Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 4

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


After gazing the sunrise, we have sung several songs, including the song 'Howdy Sunshine'.

Rositsa Avela: Anyone can sing the song 'Howdy Sunshine' whenever his heart desires it. The energy effect is greatest if the song is sung immediately after the sunrise. So, if you can gaze the sunrise and you are in nature, it would be very useful for everyone to sing it, because during the singing at that time the Joy and Divine Love is multiplied.

The one who sings the song, ideally should face the sun and send his Divine Love to Beloved Helios, and when he finishes singing it, to send his Divine Love to the Heavenly Father. That is a wonderful way of Serving God.

The benefits of singing the song can be multiplied in a Divine way if a person invokes the Ascended Beings of Light from Higher octaves to join his Ministry before he starts singing.

It would be even better, if before singing the song the person says that he gives the energy from the singing to the Father, the Mother Earth and all Living beings in the network of Light of the planet.

All of you a moment ago, have felt the power of the song and how much our Joy and Divine Love have increased after we have said that we give the energy from singing it for the benefit of the Living Life.


To be continued.