Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 12

This part consists of questions sent to UNIFICATION website regarding the published 11 parts with materials from the meeting, as well as the answers to these questions.


Question 1

On 19 May 2015 we received a question-request to be given an invocation from Above towards the Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light in connection with the following text from part 7 of the meeting in Poland:

'…Sometimes it happens to fall into difficult situations. So, I would advise you the following:

When you are calm, when your consciousness and vibrations are raised, it would be good to send an invocation towards the Forces of Light during your work in spirituality. To demand, sincerely wish and ask all Beings of Light from the Higher octaves to feel always invited and asked to help you when you need help, even at the moment when you forget to invoke them. Because sometimes a person can fall into situations that surprise him, and at that point, he may lack the possibility to respond adequately and even to forget to ask for help. Ask them to help you in such moments generally. We were told from Above that the help is given if it is requested. So, you can be on the safe side and ask in advance for help to be given when it is needed in such moments. That may be extremely useful and salvational for everyone when he is in a difficult moment.'


Answer on 21 July 2015

As a response to that question in the text that is uttered before the beginning of any work in spirituality, before the beginning of any Spiritual practice, was given an addition, which is shown below as underlined for better perspicuity and clarity:

In the name of the Father-Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
In the name of the New Order of the Golden Age,
In the name of Divine
Wisdom, Power and Love,
Joy, Peace and Harmony,
I .............. (the first name) begin my Ministry*
and I invoke my Higher I AM Presence,
my Heavenly Father Lord Alpha and
Presence of the One Lord God Originator and Creator of the Heavens
if such is your Will,
blue-dotto help me during my Ministry here and now,
which I perform for the benefit of the Living Life;
blue-dotto participate in my Ministry,
so that it is good-fruitful from the Lord's point of view
and its result is multiplied;
blue-dotand I invoke you to help me always,
when I need help,
even if I miss to invoke you for help!
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, my dear Mighty I AM Presence for the help!
Thank You, Lord Alpha for the help!
Thank You, dear Father One for the help!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Question 2

On 23 May 2015 a question was received on the website, requesting an explanation of the cause and root cause for changes that have been made in words of the Lord's prayer through Rositsa Avela, as this prayer in its former version has accumulated in its egregore so much Divine power during the centuries? Does that create a new egregore of that prayer? That question was in regards to the part 9 of the meeting held near the village Podkampinos in Poland in April 2013.

'That is why the Lord's prayer is so powerful – its words are exactly defined, the strength and the power of the praying energy of many saints is accumulated in it – an energy that has accumulated for hundreds of years, while they were pronouncing the prayer being in an incarnation. The Prayer helps anyone who pronounce it with Faith.'


An answer on 22 July 2015

I AM Presence of the One will answer that question.

Rositsa Abel was instructed to make some minimal changes in the text of the Lord's prayer 'Our Father', and that was enough to create a new energy egregore for this prayer in which was transferred from Above the whole remain until now Divine energy accumulated during the centuries.

That way the energy was protected from dissipation and its mistaken sinking into the network of the illusion. Which was happening more and more in recent years, when this prayer was repeatedly uttered by people who after pronouncing it in time of need and receiving a Help from Above, a part of the energy accumulated in the egregore of the prayer, then managed wrongly that Divine energy and it was used to feed the forces of the illusion. Since most of the worshipers, having received aid continued to live as before in violation of Mine Law.

By creating the new energy egregore for that prayer, the Divine energy transferred into it from the old energy egregore is currently gain multiplied by Rositsa Avela. And by those who follow the Teaching, which is given through her, when they pronounce that prayer with Faith and purest Divine Love towards the Heavenly Father in its new form and live in observance of the Divine Commandments and Laws.

Moreover – the Divine energy in the new energy egregore of that prayer is multiplied when the person, who pronounces it with all his heart, has invoked beforehand all the Forces of Light from Higher octaves, who wish to join that ministry of his, to multiply in Divine way, the result of that work of his in spirituality.

I AM Presence of the One


Question 3

A question was received on the website on 23 May 2015 regarding that sentence of part 11 of the meeting around Podkampinos in Poland in 2013. 'For example, during the first bow – on the first ray of the blue flame, to Master Morya and Saint Archangel Michael, imagine how you do your Bow in that blue Light, and you repent of all your sins that you have on that Ray.' It was requested to give information from Above for the other 11 rays of all 12 rays, on which the 12 bows are performed, information that might be beneficial and helpful for enhancement of the effectiveness of the practice.


Answer on 23 July 2015

I AM Presence of the One will answer that question as follows:

During the meeting in April 2015, you were told that the information on the rays and the chakras which is allowed to be accessible to humankind at the moment is only about the first seven rays and chakras. The other, so-called secrets rays, respectively chakras of the secret rays, have such name because they are secret. Information on these is given only on the subtle plane to the Souls, who are advanced in their training, by the respective Teachers in their temples, after the Soul has passed successfully through the respective initiations on the specific ray.

It is unnecessary and even dangerous in these times to add more information in the collective unconscious of humankind to the information which was given so far.

When performing the Spiritual practices of the 12 bows, the most important thing is to feel and emanate the feelings of Repentance, Gratitude and Divine Love. To focus on these while doing each of the bows and saying its Words, so that these Words are dressed in brilliant and worthy clothes instead of being just empty and bare words, if the person is thinking about something else during that time.

I Bless all sincerely aspiring Souls who accept and follow the Teaching, which we are giving now through our Messenger Rositsa Avela, to be successful in carrying out the Spiritual practice of the 12 bows, and the Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' and to do them every day with all their heart, because that is the best for all of you in these times.

I AM Presence of the One


Note from Rositsa Avela:

This last 12th part could be updated in the future in case there are some new questions through the website in regards to the information given during the meeting held at the end of April 2013, which would be answered from Above.