Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 5

18 November 2012

Participant: How many hours of sleep the Teachers recommend?

Rositsa Avela: The answer could be different and depends on what time you go to bed. The most beneficial is to sleep from 9-10pm until about 3-4am, every person may have different time needed for night sleep. In these hours one can get the best sleep. At that time, he ascends to the Higher octaves where he would go if he tuned himself respectively before falling asleep. During hours of sleep until 12 midnight, each one hour sleep counts as one and a half hour. The person feels rested, and regenerated like he was sleeping for one and a half hour. So, if a person go to bed from 23 o clock to 24 o clock this is like he has been sleeping for one and a half hour, but if he goes to sleep at 20 o clock, that would be like he has slept for 6 hours. Compared to the previous example, there are an extra four and a half hours, so the person would be able to wake up much earlier and feel rested and feel well.

That’s why I said that the answer could be different. It depends on the choices each person does, i.e. what time he would go to bed and what time he would go to sleep. After 4:00am in the morning, sometimes even earlier, and sometimes could be later, the soul descent to the lower layers of the astral – again that could be individual thing, and each night it could be different. If the person continues to sleep after that time, he may dream illusory things and to create negative karma in the astral.

Therefore, when a person wake up in the small hours of the night and feels rested, it is better to wake up, instead of going to sleep again. Furthermore, in the early morning hours the energy field is clean and one could create wonderful things. For a short period of time a person can do a lot of work with a maximal quality and effectiveness. That time is appropriate for work in spirituality, while the others are still sleeping, the time is also appropriate for so many other things, such as learning foreign languages and generally studying. Moreover, the ideas that are coming from the Higher spheres in these hours are coming both easier, lots more and for all the areas of life…

Participant: How a person should admire God, so that he would easier resign all other illusory things and more aspired to continue to God?

Rositsa Avela: Admiring God is an inner feeling that may occur when a person is relaxed, harmonious and feels the connection with the United Creation. That happen the best when a person is in the nature and stay for a while in silence and in calm. It depends on the inner attitude and the level of the consciousness.

One can admire God even when he sees what other people do and have the awareness that whatever happens to them, that is the most merciful thing for them from the Divine perspective; that the person receives so much help and support from Above if aspire himself. When a person start thinking about anything, he might admire God. Because God is everything – everything in one. All we are also in God. God is a Unified Whole. The answer is in the way of thinking, the ways of feeling – to feel ourselves Unified with the whole Creation, as we are unified on the field level. Each thought that is beneficial for someone, it is also beneficial for all others.

That is why all Heavenly Teachers tell us in their Messages that the most important thing is the elevation of the consciousness, so that the vector of thinking changes in favour of the Common Good, for the benefit of all. That is why the Jesus said to be like young children. Because only those who become like the children, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, i.e. to be able be happy like them, to admire like them.

When a person is able to admire a butterfly or a sea horse, he admires God. When it snows and a person get on his palm snowflakes, look at their perfection, enjoys them and admires them, he admired the perfection of God. When he enjoys and admires the success of other people, he admires God. Having this internal tune depends on each one of us. To be happy for everything and direct out Gratitude and Love to God. To have our energy flowing in the same direction.

We should pass by the manifestations of the illusion without even noticing them and without pouring/feeding them with our energy. If there is anything illusory causing negative thoughts and feelings, for which you need to take some measures, you may immediately call St. Archangel Michael for help.

If a person resides predominantly in elevated state of the consciousness, in a state of joy and gratitude to God, everything around in the entire surrounding space, arrange in such a way that he stops facing any danger or negative illusory manifestations and even if they are there, he stops noticing them and remain protected, somewhat away from them.

Participant: Does the way I understand my service is correct so far? How may I possibly change it in order to perform it the right way? I have been trying mostly with the Violet Flame Decrees, I tried to meditate, I tried to be positive and remain calm at that time, but my wandering thoughts prevents me from achieving that. I would like to know whether I do it properly or this way I disturb something? Should I concentrate on shorter stuff?

Rositsa Avela: The service of God and the Common Good includes both work in spirituality carried by practicing some of the spiritual practices and sending Gratitude and Love to God at every moment of life. The most important service is exactly that positivity and alertness of the consciousness – the person should be constantly checking whether his consciousness is elevated and his tune is good and positive, i.e. even if something bad, according to other people, happens to him, to be able to thank God for what happened, knowing that that is good for him, and to keep his positivity and Love to God.

This service is very important as it helps to quickly transmute the karmic records and thus to remove the obstacles for more full service to God. Moreover, the person sows a right pattern about the attitude in such cases and that goes directly into the Collective Unconscious of the whole humankind. This experience is transferred to the family members, the kin, the city, the state ... on the field level. And that is also very important service to God.

When a person goes to work, whatever kind of work that might be,
blue-dotbefore he starts to work he invokes God for help – to help him to put in this work his energy of Love and Gratitude to God, as God gives him the opportunity to work and gives him everything he needs,
blue-dotwhen a person blesses those to whom would come the object of his work
blue-dotand also, when a person works in Joy, i.e. the thing he does brings him a joy,

this is already Karma Yoga and it is also very important service to God. Because this is a service for the benefit of the Common Good, as everyone who touches this work benefits from the object of his work, from the outcome of his work, from everything that he has put into this work. As the energy is everywhere, he puts this energy into the product, it is received by other people, they give it to everyone around and everyone in turn give it to people in his surrounding ...

Participant (sub-question): Is this my service through positive thinking the right way to serve?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, that is a right way. It is one of the right ways. Because when something less pleasant and enjoyable happen to you, if you accept it with gratitude and love, this way you faster convert your karma. This is much more effective, than praying or meditating for hours without knowing how well you do it, or when you act wrongly in a situation of your life or become negative without being able to work off your karma.

The work in spirituality, such as saying invocations, prayers, mantras, the Violet Flame Decrees, etc., may help to strengthen this process. But the main work everyone does alone in his routine, in his life. That's the most important thing on which one must concentrate and be careful. Because the person may increase the amount of his Divine energy, he may receive it during his service while performing some spiritual practice or reading Messages, but then during the day if he loses his harmony, the Divine energy may go into the illusion. The more energy the person has and the more energy he puts into the illusion, the worse for himself.

Therefore, everyone should focus his attention mainly within himself – to monitor what is his state in every minute of the day and the night, what is his lifestyle, his way of thinking, how he acts to others, what is his surroundings. It would be good to distance himself from people who are totally immersed in the illusion at their own will and impede him. Everyone can make his choices on how to proceed in the right from Divine viewpoint way. Everyone can change the conversation in a positive direction or simply terminate it and leave.

That is why the Masters says that the development of the events in the future depends on the choices of each person. Each erg of Divine energy is precious and should be kept as the greatest treasure and protected, so that later on it is embedded properly. This is the most important Service to God – everyone to be a focus of Light, to preserve it, multiply it and give it unconditionally to the whole Creation, i.e. to the Living Life, to those who have preserved their bond with God – to help them and the entire planet.

Every minute of your life can be a Service to God. It should be like this! When the Ascended Beings of Light, our Heavenly Teachers see that we aspire to God, the more people are aspired and succeed, the more energy can be given for more favourable development of circumstances and new Divine Graces to be given on Earth. Because important are our aspiration, Gratitude and Love – they can be gain multiplied. Then from Above pours Heavenly Manna and it is given all that is necessary. But first we have to transform our own consciousness and keep it elevated.

It is important for a person to control his consciousness, his thoughts and feelings. The service could be very short, but at that time the person needs to experience and direct his Gratitude and Love to the Higher spheres without any thoughts and feelings towards the illusion. The self-control must be very strict. The moment at which a person feels that there are some thoughts aimed at the illusion, he should immediately interrupt his service and take care to transform them. He should say: 'Forgive me, Lord. Help me stop thinking about illusory things. Help me re-focus.' He could also say the Word-formula for release from illusory thoughts and feelings, given by Lord Sanat Kumara.

Singing the songs published on the UNIFICATION website is also a great service, because when a person sings, he cares for the melody and the words, which strengthens his concentration. They are short, their melody and text that are easy to remember and hey have a Divine Energy woven within.

Participant: The one for the Sun is my favourite.

If you wish, you can continue with the Violet Flame Decrees, but initially start with one of them only while you learn and succeed to be without extraneous thoughts and feelings for a longer time, for example:

'I AM the Violet Flame. I AM the purity God desires.
I AM the Violet Flame. I AM the purity God desires.
I AM the Violet Flame. I AM the purity God desires.


While uttering you should imagine how the tube of Violet Light showers you. Then say the same for the country in which you live, for you that is Poland*:

'United Kingdom* is the violet flame. United Kingdom is the purity God desires.
United Kingdom is the violet flame. United Kingdom is the purity God desires.
United Kingdom is the violet flame. United Kingdom is the purity God desires.


And imagine how the Violet Fire bathes the entire country. Then say the same for the whole planet:

'The Earth is the violet flame. The Earth is the purity God desires.
The Earth is the violet flame. The Earth is the purity God desires.
The Earth is the violet flame. The Earth is the purity God desires.


Imagining how the Violet Fire bathes the whole planet and transforms all that is negative into Light.

This Decree is pronounced for only a few minutes, but all your attention must be focused on what you are doing. Instructions on how to read the Violet Flame Decrees is given by Lady Clare in her Message on July 28, 2010.

Participant: Thank you!

To be continued...


blue line

* The person should say the name of the country in which he/she lives. The example in the text is for the United Kingdom.