Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 6

18 November 2012

Participant: I have a question regarding art. Is art an illusion or something that can help us. I'm trying to use art as an art therapy, i.e. therapy through art. For example, to unblock the throat chakra in order to support speech etc. I use blue colour.

Rositsa Avela: In order to help the speech, it would be good to do every day 'the 12 bows' and humbly repent, then further to say:

'Lord, forgive me all my sins, forgive me all wrong words spoken by me due to lack of knowledge, whether consciously or without being aware, in all my incarnations so far, help me to learn to keep quiet easily and to speak properly from now on – as salvation for my soul and for the souls of all who can hear my words!'

This repentance and request for forgiveness from God transforms the negative karmic accumulations associated with defects (errors) in the speech and helps to open the possibility of working with the Word.

If a person speaks less and stop consuming his Divine Energy in many spoken empty words or discussing something that is futile and illusory, then each of these few words he utters, becomes a carrier of a big energy charge, transforms into Divine Word, through which he creates life in quite a different way. Then the person becomes wise man – each word weighs in its place and each word is creative.

Therefore, it would be good that everyone fully consciously monitors his speech – what he says, how many words and what kind of words he uses to express it. Because he put a part of his Divine energy in every word. If a person speaks empty or untrue tales, his energy potential is wasted. In case that while uttering them, he experiences negative feelings, then he creates even more negative karma for himself.

The Masters already said in one of their Messages that humankind has left its childhood and the time has come to take responsibility for what it creates. Everyone bears karmic responsibility for the words of his mouth and especially more when singing or speaking to a larger audience, because then the karma is multiplied by the number of those to whom the wrong word comes, regardless of whether that is a work of art or something else.

This way we came to the question about art. I thank you for that question, as it is very important. Because the art that is right from the Divine perspective is a very strong and powerful factor in work on ourselves and in helping others. Art can be dualistic factor, as everything else in this material world. It can be strong and powerful tool for both multiplication of Divine energy or elevating and taking away the Divine energy. It can help a person to uplift his consciousness, it can help him in his conversion to God, but it may also seriously harm him. That is exactly the Knowledge that Beloved Jesus gave us yesterday in his Message – the person may connect to the energy grid of Light, but he may connect to the energy grid of the illusion as well. Art is a very powerful factor for that to happen in both directions.

Thus, the Ascended Beings of Light says that it is very important for everyone to ask to be given the Gift of the differentiating. Because too many works of art direct (walk you) towards the illusion. Even a person who has a Light nature and primarily creates art that is a Divine pattern, if he start to create at the moment when he is upset, disharmonious and disbalanced, to pour his feelings in order to feel better, most probably he would create something that leads to the illusion.

So, when a person create art, and I would even say, especially when a person create art, before that he must take care to elevate his consciousness to the maximum, to purify himself, to be in Joy and to ask for help from Above to be allowed to create a Divine pattern being in a team with Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher octaves.

Then these works of art can be helpful. They are service to God. Because they can help many people. While people look at them, rejoice and thank God for this work of art, they give their energy, which is gain multiplied and the power of this work of art increases and then it can help many people. Because there is a strong Divine charge originally embedded in the painting, Divine energy in it both by the person who creates it and the Ascended Beings of Light that were helping him in the moment of creation. Such is the example of The Sistine Madonna by Raphael, which is located in the 'Old Masters Picture Gallery' in the city of Dresden in Germany. *

The other case is when a work of art is being created by a person who provided his temple to the forces of the illusion. Those who are connected to the grid of the illusion, they also are given talents and create art. In today's world, usually this art is very prosperous. But this is an art that takes away energy from those who watch it or listen it or read it. It takes the energy of those who have it – the Light souls who are into incarnation. A person may feel unwell after watching or listening to such a work of art and that is the surest indicator that he has a Light nature or that Light prevails within him at that moment. On the other hand, those who have closed chakras, without access to the Divine Energy, they like this art a lot. They watch it and admire it, and thus receive the energy given from the Light souls. Such a work of art becomes a tool for withdrawal of the Divine energy and resubmitting/giving it to those who lack access to it. Since currently many people have restricted or limited in various degree access or are without access to Divine energy, this type of art is the preferred one and it becomes famous and hugely advertised, regardless of whether it comes to music, films, poetry, prose and paintings... This is the world of the illusion.

I said that these people are many, because if a couple that lack the common family aura conceive and have their child born, the soul that comes into incarnation is from the lower layers of the astral. Such an aura may be missing because of two reasons: either the new family was created without a performed ritual in some of the religions, during which this new common family aura is created or this common family aura was torn apart through the infidelity of one or both spouses. More and more such children come into incarnation, mature and create art. This is a process that runs increased since the last century. Most of the works of art are created by such people.

This conversation helps to realize even more clearly how important it is for a person to have a vigilant consciousness and careful attention in life.

Since very few people have the Gift of differentiating on the required degree, the Masters of Wisdom recommend to live outside the cities and to listen to the music, sound and the noise of nature, which are completely and fully a Divine Creation. The song of birds, crickets, the murmur of water, the sound of wind passing through the trees, all the beauty of the landscapes in every corner of the planet – ever changing palette of colours of the sky and the land – all of them are a wonderful works of the Divine art that makes us admire God and uplift us to Him.


Participant: How do we as Poles we can help to establish here the Golden Age?

Rositsa Avela: By working in spirituality, becoming more and more of you, and by constant increase of the number of those who have awakened as a percentage of the population in your country. Those who are serving God throughout the day, this Service that we talked about a moment ago, are becoming more and more. The illusion may be strong, but Light is constantly growing as well!

Even though it is just few of you at the moment on this meeting, everything that you realize and put into consciousness in Polish that goes into the consciousness of all Poles. It shall be given them during their sleep at the field level. And even more Poles will be realized/aware. When they turn to God and when they go to church and pray to God, all this became available to them.

The more the percentage of the population that is aware increases, the more this land is more and more saturated with Divine Light, the more works of art that are Divine patterns are being created, the more new relations between people begin to establish, based on collectivism, based on the concern for the Common Good, based on Peace, Divine Love, Mercy and Compassion, the more your country is rapidly approaching to the coming of the Golden Age. The more people ask for help from God about it, the more help is granted and the land is saturated with this Divine energy – the Light of the New Day.

This allows all events from now on to happen in the most favourable way. Because a person who is filled with Divine Light, in Joy and in Love, he attracts to himself same kind of people through the vibration. When a person find his husband or wife with the same or similar vibrations and they together observe the Divine Laws, in this family of New Order can come into incarnation Light beings from the Higher Etheric octaves. Thorough their birth and living on this land comes more and more Divine Light. Thus, this process accelerates repeatedly. Divinely simple!


Participant: How can I inspire people around me who are disharmonious, falling into depression, and without interest in spirituality?

Rositsa Avela: By blessing them with all your love, constantly, but secretly, in the secret chamber of your heart, as Beloved Jesus taught us. Then will come a time when it would be possible for them to start working in God. It would happen when you stop judging them! Simply you should accept them as they are and keep blessing them with all your heart and soul. This is the next very important aspect of the Service. Everyone can serve God by blessing all around himself. The Blessing that Beloved Pallas Athena gave to you is very good. **

Participant: Thank you!

To be continued...


blue line

* See the painting below.

** Blessing to help any person, Beloved Pallas Athena, 10th May 2012



The Sistine Madonna


The Sistine Madonna painted by Raphael.