Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 11

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


Question from 28 April: When I want to sing, should I sing from my heart or should I sing in the way that I am expected to sing?

Rositsa Avela: It depends on where you sing. When singing in nature, it is best to sing with all your heart and with all the words that are coming from the depths of your Divine essence. Through such a song one can thank all the Masters, naming them one by one while singing as well as generally thank by singing to all the Forces of Light. However, such song is best to be sung only in nature, to be useful for the singer, for those who listen and to be able to reach those who are thanked in the song.

On the morning of the departure, some additional questions were asked that have arisen during the performance of the two spiritual practices – the 12 bows and 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' in regards to their proper performance.

Rositsa Avela: While doing the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' the distance between the two persons who are doing it, ideally should be a bit longer than the distance at which they touch each other their fingertips with arms stretched forward. It is better that way for the auras. Sometimes, if that distance is shorter, the one who asks or gives his forgiveness may feel some tension. Another important thing – if many pairs perform that spiritual practice in the close area, the space behind the back of each one should be free, i.e. the other pairs who ask and give each other forgiveness at the same time should be on the side.

When one makes the greeting 'Namaste', the palms and fingers of both hands need to touch each other and be located exactly in the front of the chest at the level of the heart chakra. The fingers should point upwards towards the Heavens. The head needs to bend into a bow so that the fingers of the hands are pointing towards the chakra of the third eye on the forehead, and at that moment one should emanate the feeling of Respect, Gratitude and Divine Love towards the Higher I AM Presence of the person in front of him.

Participant: What should I do to stop becoming distracted while doing the 12 bows, what should I do if I am distracted while performing one of the bows or if I forget how many bows I have done so far?

Rositsa Avela: When you do any of the bows of the Spiritual practice of the Twelve Bows to repent to God, to stop the illusory thoughts, it would be much better to focus on the feelings that you emanate during the bow:

While you bend, emanate a deep repentance towards God and imagine that through each bow you repent of all your sins in all your incarnations on one of these 12 rays. For example, during the first bow – on the first ray of the blue flame, to Master Morya and Saint Archangel Michael, imagine how you do your Bow in that blue Light, and you repent of all your sins that you have on that Ray. Then for all other rays – while you bend and repent during each consecutive bow, do the same and so you focus on what you do;

While you raise, you focus on the gratitude, which you should emanate towards the Father for his infinite Mercy to you personally, to the whole planet Earth and the Living Life on it. While you are uttering the words, emanate your gratitude to the Father more and more;

While lifting your hands on the side of the body in a semicircle and uttering 'I Love You, dear Heavenly Father!' focus and feel the Divine Love which you emanate towards the Father, and try to boost it as much as you can. And you will feel Love of the Father. You may get such powerful experience that you should hardly have any illusory thoughts at that moment.

To know which one exactly of the 12 bows you do, when you finish with a bow, you may say aloud the number of that bow or do something else to help you remember and know how many bows you have made. For example, you may use 12 small stones and before you start the practice you arrange them in a circle on the ground in front of you, then at each bow to move one of the stones and put it on the heap in the middle of the circle.

However, if you become distracted while doing any of the bows, do the bow again being in a focused state without increasing the counting of the bows, and only then you can move to the next bow. Or when you raise you may say aloud for instance 'fifth bow' four times or as many times as you need to remember it, then to start the sixth bow and so on, until you make twelve.

Usually, a person may more easily become distracted exactly on the number the bow which corresponds to the ray and to the main chakra, on which that person has accumulated more karma. The negative energy of the karma includes the illusory part of the person, and that part is distracting him to disturb the transformation of that karma because the more the person cleanse his karma, the more reduced is his illusory nature.

Participant: Sometimes my bows come out best if I do them mentally, without bowing, just by concentrating on my thoughts that I am doing them. Is it good to do them that way all the time?

Rositsa Avela: Bows may be done that way, as that is acceptable for people who may have some health issue at the momentum so that they can do it mentally without a physical movement. But, we should remember that the Spiritual practice of the 12 bow is given in very specific way – the bows to be made as a physical movement. That way a person develops additional skill as well – to be able to focus on the spirituality, while simultaneously do movements with his physical body in the materiality.

Each Spiritual practice that is given from Above at the moment aims to achieve various and different results. The purpose of each one of these doesn’t need to be explained. First, we need to master that spiritual practice and then it would be explained to us what we have achieved.

Usually, first, we need to do what we were instructed and do it with the best quality because that way the qualities of the student who is on the Path of the spiritual perfection are mastered. If there is an instruction from Above for something to be done, to do it without asking for explanations because sometimes the time for explanations lacks.

The student must be able to execute the instructions exactly, completely and on time. Exactly means exactly as instructed, without changing or adding something from himself (for example the way the bows are performed and set of words that are pronounced). Completely means neither less nor more (for example to make a more or less than 12 bow). On time means neither earlier nor later, but only in specified for that time (for instance at sunrise and during the day, when you are in nature, or before 3-4am in the morning, when you are under the domes of the settlements).

As I said, only after the results is present of what a person was instructed to do, then it comes the explanation of what he has achieved. As we are not given more information about bows, including their other beneficial effects, that only means that there is still some way to go until the intended result is achieved in fullness for that specific Spiritual practice at the moment.

Participant: So, even you do not know what are all other effects?

Rositsa Avela: Access to that information is closed. I may know it, but not with my external consciousness. Because if the information is given from Above to my external consciousness, that information automatically enters your field as well – it is transferred at the field level, if you have respect, gratitude and Divine Love towards me. But if you are not yet ready to receive it, it is pointless and even harmful for you to give it to you and bring it down to your external consciousness.

Participant: While we do the bows, should we say the words aloud or we can do that mentally?

Rositsa Avela: That is up to you. As it is easier for you so that you can focus. Do it in such a way that you can emanate in the best way the feelings of repentance, Gratitude and Divine Love. You may say words quietly. Some people noticed that when the number of the bow is pronounced aloud, then they remember that number very well. Even though the thought is strong, when the words are spoken aloud during the practice, i.e. when the Word is included, the power increases. Therefore, it is better to say the word aloud.

Participant: But if a person is with other people he may say the words mentally to avoid irritating others.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, everyone should decide according to the situation. A person may say the word whispering so that people do not hear him and only he can hear himself – that is even the best.

Participant: When the bows are performed with saying the words mentally that looks like a physical exercise and everyone say: 'Oh, he is some yoga.' But if a person starts saying 'Lord, Lord, Lord' someone might say: 'Who is this? A strange guy.' Then it looks like the person is doing it for a show. The people around may send him negative thoughts, but if the words are pronounced silently, no such thoughts are sent.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, that is true. If a person is surrounded by people who are in illusion, he needs to consider what he does and says. That applies even to the family members. For example, if the husband reads the Teaching given now by the Masters and accepts it, but his wife is solid in the Catholic faith and insists that he goes with her to the church, it would be better for the moment that he goes with her to the church. And gives there his Gratitude and Divine Love to the Father and all Forces of Light, as that keeps Peace and Divine Love in the family. It is better to go there, even though he is reluctant to do so because he sees some distortion.

The important thing, in that case, is that he realises that this religion – the Catholicism is good for his wife because it corresponds to the level of her development. The Teaching given currently by the Ascended Beings of Light that he accepts and follows is without contradiction to any religion on the planet, as it is above all religions. That is the Teaching that has been given by all the Teachers of humankind, by coming into incarnation on Earth, given in a type and form suitable for the people then, according to the dictates of the relevant point in time, and according to the dictates of the time to come. This Teaching is always given when it is necessary to correct the occurred over time distortions in the existing religions. And later it was founding the beginning of each subsequent religion, after the Master through whom it came leave from incarnation.

In our example, all that the husband rejects from the Catholicism by being already in Teaching given currently by the Ascended Masters and being of a higher level of awareness, are actually the occurred subsequent distortions of that religion. For example, the Teaching of reincarnation is intentionally removed from Christianity and all Christian churches, which were subsequently split apart to Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant; they preach already with that occurred distortion.

Even though the husband feels that his place is no longer in the Catholic Church, the best thing at the moment for him is to elevate his consciousness further and then be able to accept that a person can be in a Ministry of God and of benefit for the Living Live wherever he is. He goes to the church because of his wife – to have peace and tranquillity in the family. His children to grow up in a harmonious atmosphere, and most of all to allow his wife to grow up, if she wishes so, to make her choice on how to continue her life and on which energy and vibrational level. But until then, when they all go to the church, he might bless all the people there with all his heart and soul, through the Blessing of Beloved Pallas Athena. May God Bless them and give them Enlightenment, to raise their consciousness; May Divine Wisdom, Power and Love reside in them, and they stay in Joy, Peace and Harmony, all the time and completely in Light! In the end, always to finish with 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!', leaving everything in the hands of the Father.

Participant: I like very much that always and everywhere a person may use the occasion and bless. That shows in a very beautiful way how the Teaching may be implemented practically in life.

Rositsa Avela: That's right. Even more. As we are advised by the Heavenly Teachers of the Hierarchy of Light, sometimes we have to put a mask, i.e. to refrain from showing our true face to the people who live in the illusion. Because usually they have some reserves and blockages, and they would not accept us as we are in our true Divine nature, exactly because they are immersed entirely in the illusion.

When a teacher in the university, who taught students higher mathematics, has to go to teach for a while calculus in first, second, third grade, and in the subsequent classes – in the sixth, seventh, eighth, in the tenth grade ... he would do it differently in each of these classes, using different words. And his attitude towards the students would be different. He would be far from the thought that the children in first and subsequent grades understand higher mathematics. And he would be without any expectations of them in that direction. He can go among them and taught arithmetic's with Joy and Gratitude to God, to accept them as they are, on the level at which they are and with all his Divine Love to address the Higher I AM Presence of each of them, in which burns the fire of Living Life.

Thus, returning to the religions and distortions in them, these distortions are actually part of the illusion, and the person must accept the situation, as it is at the moment, without paying attention to it, same as ignoring any other manifestation of the illusion – at work, when he walks, anywhere.

Be without judgment towards these distortions, accept only the good grain in every single thing and bless people to develop that good, so that they rise above the level of which they are – to grow up. Apply that to every single thing in life.

Participant: Yes, to pay attention to the good grain. So, that only it is developed without paying attention to the bad stuff.

Rositsa Avela: That's right. Without wasting even single gram of Divine energy for any manifestation of the illusion and the distortions that have occurred. And without explaining your credo to someone who can not understand it. Because it is said 'Keep your treasure – your Divine energy', 'Live without giving pearls to pigs!'. And 'Live without sowing the seed on the road, where it is without the opportunity to grow, and it would be trampled if sprout, but sow it in the field, where the soil has been prepared and where it will be able to give good fruit.'

Participant: Thank you!

Rositsa Avela: Thank You, Lord, for everything!


To be continued.