Q & A 28

Singing in front of other people

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2017

Question: Is singing in front of other people good from the Lord's point of view if the person who is singing opens to God at that moment, or is it dangerous with regards to preserving his/her purity and how is it best to do it?

Answer: This is a very big question – about the singing.

1. If the singer is a Being of Light, he/she is in God and is singing in front of other Beings of Light who are in God, then everything is fine, and singing is quite advisable. The singer opens to God, as this happens naturally, and an energy exchange begins between him/her and the audience. If the people who are listening to him/her are rejoicing, accept the singer with Divine Love, and after the singing, they applaud and thus thank him/her with all their heart, then the energy is multiplied in both the singer and the audience.

If before the singer starts to sing, he/she remembers to invoke all the Forces of Light, the Father – Lord Alpha, his/her own Higher I AM Presence and his/her Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light, to participate in the song or to be present during the performance – according to their Will, and to dedicate his/her performance to all of them, then, after the end of the performance and during the performance, the energy is multiplied many times, and all the participants feel that. This strengthens the creative principle of the artist, and he/she becomes an even better performer and artist in his/her field. The creative principle of the listeners is also being strengthened, and that is a great Good.

2. This picture changes, however, if the singer is a being of Light who is in the network of Light, but there are representatives of the networks of the illusion in the audience. Regardless of which network of the illusion – all of them have a harmful effect on both the singer and the audience who are beings of Light and are in God. That effect is a drain of energy, which produces different degrees of harm to each person, according to the volume and the amount of energy taken away. This happens because the representatives of the various networks of the forces of the illusion are without access to the Divine energy and without their own source of it, also without the ability to transmit it and exchange it. They can only take it away from others who have it and who transmit it.

While a being of Light is singing, he/she naturally radiates Divine Love during the singing because he/she is in joy and usually that is accompanied by opening to God. In this case, it is good to sing only when the singer is alone, or if he/she is in front of people, the performer should be completely covered if he/she wants to preserve his/her purity.

The same applies with regards to group/choral singing. If all the singers are completely covered with cloaks, i.e. apart from the head and the hands which are covered – every centimetre of naked skin is also covered, then it's safe for them to sing regarding preserving their purity and remaining in the network of Light. It is impossible for them, however, to save themselves from energy draining.

3. The picture is entirely different if the singer/performer is a representative of any of the networks of the illusion. During a virtuoso performance, he/she can take away quite an enormous amount of energy from all Bright souls present in the audience and thus become an even better and more successful performer at their expense.

In this case, after the concert, on the next day or even on the same day and during the following few days, the Light people may feel very tired and unwilling to work. Whatever they begin to do, they would do it without desire, with low quality and they would only wish to lie and sleep. If they are without the possibility to relax well, they may become quite irritable.

4. In the case when during the concert the performer is a person who has lost his/her purity and is already in the new network of the illusion, then all people from the audience who are from any other network may feel bad. In fact, their energy state would be very bad, and later their physical bodies may get sick. If they have opened to God during the performance, there is a probability for them at this point of losing their purity, too, and irreversibly to move into the new network of the illusion – all of them without exception, if this is the intention and the plan of the representatives of this new network of the illusion at that moment. The same danger and harm exist even if the performer has preserved his/her purity, but there are people in the audience who have lost their purity.

This applies to visiting any kind of concert, including church ones, where spiritual songs are being sung, opera, operetta, theatre with singing of songs, musicals, etc.

5. If the performer has lost his/her purity, i.e. he/she is already in the new network of the illusion, and sings spiritual songs, mantras, etc. in which the audience engages to participate, this becomes a spiritual practice of this new network of the illusion, and the people in the audience may either lose their purity and irreversibly move into the new network of the illusion or have other severely harmful consequences as a result of the activity of this new network of the illusion.

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 34

An additional question on singing

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 23 February 2017 in connection with the question and its answer on 'Singing in front of other people' given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2017


Question: Do we need to avoid singing and should it be added to the recommended items given so far in 'Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity, the salvation of the human Soul and the successful continuation of the evolution in the transitional times'?

Answer: The singing of spiritual songs is a kind of a Spiritual practice, and it is, therefore, unnecessary to consider it as a separate practice, and when the songs are with illusory content, it is impossible for them to lead to opening to God. Therefore, a person needs to be careful what exactly he/she sings. If the text or the melody is illusory, it is better to refrain from singing. Otherwise, he/she will create negative karma for him/herself. If the music and the text are Divine, this is a kind of a Spiritual practice, and then the person needs to cover him/herself completely while singing.

Hence, it is unnecessary to add anything to the Five Rules-Guidelines so far.

I AM Presence of the One



Q & A 75

A second addition to the topic of singing

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 28 December 2017


Question: Regarding the recommendation from Above that it is better for a person who is in the Light Network to refrain from singing in front of a wide audience, are there any exceptions if he/she does that to support him/herself and that's his/her job?

Answer: Yes, there are a few exceptions:

1. It is acceptable for a person who is in the Light Network to sing in front of an audience and to remain Alive and Healthy when the audience consists of people for whom the singer knows that are Living and Pure Souls and are in the Light Network. But in this case, his/her energy potential is without a guarantee, and the singer may have more or less energy after the concert. That depends on what the energy state of the people in the audience is. The same is true regarding karmic purity.

2. The singer needs to be 100% in the Light Network, in a Divine attunement and an elevated state of consciousness, with a perfect protection, healthy aura and a high degree of purity – at the level of saints, with karma that is 100% worked off on all main rays so that it is safe for him/her to come out and sing in front of a diverse audience only songs with text and melody that take the audience into the Light Network.

3. With a lesser perfection of the singer, it may be safe for him to sing in front of a diverse audience, only if he/she sings the songs without opening to God at that time. That means singing songs that are without elevation or spiritual topics, but also without the music and text leading both the singer and the audience to the networks of the illusion if the singer wants to preserve his/her karmic purity instead of karmically burden him/herself more and more after each subsequent concert.

Everyone assesses and decides on his own what to do for a living, and at what price, and whether it is worth the price to do it, or it is better to subsist by working something else.

I AM Presence of the One