Meeting in Poland, Zielona Gora, part 9

18 November 2012

Participant: I could have been doing much more in order to solve my financial issues. And actually, this is what is expected of me. For me this as like a bargaining with God. This is my point of view, but people around me expect more from me. Is this a right approach?

Rositsa Avela: Everyone has a free will to decide for himself how much he needs, how much to work and what to do. The Gods Will is all of us to be in Joy, Love, happy, to have everything we need for our development, like any other Divine Creation, which means that everything is in Balance and in Harmony, in the golden mean. That includes the financial well-being.

Participant: I am rather concerned by thoughts about next month, whether I would cope during the next month, etc. The situation mainly disturbs my parents, they feel affected.

Rositsa Avela: When a person is hardworking, likes to work and observes Divine Laws, including the Law of Divine Tithing it is unnecessary to worry about any troubling thoughts. As God takes care of everything, including that the necessary finance come at the right time, since then establishes and maintains a return energy flux. This makes it possible to stabilise and multiply the cash flow, which is actually a type of energy flux. Without the person thinking about it, the opportunities come and things happen in such way that he always has, as much as he needs and even more. God gives the energy required for one to be healthy and to work. By giving God his Divine tithes, as money is also part of his own energy, by directing this energy to God through this return process, the person multiplies his ability to receive income, always as much as needed.

You also need to take care that the money you spend are well invested – without wasting them in the illusion, but to give them for something that is needed and good from the Divine perspective by you and those with whom you live.

In addition to the observance of the Law of Divine tithe, other Divine tool for receiving help when dealing with money is giving a donation to God in observance of the Law for the donation to God.

When a person receives some money, the right from the Divine perspective and best for him before he starts spending it, is to first separate the Divine tithe. This allows him to stop burden himself with karma, when he starts to observe this Divine Law. It also allows him to be healthy, able to work and God to take care of his financial security and prosperity. To be given the possibilities to have all that he and his family needs for the future.

The amount of the Divine tithe is exactly determined by the Divine Law – one tenth, which is separated from each type of income: from work, from real estate and capital. This excludes income from pension, maternity and other social transfers.

Immediately after the Divine tithes are separated, the second important thing is to separate some amount that will be donation to God.

The amount for the donation of God everyone decides for himself, according to his possibilities and desire. From the Divine perspective, it is good to give donation, whatever the material situation is; that might be even 10 cents, 50 cents or 1 euro but from each type of income that a person receives from every source, without exceptions. And to give it wholeheartedly as a gift to God.

By giving a donation to God from the income it is transformed the karma that a person receives together with the money from the one who he has given the money, regardless of whether he is an employer, physical person, legal person, business partner or settlor, and even the state as an employer or when it provides social benefits, pensions, maternity grants, scholarships..., or when a person sells something and receives money... Giving a donation to God transforms that karma and protects us from further karmic burden.

The money from the Divine tithes and the donation to God everyone himself decides where to give them. But he has a responsibility to give them where they will be used properly from the Divine perspective. It is very important when a person gives the money to say within himself that he gives it to God. And to do it selflessly and unconditionally, i.e. without wanting something in return and without setting conditions on how and where these funds to be used.

By doing all this, after some time, which is different for everyone, as there might be distortions in relation to these Laws due to their violation in the past, the person achieves the Golden mean and becomes balanced and harmonious in the finance area.

In every religion and in all times, the Law of the Divine tithes and the Law of the donation were given to humankind. Every Teacher, every Prophet and every Messenger, when he came, he gave them. While living in this material world, the monetary energy is a part of our energy and also need to flow properly and to have its constant circulation between the physical world and the Higher octaves of Light.

When the two laws mentioned above are observed that allows those who have fully devoted themselves in the Service of God, in the Service for the Common Good, to be financially secured in order to be able to do it with the possible best quality and completeness.

Furthermore, in order to have financial well-being, everyone has very consciously to use his money for what is necessary and is good from the Divine perspective, i.e. to monitor his thoughts, feelings, what he says and haw he says it, as well as to monitor what are his deeds, whether actions or refrain from actions, including in terms of money – to buy only what he really needs of the right quality, i.e. to have a vigilant and elevated consciousness in every sphere of life.

There is plenty of what to work on. When a person decides to change the quality of his life, by observing the Divine Laws and residing in God, all the chances for success are given from Above, for everyone! All Heavens are ready to help in full measure when we ask them for that!

To be continued...