Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 3

17 November 2012

Rositsa Avela: If you have questions about the practice of the Twelve bows, you may ask now.


Participant: How do we know which chakra is ill?

Rositsa Avela: When a person repents, the energies are rearranged, and after some time everything comes to a normal mode of action. Man is a perfect, self-healing system. Even if you do not know exactly where there is a problem with you, do this Spiritual practice with Faith, and everything negative will start to be worked off gradually, according to the degree of your Faith! Moreover, a person sometimes is burdened with karma, for example of the family in which he came in this embodiment. And when a person directs all his thought to God during these 12 bows and feels a sense of repentance, it also applies to everything that is someone else's negative which he has taken and has undertaken to work off.


Participant: How often should this Spiritual practice be done?

Rositsa Avela: Once a day, every day, best after sunrise, after looking at the Sun. After you have taken the energy from the Sun, the effect is most powerful. It is also good to do it during the sunset. But you could also do it at any other time that is convenient for you. You could even do it a few times a day if you wish so and you need to do it.


Participant: What is the best way to act in connection with our closest people?

Rositsa Avela: Each time it is different, and with each person it is different. The key is inside the heart. It feels and knows, but when the person is calm. And the main thing, which is the same for everyone: without any form of fight. Your close person can behave like a beast, but you can say, 'I understand how difficult it is for you. What can I do to help you?' Because it really is difficult for people.

That is why the Ascended Masters say it is good for the Light carriers – these are all people who carry and conduct the Divine Light, to move out of the cities and towns.

It would also be good if we get together – for those who feel that the time has come for this and they want it. To work off in the families the new relations, inherent for the New Era, and to create new young families between Light souls who live in observance of the Divine Law so that in these families more elevated Light souls can be born who will come to help everyone.

But time is also given to everyone to be where he is until he is ready to leave the town and until then he should help all his close people to become ready. He should also work-off their karma and help to save their souls, and moreover, saturate the surrounding space with Divine Energy, which helps to balance the area where he lives.


Participant: Will something happen on the 21 December this year or on the 31 March next year or on the days around these dates, or on some of the following days?

Rositsa Avela: This excites a lot of people at the moment. The question is without a definite answer. And if someone says that he knows what will happen, this is extremely illusionary. Because there are many options for a possible future. And it depends on the decisions and actions of each person on the planet now, at every moment.

Participant: Because a lot of people programme what will happen...?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, it is bad if many people think that something bad may happen. What our Heavenly Teachers say is to be harmonious and balanced, and to help everyone around us to be that way. And then, events can happen in a more favourable way.

The transition happens on an energy level, and the world will be without any particular change on the dates that everyone looks forward to. What is much more dangerous is what could possibly happen after nothing happens (on these dates), i.e. if everyone drops the reins, there may be a peak in the accumulation of negative karma, since it is so much even now that balance has been lying on the edge for some time.

And the energy of the planet will continue to rise constantly, time will rush its course, and the deadlines for working off the negative karmic will come faster. That is, in the next few years quite dangerous things may happen if every one of us does something different from being most positive, balanced and in a state of elevated consciousness, and in compliance with the Divine Laws every day and every hour, and every moment!

What requires particular attention is the fact that everyone must be aware that when the energetics of the planet is rising, as it is saturated with the Divine energies, and time rushes its course, and all negative karmic records emerge to the surface more quickly and the time comes for them to be worked off. And then, the karmic records which have to be worked off begin to overlap – both the ones that come from this embodiment and from previous ones. Man does not know what there is in his records. Moreover, each person is also burdened with the karma of his predecessors, of the place where he lives, of his Homeland, of the entire human race.

And Beings of Light are without the possibility to come and transform this karma, as Beloved Jesus did it, and as other Beings of Light did – both on the physical plane and on the subtle plane, i.e. humanity will work off its karma on its own in the future, and help is given only from here, from the physical plane, from the Beings of Light who are now in partial embodiment and are awake and in Service of the Common Good.

And so, whether the events in the future will happen more lightly and whether the situation will become easier or harder depends on each one of us anywhere on the planet, on how we take care of working off this karma continually. That is why the practice of the Twelve bows could be of great help if done regularly and exactly as indicated, from all the heart and with great Faith!

So, I am saying once again, what awaits in the coming times is without a definite answer. The possibilities and the likely scenarios of the possible future, however, are quite a lot!

Participant: There are predictions about 3 days of darkness, after which there will be great changes.

Rositsa Avela: If a person remains calm and is harmonious, it is unimportant what will happen. Besides, there are mistakes in reading and translating the predictions of the Mayas. And if too many people begin to think in a given direction, the events follow exactly that course. Every thought, every feeling, every uttered word is inserted in the energy field, and then must be worked off.

Participant: Thank you!

Rositsa Avela: Whatever happens, the most important thing is to preserve the balance and harmony. Even if cataclysms occur, even if many people go out of embodiment, the most important thing is to accept what is happening with Gratitude to God because in this way the karma of the whole humanity is cleaned. This chance is given for new, lighter times to come, and the planet to be renovated and transformed and the humanity purified, to be able to continue its evolution on a higher level.

However, when a person is calm, whatever happens, even if he makes the transition, he has the opportunity to go to the corresponding energy level from where to continue his development. Because the options for the future are really quite varied. One should accept in advance in his mind that everything could happen, and whatever comes, he should say 'Thank you, Lord!' because this gives a chance for Life to continue. Otherwise, if there are chaos and horror everywhere, even the planet may not withstand that and may be destroyed, the physical platform may be destroyed since the karma of humanity is huge.

That is why our Heavenly Teachers tell us that if they were in our place, they would constantly pray as if the house was on fire and their own child was inside it, and he/she had to be saved, and the salvation depended on this prayer! What is important is what everyone does and how he does it, and one should do that with the full awareness that he is doing it for the benefit of the Living Life, regardless of what race, nationality, gender, or religion this is! And the more we are, the better it will be in the future. And things may even go without any cataclysms. The karma can be transmuted.

Therefore, let us get down to hard work, cleansing ourselves and our close relatives, and all the surrounding space, being positive and focused on our service to the Living Life.

Participant: Working in spirituality, I begin to do something with a good motive, but then my thought begins to twist, to distort.

Rositsa Avela: That is why what is done in spirituality should be very short (the practices). The quantity is not important; what is important is the quality of what is done! A person may say 'May the world be happy forever and ever' 5 times, but to say it with all his thought put in this, and with all the feeling of Love which he is capable of feeling, and it will be much more, and will be of much greater benefit than sitting for hours reading and meditating, thinking he is doing something, while his brain it elsewhere wandering in the illusion.

This is the disease of today's society – thought is very mobile, most people find it hard to concentrate or they completely lack this ability, it is hard for them to remember, and their thought constantly jumps on something else. Therefore, it is advisable to do short ministries, very short ones, but with full concentration at this moment.

And when there is a possibility, ministries should be done more often, at every convenient time. Even when a person is at work, he may go to the toilet, it will be the secret room, and say: 'Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! ... ', and radiate Gratitude and Love to the Higher spheres.

Participant: I would like to learn to meditate. Would it be useful?

Rositsa Avela: Nowadays and in the pollution of the cities it is dangerous to meditate unless one has or has had an experienced Teacher by himself and is able to concentrate well. Then it is useful. I was told to meditate only when I have been in nature for at least 3 days, outside the human society which is immersed in the illusion. Because when you are in the city, and you decide to meditate, but your thought slightly moves somewhere, the meditation may turn into something very dangerous, and negative karma could be created instead of good karma. Besides, it is the same with prayers, and with the 12 bows, and with the Violet flame decrees, and with any other practice in spirituality if your thoughts and feelings are elsewhere, and not directed to the Higher spheres while you are doing them. Each spiritual practice, given by the Teachers of humanity, may be very useful, but it may also be harmful. And the degree of usefulness or harmfulness depends on yourselves, on what each of you creates for himself according to the degree of the quality of its performance.

Participant: How could I practise the concentration of my thought so that it stops fleeting?

Rositsa Avela: By memorising, for example, the invocations on the site, by writing beautifully by hand, very beautifully, slowly writing the text. Then all attention is directed in writing the letters, the words, and this enhances the concentration. It is also useful if the ministry that you are doing in spirituality is short, as I said, but in complete concentration, and when you reach a good result, start slowly and gradually to increase the time of the ministry with very strict control over thoughts, and immediately stop it when you feel that your thought has deviated. And do this ministry as often as possible during the day, i.e. constantly have even short moments of complete concentration.

Too much is lost with the 'achievements' of the modern civilisation, and now efforts are needed to acquire the quality of Concentration once again. Presence of the One told me that this is one the shortcomings of our society, and for this reason I was instructed to make changes constantly in the invocations on the site, i.e. the invocation is given one way, and we are told to memorise it, to know it. And the next moment a word or two are changed. This change is also to be memorised, and we need to remember that there is a change, and we need to be careful what we say, i.e. to be concentrated during the ministry and to think about what we are saying, without our thought getting distracted into the illusion of everyday life!

To be continued.