Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 8

18 November 2012

Participant: How to communicate with a society of materialistic, egocentric people. The Blessing is effective and I can give it to everyone, even to people outside my circle. But when we live among these people, in our family or at work, we are in constant interaction with each other; how should we deal with them?

Rositsa Avela: Christo could explain that, if he wishes so. His boss is such a person and he managed to cope. Since he was able to handle that and he has this achievement in his energy field, if he explained it to you, that achievement may become your knowledge, so that you can succeed as well. This is very valuable – if one has succeeded, and share that with others, that might help others to succeed as well. The achievement of one becomes generally available and the others can succeed much easier. It took him quite a while to succeed.

Christo: Actually, understanding the nature of the problem took me long time. Rositsa Avela explained to me what was going on the subtle plane and what is the cause for it to happen. The understanding of what happens every time he called me in his office helped me a lot. He is my boss and there isn’t way to refuse him. I mean understanding of what is the root cause, what to expect, and that the attack might be instantaneous, very fast and very strong.

Rositsa Avela: And he can take away your energy.

Christo: Yes, also that my best defence is the acceptance of what he does, all that happens and my love – to keep my love to him, to his Higher Self. Because each person is normally the scene of two forces, which are constantly fighting for the control panel.

Recently I had one such conversation. Usually before I see him, I invoke St. Archangel Michael. The conversation started in the usual way – he began to attack me. I managed to endure without losing my energy. At some point, I noticed how he settled himself and lost the aggression, which originally was accumulated in him and which he wanted to express. The key point was that I have kept my harmony and the Angels of Protection were able to do their work, or at least that is the way I understand it.

Rositsa Avela: This way we come again to the point of necessity for a person to have a vigilant consciousness, to always be ready to face whatever happens while preserving his harmony and accepting all this with love, realizing that the person in front of you who is currently in that illusory state of his, is also a part of the Divine Creation. Because even through these people we are given help from Above. Sometimes they are our best teachers, they keep us always awake warriors of Light at our post and help us in our development in spirituality. The development in spirituality happens with maximal rate and quality only in there is a problem. We develop while solving it. If everything is well the development stops. (All laugh) Usually those, who get some sicknesses and suffering very quickly turn to God, right then, when nothing else helps them to be aware being in good health.

Participant: As we say in Poland: 'If there is a problem, go to God.' (in polish: Jak trwoga, to do Boga.)

Rositsa Avela: Wonderful!

Participant: I have a question that may require a personal answer, but it may be helpful for everyone. More and more often I need to communicate with people talking about God, about Divine and generally about life, from the development in spirituality point of view. However, many of the people, barely understand any of these and even refuse to hear me. For that reason, I often just stop communicating with them or they ignore me. Consequently, I feel that the energy of my Love to these people is just too much. Because I understand what happens to them, I understand their pain, I know that everything is karmically bound, but because they are without the desire to know, I just bless them and send them my Love. Sometimes, as it happens just now, my tears come out due to these energies, people have an impression that I am suffering and want to help me to stop suffering. On the other hand, I'm responsible for these people in terms of keeping them calm, rather than being excited about my inner peace. So, my question is how this could be corrected somehow.

Rositsa Avela: Of course, it can be corrected, anything can be corrected.

Participant: Yes, so my question is how to fix it?

Rositsa Avela: I will give you the method, now. Seeing their problems and knowing that you could help them, but also knowing that they lack the awareness that they have a problem, so that they may ask for help them solve it, eventually, at the first opportunity you may say 'Lord, I give you my energy that I wanted to use helping these people, use it according to Your Holy Will to help these people and all other people who ask you for help, at Your discretion.'

Then the energy that you have too much, you will give back to the Higher Spheres and enable all Beings of Light to help anyone on the planet, when he calls for help from Heaven. Thus, you would make it possible to help those who are awakened and came to the point to ask for help from Above and those who will do so in the future.

You may do that always when you feel that the energy of your Love to them is too much for you and you are unable to directly give it to them. You may say it in your mind, on the street, everywhere – simply give that energy to our Heavenly Father to use it at His discretion for the benefit of all who need it. This is also a wonderful service to the Common Good.

Participant: Thank you! On the same subject, I would like to ask, is it possible for the ego to take advantage of these situations? Because I do not know whether these tears are due to this big joy and love or there is a hidden intent of my ego.

Rositsa Avela: That's the other point – everyone needs to be very careful and with vigilant consciousness in order to avoid the nurture of his spiritual ego. You need to realize that anything that happens to people is the best for them at the moment and you may help only if your help is requested. You may help only if the person is ready to receive that help, otherwise it is illusory and you may harm that person much more. What you see as a possibility to help some person somehow is different from whether this person can be helped exactly at that moment.

The Ascended Beings of Light, our Heavenly Teachers can see the Path that each of us follows, they can see that very well from their level and they know how this Path can be shortened and simplified! But they come to help only when they are called, when a person wakes up and realizes that he wants to change the course in the right direction!

Participant: My tears come out because I see the problem that appears. The problem just comes out of them and I am glad that it is coming out, that they are released.

Rositsa Avela: You are happy for them and they worry about you.

Participant: Exactly. Thank you!

Rositsa Avela: Your ego tricks you to enjoy excessively and in advance – this is an illusory state of yours – the huge emotionality. If you are in God, Love to people is also infinite, but you are pacified without these excitements and emotions.

You said you start crying because you are happy that the problem comes out from them and they are released, but that may be illusory. Because instead of liberating from that problem, it may stay and they may even accumulate additional karma if they are without acceptance of what is happening to them. If the problem comes out to be worked off, that just means the time has come, according to the cosmic clock, for this karmic record to be worked off, but how and whether this will happen depends on the man himself.

If the person accuses the man in front of him of what happens to him or condemn him, or condemn the situation itself, he actually condemns God, who in his great Mercy has allowed such an easy working off the karma. In this case lack possibility for this karma to be worked off, it could be even increased, dependant on the degree to which a person condemns instead of thank for what is happening. The karma remains in his energy field until the next appropriate moment for its working off in a similar situation.

When you see the problem, you may say, 'Would you like to hear my perspective on how I see things in this situation?' If there is lack of interest then remain in Joy and give your energy to God for helping everyone, who needs help. That is it. That is a universal method.

Participant: What if something is happening and someone needs help, but there is no time for him to ask for help?

Rositsa Avela: You may ask does he wants help. 'Do you want me to help you?' Regardless of how urgent the situation is, you may ask: 'some help?' – only few words, you can say then for a second. If the person says 'Yes' by which he expresses his free will, then you can help him.

Additionally, you should learn to differentiate and ask your heart. For what happens to someone can be the greatest good for him, the fastest and most powerful means to purify his soul. If someone with the good feelings intervene in the situation, he may obscure the Divine Plan.

Do feel, everyone can feel on the field level whether he should intervene. The things are very subtle indeed. But the more you karmically clean yourself by working in spirituality and serving God in all possible ways and the more harmonious you are, the more you would become capable of making this differentiating, to feel what is right.

Indeed, there are situations, where neither you can ask nor receive some answer or request for your help.

There are also situations, where you might be at the right place and the right time in order to help at the moment!

Or maybe one of the reasons that something happens to a person could be to enable you to help selflessly and unconditionally!

As you see, every time could be different, every situation is unique, participants are different and what is right for some cases and individuals may be wrong for others. In any case, the best advice is to listen to your heart. It knows best. If your first impulse is to help, do it! Even if you're wrong, by interfering, when you do it with a pure heart and when your motive is right, that is respected from Above. That is better option compared to not interfering and then fret about it whole your life asking youtrself whether you had done the right thing.

The opposite also applies. If something inside does not allow you to intervene, stay away. That would be better than to intervene, and then fret that you have done it and whole your life to wonder whether you did the right thing.

Here I need to put a mark of special attention – the signs are true only when you are calm, harmonious, in Joy and Love. Therefore, one of your greatest care and responsibility is always to be such!

Participant: Is there a moment in life when a person may start serving by using these spiritual practices, by applying them, or for some people lack such necessity as their service is different? For example, some Saints didn’t have special practices, but they always helped. Or didn’t perform formal services, but help the sick and in various initiatives etc.

Rositsa Avela: Everyone feels his own Path. If someone has karma, because in his previous incarnation could and should help, but failed to do it, in this incarnation, he would get a very strong impulse to help others and that would be best for him. Universal advices for everybody are impossible. What is good for one may be bad for someone else.

Participant: As Lord Sanat Kumara said: 'You all are so wonderfully different!'

Rositsa Avela: That's right. Regarding the saints, when they were incarnated, they were doing formal services as well, but only at night, when everyone else is sleeping and nobody or very few people knew about it, throughout the day they were working and helping neighbours.

Participant: The question I want to ask was already partly answered. I would like to ask about the feeling of the Divine Mercy and Love. I understand that these bows can help me.

Rositsa Avela: The feelings of repentance, Gratitude and Love that are emanated to God during these bows are those that help – the thought and feeling merged into one and emanated towards God.

Participant: Yes, yes. Some time ago I felt impulses of such a common, universal Love towards everything. Now, although I'm surrounded by such love and emanate love constantly, I am unable to achieve the same state that I had.

Rositsa Avela: In one of their Messages the Masters say that everyone is given once in his life to experience very strongly this feeling of Divine Love towards the whole Creation, as a highest Divine Mercy, in order to know what to seek and what to achieve. To know that it exists and to try to achieve it. When a person is in Service of God and observes Divine Laws, this feeling of Divine Love is increasing and being multiplied. However, when the time comes for a person to transmute some negative karmic records or when he needs to pass a test for achieving some of the Divine Quality, the person lacks the possibility to have the feeling of the Divine Love. Then the feeling of Divine Love is blocked. The person has to cope on his own, remembering this feeling that he felt before.

Participant: Should the person then pass through this obstacle only by remembering, without feeling it really?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, exactly like that, by remembering. That is why it is given the memory for the Divine Love, because during passage through the tests the person doesn’t have it in himself. How one may feel it if he doesn’t have it? But this is only one thing that can save you – the memory of it, that it exists!

Participant: May such a test lasts a lifetime?

Rositsa Avela: The life is a series of tests with various lengths. Some of them may be quite lengthy. Each test has a certain maximum time within which the person has to pass it successfully. If he fails to do so, he has to wait for the next appropriate and possible moment, which might be both in the present and in a later incarnation.

Participant: Sometimes I have the feeling that something, which I supposed to do in a certain way, I am doing it differently and once that is over, I realize that I have done this differently and then I apologise to God. But is that permissible?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, and that is wonderful! Because, when a person feels that something could have been done in a better way, then he is close to the next step, when in a similar situation he will be able to respond properly on time.

When a person understand that he could have better reaction, but he missed, apart from asking God for forgiveness he needs to ask God for help to succeed the next time. If one asks for help, it is given. One may request help from his Higher Self, so that when the next situation happen again he intervene and help him to remember and be able to react properly on time. When this situation happens again if the person missed to process the situation correctly from the beginning, he may start reacting in the old way, but eventually in the middle of the events or even at the end, he still may recall the memory.

If he asked for help and is ready to act in the right way, once he remembers, he may at this very moment to transmute everything and to approach in a different right way by saying: 'Forgive me, I made a mistake, actually I want to say…, or to do …'.

Participant: Thank you!

Rositsa Avela: Simple. Very simple. And it is very easy for a person to correct himself when he wants that. God always allows for that!

To be continued...