Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 7

18 November 2012

Participant: For some time now, I have understood and that people who are ill have closed chakras. They did that themselves and that is their karma. That is the way I understand it. When such people have problems, they seek help. And here is my question: can a person help to spiritually unconscious man who has problems and closed chakras through practices for clearing and opening/unblocking the chakras.

I'm not a bio-energy therapist, I practice only within my family, but at the time I have visited such bio-energy therapists. Currently I use the method of therapy with tuning forks for helping myself and it really helps me. My husband asked me to help him with this method, but I have some inhibitions/concerns in applying it to him. On the one hand, I want to help him, but the other, something prevents me to do it. Because he might have some blockages. I hesitate whether to try to help him. He feeds on the family energy all the time, his connection to God is broken and everything is blocked. Long time ago it was different, but now everything is blocked. I realize that in order to help him, all his chakras need to be opened, but actually he hasn’t ask me for that, he only asked me to help him from time to time to feel good. I have concerns in helping him, because I realize that actually he needs to be helped much more than he wants.

Rositsa Avela: This question might be considered in general – what happens when a person goes to energy therapist?

Definitely the help of the energy therapist is to open chakras. To remove the negative energy from the places where there is a blockage. However, if he is without a Mantle of a Healer, then he lacks the internal, clear vision, which is given by God and is a Gift of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, he is without access to knowledge and vision of the root cause of the blockage of specific chakra or even worse, he might see some of the later consequences of the real root cause and to think that this is the root cause, without being able to see it in depth and to tell about it to the patient.

This way the patient is without the opportunity to realize his sin, to repent of it, ask for forgiveness from God and decide to stop sinning in the future in this way. When the root cause of the past remains without being realized and converted by the person, that negative karma, that energy from his negative actions in the past remains in his aura.

After a while this chakra will be blocked again, i.e. the effect is temporary and extremely harmful. Because now the person has an open chakra, for which the Divine Blessing says to be blocked, because the person commits sins on this topic, in this Divine quality. If the chakra is opened and bring some additional Divine Energy, which the person put in the illusion by sinning again the same way, that would significantly aggravate his situation even more.

The one who helps the patient (the therapist), receives part of this karma. That happens to all energy therapists if they are without the Mantle of a Healer. Then part of the karma of the energy therapist is received by his next patients, who came to him seeking for help. This karma would be partially transferred to them if they are purer then the therapist in terms of the type of that karma, which would be passed to them during the direct energy contact and transfer between them, while the therapist 'works' on his patient and 'helps' him. This is the harmful effects.

That is why the Bible says to stop visiting such 'healers'. It also says to stop visiting fortune-tellers and sorceresses. As they do see in the astral and may say something that will happen in the future, but they see only one of the possibilities of one of the probable futures.

When a person hears that kind of information and begin to think about it, he starts putting his energy there and make things happen in this direction. Thus, he loses the Divine opportunity to exercise his Free will and to choose something else instead, to go another way at that time of his life when he reaches that point.

If a person remains pure by avoiding hearing any kind of predictions for him, when progressing on the Path and reaching the moment of time, for which otherwise would be predicted that something will happen, he could take other decisions, he may start working in spirituality, he may have done something that would allow to be activated a special Divine Grace and he may completely get away with the possibly prophesied events, then his path would take a completely different direction – for example, the one that shortens the Path for his return Home.


6 February 2013

When I read the script of the audio recording of this part of the meeting, I recognized that the answer to the above question requires the following addition:

It is possible that you have received the answers for yourself about whether you should 'help' your husband by clearing and unblocking his chakras with whatever method, without knowing and without telling him what is the root cause of his blockage, and without him realizing it, repenting of it and deciding to stop sinning that way. But you can help him a lot if both of you start to ask each other for forgiveness every night before going to sleep, wholeheartedly, applying in practice the Teachings of Jesus for Forgiveness. You could do this by using the practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man', given to us on 16 December, 2012.

You said that in the past the state of your husband was different then it is now. Perhaps you should remember whether his deterioration has started exactly from moment you started visiting energy therapists and think about what you have brought and passed to him on the field level. It is possible that physically you were feeling well, but the karma that the person receives by visiting an energy therapist who is without a mantle of a Healer then he shares with his family partner. The more the person visits such therapists and receives some karma from all their previous patients, the more he burdens with that karma then his family partner and the partner changes. Then you wonder where all this problem is coming from. You may have cope with that and transformed later part of these negative records, because you turned to God and have strengthened your development in spirituality, but if your partner was without the readiness to do so, it would come a moment in which he became a burden for the rest of the family without even knowing how to ask for help and what kind of help.

Whatever was in the past it is done. The past is in the past, now a person needs to learn from his mistakes without condemning himself and to decide to stop allowing these mistakes, also, to repent and ask forgiveness from God, then ask for forgiveness his family partner. The more sincerely, humbly, with Love to God and to the person in front of you, you repent and ask for forgiveness, the better! God is merciful and when we turn to him, he always does the best for us and much more than we could imagine!

Pour your Love over your husband, be humble, gentle, good and forgiving, because the family couple is exactly what both partners have created themselves each other during their family life and even before that. Therefore, asking for forgiveness from God and then to mutually forgive each other is the greatest cure now and in times to come!

In case your husband refuses to ask for and give this forgiveness, which would be very unlikely, if you ask him nicely and with much Love, and yet, if he refuses, you could every night before going to bed ask for forgiveness God, then ask for forgiveness him without him hear you, then quietly give him forgiveness for everything he has sinned. The more time you keep doing this, the more wholeheartedly it comes out, the closer you get to the day when he would wish to start asking for forgiveness and giving forgiveness each other for everything you've sinned against each other and towards God!

At this moment, I Bless all of you who read these lines, to succeed in your families in giving and receiving forgiveness each other, constantly, with lots of love, as well as with all your other close people, with whom you feel that you need to forgive each other!

Rositsa Avela, with all my love to you all!

To be continued...