Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 4

17 November 2012

Participant: Initially, I started reading several Messages per day, but later I understood that I was supposed to read only one per day. What is exactly the purpose of that?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, this is correct because each Message is given by a different Being of Light and at a different energy level. Therefore, the Messages are saturated with different energies which one needs to receive separately without mixing them so that he can assimilate them fully and get the greatest benefit. Besides, it is good to read the Messages in sequence, in cycles. As the cycle of Messages from each year contains specific energy that helps in a specific way.

Participant: I am asking as a person who is not familiar with the Messages as I just found out about them, and I want to read as many as possible as soon as possible.

Rositsa Avela: Other people also wanted to read a lot of Messages per day, but in such cases it is impossible to assimilate their content fully. This is like trying to put the content of a 1-litre bottle into a 200-millilitre glass. The person will keep pouring, and the content will keep overflowing, the bottle will get empty, but in the end, how much from the bottle content will remain in the glass? Also, that creates unnecessary strain and stress – as in overeating. Therefore, for those who have read a lot of Messages at once, without knowing the recommendation of reading only one per day, it is recommended to start re-reading them one per day, and then they will feel the difference and the benefits.


Participant: Sometimes, it is difficult to control feelings. Is there a simple, good way of controlling feelings?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, that is an important task and part of our most important work to do – the control over our own thoughts and feelings so that they are kind, positive and right from the Divine point of view.

If needed, one may repeat the Word-formula for giving all illusory thoughts and feelings to the Lord God so that He can transform them into Light, and one can ask for help from Above for this:


'Lord, I give You my illusory thoughts and feelings; accept all of them and transform them into Light, for which I thank You!'*


Then the person should direct his attention to a Divine pattern, to something that is good and pleasant for him – to the image of a Master, for example. Contemplation on the images of the Masters can greatly help if while looking at the image, the person simultaneously directs his thoughts to the respective Master and begins to thank him for the help that he gives him to cope at that moment. As soon as a negative feeling comes, it would be good to replace it by an effort of the will with thoughts focused in another direction so that they can produce another feeling which is Divine.

Singing songs that are Divine patterns can also help a lot.

Expressing gratitude helps, as well. It's like a mantra: 'Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!'... First, one should say 'Lord, help me to free myself from these illusory feelings that came over me at the moment and to replace them with Joy and Love.' Then, he should start to thank: 'Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!...'

Zhivka, maybe you should share with us your experience:

Zhivka: Once I was overwhelmed quite strongly by thoughts far away from the Divine. I tried to recover in every way, I was saying all that I remembered from my work in spirituality, but that was useless. These feelings were so strong that I couldn’t even focus and say a whole prayer or invocation. Then, I started 'Thank You, Lord!', as it is very short: 'Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!...' I started to try to concentrate on every word 'Thank' so that it could pass through my heart. As I recovered well enough, I started to feel how my heart uttered each 'Thank You, Lord!' with excitement, love and in the most sacred state...

Rositsa Avela: The experience of feeling gratitude and directing it towards God transforms the negative feelings into Light. One may also repeat the words that are spoken in the practice of the 12 bows, but in a shortened version, 'Forgive me, Lord. Thank you, Lord. I love You, Lord.' And each of these sentences is to be pronounced a few times and then move on to the next one. For example:

'Forgive me, Lord; forgive me, Lord; forgive me, Lord!
Thank You, Lord; thank You, Lord; thank You, Lord!
I Love You, Lord; I Love You, Lord; I Love You, Lord!'

All this is repeated three times.

Because when a person has allowed his illusory part to prevail, and he is overwhelmed by illusory feelings, he has to ask for forgiveness: 'Forgive me, Lord!' Then, he should thank the Lord for forgiving him and giving him the help that he needs to free himself from them, and finally he should rejoice and send his Love to God.

Initially, while the person is under the influence of the negative thoughts and feelings, the words of gratitude that he repeats may lack content, but the more he repeats them, especially if he could direct his attention to God or to a particular Master whom he is asking for help, and stop thinking about the problem, the more he would start to sense how he is filled with the feelings of Gratitude and Love. Then all that is negative is converted into Light, and all illusory thoughts and feelings disappear as a summer haze. As I said earlier, that transformation may happen even stronger and faster if the person is looking at the image of this Master while thanking him. And if the person starts thanking by singing, then the strongest and fastest transformation can happen.

It is also possible to say just 'Thank You, Lord!' and direct our attention to some kind of work! That is also a very powerful tool for liberation from illusory thoughts and feelings – to work, mainly physical work, or any kind of work! To immediately start thinking about what has to be done and then immediately get down to work and put in everything from yourself in this work.

For each person that might be different, and each time for the same person could also be different. It depends on how the person feels it and decides to do it. Keep experimenting, try to find out what works most efficiently for you. Most importantly, whatever you do, do it with desire and from all your heart! Be vigilant, and as soon as you feel that your thoughts and feelings have become negative, take action for their transformation and for replacing them with positive ones!


Participant: Is it possible for you to stay longer in some of the countries through which you travel, and what conditions must be met for you to stay longer?

Rositsa Avela: Everything is possible, as long as I have been instructed from Above. If there is an invitation, I could ask whether this could be done. Because the people who live in some country first have to express their free will by sending an invitation, and then I can ask the Heavens about the realisation of that possibility.

Participant: If you want to stay longer, we would be glad to welcome you.

Rositsa Avela: Who will be translating?

(All laugh.)


Participant: In one of the Messages it was mentioned that the Russian people didn’t fulfil, didn’t come up to the expectations. Does your coming to Poland mean that the focus of Light has moved to Poland, and what follows from this situation?

Rositsa Avela: The focus of Light is the person himself, the Messenger. He is the point at which the worlds connect, the point at which energy and information are exchanged. My visit here saturates the Polish land with more Light. But I am invited to England as well. I will go there when instructed and as instructed. This year I was in Cambodia, and there I received the cycle of Messages in May, despite all the difficulties. As you can see, Light is given, it goes everywhere. Besides, there are embodied Beings of Light everywhere, who channel the Light to the land on which they live. The Russian people failed to take advantage of this opportunity now, but tomorrow everything is possible. Because many light beings are incarnated in Russia now. There are such light beings everywhere on the planet. And again, it depends on the people, on each person individually, which country will start operating at the level of the government, which people will start their work in spirituality and by reaching the required percentage of the population will make a leap forward. So, everyone, get down to work!


Participant: It's hard for me to imagine the moment when you disconnect from the matrix, from the network of the illusion, and someone close to you gets out of control. Does a person disconnect himself only once in his spiritual practice or that happens repeatedly? How can a person determine this point?

Rositsa Avela: This may happen repeatedly. It happens when a person increases his vibrations and comes in tune with the Higher octaves and elevates his consciousness. It may also happen as a result of long work in spirituality when energies are rearranging, when the integrity of the eggshell – the aura – is recovering. Step by step, the person interrupts the possibility of his energy to be drained by someone else starting from one chakra, then a second one, a third one, on this ray, on the next ray, and the next one… One thing is rearranged, then another… You were connected to someone who was draining energy from you for something that was connecting him to you, with another person you were connected for something else… The process is gradual. If the person has reached the appropriate level and has already disconnected himself, the others that were connected to him so far at that level may start getting out of control. However, if someone manages to disturb the balance of that person, the person may do something that again will rapture his aura...


Participant: What is your attitude and the attitude of the Masters to getting drugs that induce visions?

Rositsa Avela: Completely negative! Because this is a type of poison for the brain, the whole body and the subtle bodies. This is something quite different from the natural process leading to spiritual achievements. When the person reaches the required level, all the new possibilities open automatically. If a person does that under the influence of such drugs without being ready to reach these levels, all this is illusory.

The same thing happens when someone opens his chakras by various spiritual practices without accomplishing the required achievements in spirituality first and without acquiring the respective Divine qualities. The person starts to receive a greater energy flow and feels it, but then there is a much higher risk of putting this energy in the illusion and creating much more karma for himself because he has more energy.

By using all these methods, one who seeks perfection in spirituality may harm himself much more than someone who without doing something 'special' just observes the Divine Laws and repeats all the time 'Thank You, Lord!' Look at the Saints in the past times. Did they do any special practices for opening chakras or did they take drugs or some narcotics? That is a total illusion!


I think it's time to finish the meeting for today. Tomorrow morning we will watch the Sunrise. Thank you for your attention and questions. May God Bless You! And may all the Forces of Light be above You!

To be continued...


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* See the Invocations for tuning before you start any work in spirituality.