Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 2

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

27 April 2013


When a person performs any spiritual practice, he should carry it out with all his heart. Otherwise, it would be better if he refrains from doing it, i.e. to interrupt the Spiritual practice if he is out of the Divine tune and has some illusory thoughts or feelings, or if someone interrupts him. Then it would be good to continue his work in spirituality little later when he again has elevated his consciousness to the Higher Realms. That particularly applies to everything we will be doing during the two days of our meeting. Regardless of how many of you are here at the moment, the most important is the quality of the work done by us. When the spiritual practices are performed with high quality, we create a Divine Pattern. And you as Poles put it into the collective unconscious of the Polish nation and help all your people.



Now, after we have done the 'Spiritual practice 12 Bows', Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your fellow men' and then we Blessed, I would like after the blessings to thank for them and bless you:

'Thank You, Lord, for giving us Grace and Divine opportunity to bless in this hour! I thank all the Forces of Light, who take care from now on those Blessings to be multiplied many times in a Divine way, to be manifested first on the subtle plane and then on the physical plane of the planet Earth! I Bless each of you when you get home to continue to bless and his blessings to give good fruits. And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '

If sometimes few of you gather together, it would be good to do something similar to what we did here at the meeting. First, each of you individually, in private, away from others so that they are without a chance to see him and also without direct visual contact with anyone else, to do the spiritual practice of 12 bows, asking God for forgiveness. Then to do in pairs the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' and forgive each other, again without direct visibility between each practising pair and anyone else. Then each of you, again in privacy, to bless all Living beings, including himself at the end of the blessing. That way, thanks to the accelerated times we live in now, these blessings would be able to turn into reality in which we would be living in the future, here on the planet Earth. The more you forgive yourself, all of your neighbours and stop judging anything or anyone, the faster you will become free from all negative within you, the stronger will be your Blessings and they will be faster recreated in life. That gives a new meaning of your gathering together, after you already know each other, to be in such a Service to the Father that brings joy to your souls and which enables the Beings of Light from the Higher octaves to help even more.

Also, each of you may create Divine Patterns by giving a personal example through his life in God. And each of you may fascinate your neighbours, and if they like the changes in you, they may want to be like you – more beautiful, more pure and more radiant! Then your families will live in observance of the Divine Commandment and Law, which would allow attracting from the Higher octaves in incarnation Beings of Light from the Sixth and Seventh Races who by coming into your families would help you to move forward and will help for the building of the Golden Age.

Those of you who still have not found his mate in life, to achieve that level of pureness on their personal Path. That will allow them to reach the crossroad where you can meet with equally pure and radiant Light Soul, heading up the Path to God, with which to start a family in the New Order.


To be continued.