Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 3

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

27 April 2013


Participant: What should we do in case some negative thoughts appear within us, for those who still live in the cities?

Rositsa Avela: Sometimes when a person wants to say something good, regardless of whether during his work in spirituality, for instance during uttering of a blessing or in conversation with other people during work in materiality, when he starts to say it, at that moment within him, in his mind, comes some negative thoughts. He wants to say something good, but it happens that what he said sound bad or even illusory.

A lot of people have that problem right now. That problem comes from the illusory nature of the man; his Divine essence seeks to help him and usually immediately after the person has made a mistake, it shows him the mistake. That way if the person becomes aware of his mistake, that gives him the opportunity to apologise on the spot immediately. To people to whom he is wrong, or a little later, if the person already had left the place or for example, the telephone conversation has ended, at the earliest opportunity to apologise, ask for forgiveness, to say what he wanted to say and what were his intentions. That is exactly one of the manifestations of the fight between the good and evil in man. That process intensifies these days, especially in those who live in large settlements, as the purity of the environment there reduces more and more. Usually, the more the purity of the environment decreases, the more intensifies that process of appearance of negative thoughts, feelings, uttering of such words and doing such deeds.

That is quite a natural process, undergoing with Divine permission and allowance. Now I will explain to you what is happening. It has been already announced from Above, a many of you already know that a few years ago, the Forces of Light were working on clearing the Higher octaves from entities that have renounced God and for that reason they were interrupted the access to the Divine Energy. After that clearing was successfully completed during the next years followed clearing of the astral plane, initially in its higher layers. So, these astral beings are tightly squeezed in the middle and lower layers of the astral plane and come more and more towards the physical plane. They wait and try at every opportunity opened to them by people themselves to draw their Divine Energy and especially from those people who have direct access to it.

That is why the Masters tell us: 'Move out from the larger settlements to live outside.' Because that process will be intensifying and the astral entities will be concentrated in the large settlements, due to the presence of many people who live without observing the Divine Commandments and Laws and from whom the astral beings can freely drain their Divine energy. So, it is quite possible for a person to becomes more and more difficult to be positive, harmonious, in Joy and with high vibrations in the city, where vibrations are much lower.

Then such astral entities may take the control over his thoughts and feelings through his illusory part. The person wants to say something good, and instead, it comes out something else when he says it. That interference may happen with great force, such that the person cannot explain that to himself how he could say something like that, but at the time of saying it, he cannot actually control it and to stop.

Even while travelling on motorways and major routes a person is in conditions close to these of residing in the big city. Due to the high speed of movement, which keeps drivers under increased tension and often in irritation, there are also astral entities along these roads, which entities drain the energy of people, who are without a positive tune, out of harmony and balance, because then their protection weakens or lacks.

I explained to you what might be one of the reasons for appearing negative or other illusory thoughts, which appear especially at a time when they are less desirable and when, if a person surrenders to them will lose most energy and may accumulate new negative karma. Also, that the same applies to negative or other illusory feelings, words and deeds.

Another reason is the negative karma that person carries in his bodies, and that makes him react in a certain way at the moment when some karmic record opens to be worked off. At such moments, it is quite natural that illusory thoughts and feelings come to him, he utters illusory words, and his deeds are such as well.

A third reason is that being in a big settlement, a person is in its energy field, and if that field is saturated with a certain energy, it can affect his thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. While passing through places where that is particularly intense, the person may experience strong feelings and foreign thoughts may invade his head.

For example, he may suddenly feel like eating meat, have sexual thoughts, images, desires, etc., which are completely unusual, as until recently the person was completely calm and without such thoughts and feelings.

Another reason might be that, for example in public transport or elsewhere, when a person goes to do something while passing, he has seen some advertising on a TV. And behind the frame, there was going on some energy-focused information that has entered into his subtle bodies and changes his thoughts, feelings and all his behaviour.

Or a person finds himself in a place near a working device for psychotronic influence over the consciousness, which again bears the danger of exercising control over his behaviour, etc.

Whatever the reasons are for the appearance of negative or other illusory thoughts and feelings when a person moves out to live in nature, these naturally disappear, and after a while, he notices that he had become a completely different person. I call that a person who came to himself.

However, while you are still in the trap of the large human settlements, it comes to tell you what to do when you have some negative and other illusory thoughts and feelings, say something wrong or do something wrong. As you already know, there is lack of universal recipes, because in each case the reason for their appearance may be different and what you need to do is also different, respectively.

It would be good to strengthen your self-control and self-discipline, to be vigilant at every moment and be ready to respond immediately so that you can save yourself:

blue-dotTo protect yourself from looking at working TV receiver and any running ads on screens, etc.;

blue-dotTo move away as quickly as possible from a place where you feel unwell in any way, or a place that provokes you to find yourself in violation of the Divine Commandments and Laws and you start to want sinful things. Or a place where you suddenly experience strong anger, irritation and aggression, or a place where you feel heaviness in the chest, pains in the body, fatigue and some sort of discomfort, lack of desire to work and do whatsoever, etc.;

blue-dotTo do these three very important things:

1. To print on paper and always carry with you following (listed below) Invocations, Word-formulas and Blessing, which you can say one or some of them as you wish, according to the situation and the need of the moment, as your heart tell you:

'Word-formula for releasing from illusory thoughts and feelings' by Lord Sanat Kumara;

The following given by Presence of the One

'Blessing for protection from the forces of the illusion';

'Word-formula for transmutation of illusory thoughts and feelings and termination all other intrusions of the forces of illusion';

'Word-formula for release from illusory thoughts, feelings and entities';

'Repentance in a difficult moment'.


'Invocation to Saint Archangel Michael for protection at any time';

'Invocation for help in case of emergency';

'Invocation for overcoming the negative and other illusory states at the very beginning when they appear' by Elohim Peace;

2. Once you say the Word-formulas, Invocations and Blessing above, which you choose and which you find to have the best effect on you, then immediately begin to work. Intense physical labour is the best thing. If you have to, try on purpose, even with an effort of your will to focus your thoughts on the labour and fully concentrate on what you do, so that the result of your work has the highest quality and it is a good fruit.

3. To start thanking God and all the Forces of Light for their help at the moment to liberate you from the negative thoughts, feelings and any illusory states that invaded you. As in the expression of old times 'Devil runs away from incense', which actually tells us that the devil would run away from the incense – literally and figuratively, the same way these illusory entities run away from the gratitude that you send to the Higher octaves of Light. Because the Gratitude that is expressed with all your heart is the incense, which you send Above and which helps to increase your inner Fire. These astral beings who are attached to your aura and instil negative or other illusory thoughts and feelings in you, peel off and go to somewhere else and you suddenly feel relief.

If you made a mistake to be misled and fall into whatever negativity, condemning or do something wrong, whatever it is, once you realise that you have sinned you need:

1. To sincerely repent and ask to be given forgiveness from Above.

2. To demand, sincerely wish and ask for help given to you from Above to stop making the same or similar error in the future and firmly decide to be vigilant, to monitor yourself and to stop making that error.

3. To warmly thank for the forgiveness and the help given to you from Above. And be glad and give an expression of you joy, for instance by going and lighting a candle in a church, by singing a song of gratitude and dedicating it to the Father and all the Forces of Light, etc., as your heart desires.

These three steps are extremely important, and by doing them, a person is able in the easiest way to help himself to be converted the negative karma that was just created through a committed error. Also to strengthen his protection, so that he becomes more and more sinless and pure, and it becomes more and more difficult for the forces of the illusion to drain from his Divine energy.

Even the word 'sin' (in old Bulgarian 'sin-with')* shows that when the person sins, someone has made sure and worked that person to cause him to do it and brought him to the state in which the person would do it. Or so dizzied his mind that the person had sinned without ever realising what he had done. Same applies to the word 'create' (in old Bulgarian 'co-create' or 'create-with')* The prefix 'co-' (in Bulgarian 'съ-') expresses collaboration, coactively. The important thing is who works with the person at the moment – an illusory entity or a Being of Light, and that is determined by the person himself. By the state in which he is at the moment – negative or positive, by the degree of elevation of his consciousness, and that happens either through his illusory part – his ego or through his Divine part – the Higher I AM Presence.

That is why the first and most important concern of everyone is to constantly monitor himself to be in a positive tune with highest possible elevated state of consciousness. In these times and in the coming times, everyone should be very careful about his thoughts, feelings, what he says and how he says it. Everyone should be very careful with his words (speech) because with the increase of vibrations of the planet, all that is uttered yield greater strength and if it is wrong that could create much more karma. If it is rightly spoken in Divine tune and with the right words, it becomes a so-called kind speech through which the negative karma could be transformed and to create happy futurities!


To be continued.


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* The word 'sin' in the old Bulgarian language has two forms (греша, съгреша) the second of which means 'co-sin' or 'sin-with'. Similarly, the word 'create' has forms (творя, сътворя) the second of which means 'co-create' or 'create-with'. There are many words in old Bulgarian language, which have this property. Contemporary language currently accepts only the first form.