forgiveness from Above for all your sins, done in all times, in this and all your previous embodiments so far. You are also asking for forgiveness for all sins that you have undertaken to work off in this embodiment – sins of your predecessors, of your people, of the whole humanity.

3. Then slowly start to raise, saying during this time again in your mind or out loud:

'Thank You, Lord, for Your infinite Mercy to me ...... (the first name) and to the whole planet Earth, and to the Living Life on it!'

Saying the above, the feeling of deep Gratitude should also come out from the depth of your heart. And when you finally say the last words of the phrase, '... and to the Living Life on it', your backbone needs to be as straight as a string to allow the energy to flow freely throughout the axis.

4. Finally, standing with your back straight, start to raise your arms slowly on both sides of the body, straight in the elbows, saying:

'I Love You, dear Heavenly Father!'

Raise your arms until you join the fingertips of both hands over your head, emitting all your Love to the Heavenly Father! You can stay longer in this position, as long as you wish. You will feel how the Divine Energy flows and goes down along the whole axis. The transmutation of negative deposits in you happens then; you will feel that you are becoming relaxed, pacified; you will start to yawn; you will feel lightness.

This is the description of a bow. In the same way, continue with the others until you do 12 bows.

Once again I want to emphasise that in order for this Spiritual practice to be effective and for the benefit of the person who does it, it is extremely important that all the time while you are doing it, you are with your entire mind focused on God, and you emit to Him feelings of Repentance, Gratitude and Love consecutively. Repent not only for what you remember you have done wrong but also for all you have ever created – in this or any previous embodiments of yours. Repent also for the sins of all the other people and ask for forgiveness from Above – for you and for everyone!

To be continued...