Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 10

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


The second key is the observance of the United Common Universal Law in its entirety. For the Living human beings that means to observe all the Divine Laws.

Lord Eliseya added that one of the Divine laws is 'Take care of your temple as a Temple of God because it is such.' When we are in incarnation, our temple is our four lower bodies – the physical body, the astral body, the mental body and the etheric body. Lord Eliseya said that everyone should be very careful and provide a proper lifestyle in terms of sleep, food, clothing, cleanliness of all bodies at all levels – purity of feelings, thoughts, words and deeds.

What is that key applicable for – the observance of the Divine Laws – to prevent the accumulation of new negative karma.'

The third key is the constant right work.

That key is used to enhance creativity (literally the creative principle). Through the labour, one comes to the energy of the Creation. The more a person works in the right from the Divine point of view way, the more that energy is strengthened.

Lord Eliseya explained what a proper work means – that is work:
blue-dotcarried out in observance of the Divine Laws;
blue-dotin Joy;
blue-dotwith the greatest Gratitude to God and all the Forces of Light for the help that is given during the labour;
blue-dotwith Divine Love;
blue-dotwhich is a Divinely Blessed. , before it has even started;
blue-dotPerformed with the use of all the powers, abilities and Divine qualities and virtues that the person has accomplished so far;
blue-dotCarried out in full concentration, attention and diligence. All the attention is focused on what is being done so that the result of the work has the highest possible quality;
blue-dotWithout exhaustion and extreme marasmus.

Some time ago I was asked the question what it means that the work is supported. First, a person needs to ask to be given a Divine Blessing before he starts to do any kind of work. If the Divine Blessing is given, then it is allowed from Above that work to be done, and the work of that person is supported, when he started it. If a work is supported that means the Divine help is given so that everything would be arranged one after another with easy and it happens in the best way during the process of the labour.

For example, you go to work, and you have to meet someone – you meet at the right time with him, the person in front of you is Divinely tuned, and the outcome of the meeting is the most beneficial and prosperous for your and his work. The meeting takes place in the best possible way. A Divine Energy is used for all this to happen because before you have started that work, first you have asked for help from Above, and you requested to be given the Blessing of God. Otherwise, the meeting might be very unpleasant and difficult with results far from the desired one, or the meeting won’t take place.

Let’s go back to the third key. The constant proper work is the key. Therefore, besides that the work should be proper, it has to be a constant, providing it should be done without exhaustion and extreme marasmus (translator’s note: see the last bullet point above)? It means that one kind of work should be replaced by another type of work, and the rest is a third type of work, etc., all these types of work always performed with willingness/desire, changing these works one after another, with gratitude to God coming from your soul and your mouth.

The fourth key is the one that Lord Eliseya gave in his Message – that is actually the work in spirituality. He gave a program on how that work in spirituality should be carried out properly.

What is that key for? Lord Eliseya said the following: 'That key – your work in spirituality, helps you to be useful for the wellbeing of the Living Life and unified on the subtle plane with all Living creatures and the whole Creation of the Father.'

Work in spirituality means performing of spiritual practices:
blue-dotin nature at calm and purity – that is a very important clarification;
blue-dotcompletely selflessly and unconditionally;
blue-dotby dedicating the energy of the ministry to the Father.

When a person carries out his work in spirituality that way, it is created a Good karma that may help him later in a difficult moment.

Finally, the fifth key – making the right decisions, doing right from the Divine standpoint choices in life and the possibility to receive help for that when you ask for it to be successful in that – to always make the right decisions and do right from the Divine perspective choices in your life. That key was given on the following day, after the Message of Lord Eliseya, in the message of Lord Surya on 26 March 2013.

What is that key helpful for? Lord Surya said: 'To stay on the Path to the Father and to successfully continue your evolutionary development.' Because if the choices are wrong, they directly lead the person away from the Path.

If a person observes the Divine Laws, he stops to create a new negative karma. Repentance and Forgiveness transmute the old karma. But if the person takes wrong decisions and makes wrong choices in the course of his life at the moment, even though he observes the Divine Laws, his progress on the Path may stop. Because he fails the tests, which are included in his life plan for achieving of new Divine qualities and for opening the corresponding chakras. The planet constantly increases its energy and vibration. The whole Living Life tunes to the new changes at the moment, in these transitional times and that person, will actually save his lifestream, he will save his soul, but if he stops to evolve, he would be without the opportunity to come in his next incarnation here on Earth. Only those who are advancing in their evolutionary development will come, those who would show now that they are capable of progress. These are the people who rehearse and apply in their life all the five keys because each one of these keys is extremely important. In these times of transition, only for a person who simultaneously uses all of these five keys the events would happen in the best way. That is it. Otherwise, his evolution will continue, but somewhere else, on the lower level, elsewhere in the Universe.

At the moment, I would take the opportunity to thank Lord Eliseya for presenting us so clearly and with just a few words the program for the successful passing on the next higher evolutionary level during the transition from the fifth to the sixth race of the humankind on the planet Earth.

I thank Him for giving us Knowledge about what to seek and what is the reason for having to do each one of the things included in the content of the five keys, how important each one of them is. By learning what the keys are for, we understood how important is each one of them and how important are all five keys together. Because, if these keys are used as a set, that allows one the entry into the New Era of the New Order, of the Golden Age.

That information is very important. I am glad that I was able to share it with you. It is a great Divine Grace that I was instructed to give it on the very first meeting immediately after I have received the cycle with these Messages.

I'm also glad that even though indirectly, the question was asked on our meeting, which allowed that Knowledge to be given. That way you became the first to whom it was given, through you it entered the collective unconscious of all nations who are represented at this meeting and where some of you live – the Polish nation, the Bulgarian, the Belarusian, the German and the nations in the Great Britain. Through our international gathering, through all of us together, by being so much in Joy and Divine Love with each other during these two days of the meeting, Knowledge that was given now has entered the collective unconscious of the whole human race.

As all of us are now in Joy and Divine Love, continue to be in Joy and Divine Love in the future, permanently. Joy is the umbilical cord that connects with Divine Love. The Joy leads you to Divine Love. Divine Love is the one that transforms everything that is negative and illusory in all of your bodies into Light!

Thank you all for the participating!

Thank You, Lord, for the Grace!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


To be continued.