Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 1

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

27 April 2013


The meeting began with greetings, invocations for protection were said, and all the participants sang the song 'Our Father.'


Rositsa Avela: I will tell you how the melody of the song 'Our Father' was received.

The first song that I have received as a melody was 'The Holiest Mother of God, Rejoice' with lyrics identical to the text of the prayer, at the beginning of 2011. While I was receiving the cycle with Messages from the spring of 2011, early morning, among nature, when Beloved Kut Humi came and told me that he would give the Message that day, suddenly I got a very strong impulse to start singing a song in praise of the Father. Since the prayer 'The Holiest Mother of God, Rejoice' already had a song, my heart wanted that there is a song about our Heavenly Father.

I turned to Beloved Kut Humi and asked:

'Beloved Kut Humi, among other things, You are a master of the organ and music if such is Your Will, would you give a melody for a song "Our Father" '?

When I asked for help Beloved Kut Humi, I meant the Lord's prayer. I was filled with great Joy, all nature rejoiced at that moment, and the melody came very quickly. I started to sing 'Our Father', thinking that the lyrics will be same as the Lord's prayer, but to my surprise, the lyrics were from a personal creativity verse sent to the website and having the same title – 'Our Father' (the Lord's prayer). (Addition: In March 2015 that text was corrected from Above to its present form.)

That is how the melody of the song from the Beloved Kut Humi was received.


The first thing I want to tell you is the Ascended Being of Light who is the Patron of our meeting today and tomorrow. The Patron of the meeting is Master Morya.

This morning Master Morya came to me and said that the meeting will be under his patronage and that he will help in carrying out the meeting. And after the meeting, he will help during the next 27 days each of the participants and those who do not participate personally but support the meeting in some way. Who carry out any kind of work in spirituality and materiality, and devoted it before that for the successful conduct of the meeting at least for 7 days before the meeting, or by supporting it financially. Master Moria’s help would be for working off the thing that most hinders at this moment the progress on the Path of the evolution for participants in the meeting and those who support it.

This Mercy was given at the very beginning when I was told that such meetings would take place. It also applies to all future meetings. But, it is necessary after the meeting to give our Gratitude and Divine Love to the Ascended Being of Light, who is the Patron of the meeting, which is Master Morya this time, for the help that He would be giving during the meeting and the following days. That may last 7, 17 or 27 days, according to the desire of each one of you. In each of these days, the work in spirituality or materiality that you dedicate to Master Morya and during which you give him your Gratitude and Divine Love may be different, according to the possibilities of the day and the dictate of your heart.

So, if you want, each one of you may retire into himself for a minute to thank Master Morya for his advocacy and assistance that will give us over the two days of the meeting, in the days after the meeting and to invoke Him to reside in your temple during these two days.


Before the start of the meeting I wanted to ask also, as this is extremely important and I was specifically instructed to do it, are all of you well you prepared for the meeting according to the requirements given from Above for such preparation?

Translator: One of the participants said that he had difficulties in compliance with the requirement, as he was changing his place of residence and it was quite panicky around him.

Rositsa Avela: He may participate in the meeting. Importantly, he has changed his place of living to a better one.

So, all of you has confirmed that you are prepared, right?

Thank you that you are well prepared for the meeting.

I was given an explanation from Above for one of the reasons why it is necessary to comply with the requirements for preparation for the meeting accurately. If there is a person present at the meeting, who do not accept the Teaching that comes through me or he doubt it, the energy that is given from Above for this meeting is wasted because it goes to the illusion. Then the energy level of the meeting in general decreases and the energy assistance is immediately reduced so that at the end the meeting is carried out at a much lower energy level. That way all participating in the meeting are deprived of the opportunity to receive in full measure what was intended for them as help from Above. Thus, instead of the meeting being helpful for the person who did not fulfil the requirements, it may be even detrimental to him. Because he harms himself, harm everyone else and instead of his negative karma being transformed during the meeting, he creates new karma during the meeting if the overall energy level is reduced because of him. Also after the meeting, when he would return home with the energy given from Above and received during the meeting, but continue to live in the old way without applying what he has learned. That is why it was directed from Above to allow only participants, who have read the Teaching, accept it, try to apply it and have some success in that. And that the persons who do it out of curiosity, have doubts in the Teaching and without intention for its implementation should refrain from coming.

As I mentioned about a wrong use of the energy after the meeting, now is the time to say that it is recommended to comply with the requirements for the meeting for at least seven days before the meeting and seven days after the meeting. The person to be in silence as far as it is possible, in peace and without taking any other extraneous information. Because apart from all that we are talking about here and Knowledge that is given, even if we were spending the time in complete silence, each one of us will be given from Above energy and information that will be helpful. So that when you need help in different situations, you will be able to react correctly from the Divine point of view.

It is very important what is the motive that makes you come and participate in these meetings. Each one of you should consider what is your motive to come here. And if the motive is incorrect, each one of you within himself, need to ask forgiveness from the Father and the Forces of Light, to thank for having come to this meeting and to say the right from the Divine perspective motive: to be in service of the Living Live and the Living human beings to be helped from Above to move forward on the Path towards God.


Another important thing that I was instructed to tell you is to drink plenty of water during these two days of the meeting. The water will be helping greatly while the surrounding space is in the state of increased vibration and energy, while everyone will ask for forgiveness and giving forgiveness and during the ongoing process of accelerated transformation of negative karmic records and any other negativities. The more water you drink, the better for your four lower bodies. I would take care to do more frequent breaks.


During this day, we will do the 'Spiritual practice 12 Bows' then we will do the Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'. Perhaps everyone with the person to which his/her heart attracts him, instead of everyone with everyone, but it is even better to do it even with those to which the heart attract them less. Because in my field, in the presence of Master Morya much greater amount of negative karma would be able to be transformed much faster. Then, we will finish with the spiritual practice of the Blessing, because when we first repent before God and forgive each other, the souls are uplifted, and we are able then to bless with all our heart and soul. We will bless the Mother Earth and all Living beings, all the people in which the Divine Fire burns and are in the Light network of the planet Earth. We will bless our homeland, our kin, family and whoever else that you may want to bless and finally everyone will bless himself with what is most needed at the moment.

Saying the Blessings is a very important part of our meeting, extremely important. I thank you in advance for your help in that. That way, we sow wonderful seeds for the future, for a bright future. We will Thank the Forces of Light for their help for the blessings to be multiplied and because They would help these blessings to be recreated in our world.

Tomorrow, if the weather is good and we can see the sun, we would meet the sunrise. Then we will read a new Message from the last cycle; I have to comment on it and make some additions, which I was instructed to say at this meeting. Then I will answer your general questions related to the growth in spirituality and progress on the Path to God, and finally, I will give the opportunity to those of you who have individual questions to ask in privacy, while others may walk around in nature at that time.

That is the program of our meeting that could be seen. Everything else remains between God and us in the invisible to us realm, when we would be helped from Above during this meeting, each one individually and all together.


The time has come to give you the Blessing of Presence of the One, received in the days of the vernal equinox. It applies to everyone who helped me get to the place, where I was instructed to go, to receive the Messages of the spring cycle, the Divine Light to pass through my bodies and to saturate the planet with it. All this was possible thanks to everyone who helped me, including financially. Thank you all for your help. Presence of the One said that He blesses all who have helped me to be able to go there and to complete the work, which I was instructed from Above. He said:

'I bless all those who help Rositsa Avela with my Blessings and give them the necessary momentum and charge to remain and continue on the Path to God in the times ahead. OM   '


To be continued.