Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 5

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


As I said yesterday, we will read now the Message given by Lord Eliseya on 25 March 2013, and I ask you to listen very carefully because after I read the Message, I will ask you whether you have questions on it. In this Message, there is embedded a possibility to ask a very important question, the answer to which can give a lot more additional information that would help you on the Path to God. Then it will help everyone else, as the material from this meeting will be published on UNIFICATION website.

Note from Rositsa Avela on 11 May 2015:

Everyone who reads the material from this meeting, at this point it would be better to read the Message of Lord Eliseya on 25 March 2013 and only then to continue reading the questions and answers from the meeting.

(After reading the Message)

Rositsa Avela: Do you have questions?

Participant: When Lord Eliseya mention of saturating the planet Earth with Light, what does that mean – sending of Divine Love to Mother Earth or performing all kind of spiritual practices for its lighting?

Rositsa Avela: Lord Eliseya have in mind that while we perform our work in spirituality through the spiritual practices which we use, regardless of the religion to which they belong to, when we turn to God during our Ministry, which may include sending Divine Love to Mother Earth, we become conduits for Divine Light, for Divine Energy from the Higher octaves, through which we saturate the planet Earth, while it passes through our chakras. The more we do that, the more we clean ourselves, our temples, from karmic deposits; our chakras become more open, and we are capable of passing more and more Light on the planet. The time has come now, when this must be done in nature, outside the domes of the big cities to benefit all Living Beings.

Participant: How would a person manage to preserve his vibrations to the maximum level if the other family members have lower vibrations?

Rositsa Avela: What a person needs to do is to keep his internal peace and decide to accept his loved ones as they are, without being irritated, to preserve his Divine energy. To stop wasting his Divine energy, by putting it directly or indirectly to the illusion, by giving it to his loved ones who put it later on in the illusion by doing wrong things. He may also take care to elevate his vibrations during weekends, by going out of the city, outside the settlements and reside in nature, alone, in silence, in the ministry to God, to conduct Divine Light there and give it to Mother Earth and all Living Beings.

When you progress forward on the Path to God, without having a judgment to your loved ones, which are as they are, your achievements will be transferred to them on the field level, provided that they also accept you as you are, and you have respect and Love to each other. Then could come the moment – after 1, 2, 5 or 10 years, or after a month, when they will start working in spirituality. It takes time, work on yourself for each of you and asking for help from Above – so that you can manage to keep your vibration as high as possible and your loved ones to change for the better.

Participant: How should a person find the best from Divine standpoint place to live in nature?

Rositsa Avela: Trough his heart. When a person is in a place that has a clean energy, feels better – breathes easily, feels joy in his soul. If he starts performing his spiritual practice at that place and for instance says one or few invocations or prayers, he would feel what their strength is and how strong is the energy that passes at the same time.

Participant: One of the participants said that he wants and tries to create Divine music and he asked what is the best from Divine standpoint way to create such music that is a Divine pattern?

Rositsa Avela: Stop trying. Just do it. With Faith and invocation to God before that.

Participant: The participant asks what to do with the finished music tracks – should he make them public by publishing them?

Rositsa Avela: He may, but only if he creates them by being in Joy. Always before he starts to create, he should invoke Elohim Apollo to help him with Divine Inspiration and receive help from Above to bring through his temple a Divine musical pattern in our material world. Then to start working with all his Faith.

Participant: What is the best from the Divine standpoint to do, so that the name of Lord Eliseya remains in the next epoch?

Rositsa Avela: To follow the program that He outlined in his Message which we have read now. He has already given recommendations how to proceed. When you ask the question that I expect to hear associated with this Message, and you follow the recommendation given in its answer, which also was given to me by Lord Eliseya when I asked Him the same question, that would help multiple times more.

Participant: How we should cope financially, to go to live in nature?

Rositsa Avela: First, a person must ask with all his heart and soul that to happen, if such is the God's Will. To make an invocation for receiving that help. He might write a letter to the Karmic Board that he desires that, as such is the recommendation from Above, and to take some commitment to give every day to the members of the Karmic Board his gratitude and Divine Love, dedicating to them his song, bows, invocations, prayers, etc. This way his energy will accumulate, and then it might be multiplied in a Divine way so that much more energy is given from the Above to realise that desire.

Note from Rositsa Avela on 11 May 2015: Any person may turn personally to Holiest Mother of God for help to move to live in nature, because She has given us this opportunity in Her Message on 29 March 2014.

A person may continue to live in the city, but simultaneously should be looking for a place to live in nature, even if that would be rented at the beginning. It may happen so that, for example, by moving to live there and getting to know locals people around, he/she may find his future wife/husband which already have a place to live in nature. God is full of opportunities. The universe is full of opportunities. When we make our request, it comes the moment for it to be fulfilled in a most wonderful Divine way. Or that request of ours may be sorted out differently, for instance, a local old person may need assistance, and someday he would give his property as an inheritance. Or if you have an apartment in the city you may sell it and buy some property in the village. Or to rent your apartment and to use the received rent money to pay for your rented village property, or to use the received rent money from the apartment to pay the mortgage for/on the property you have bought to live in nature. There are so many things one can do, or may happen. There may be a person who urgently needs money, and he decides quickly and therefore very cheap to sell his property. It is unnecessary to discuss all this; the things simply happen.

What matters is what you do and how big your Faith is. God said: If you have Faith as a mustard seed, you will be able to move a mountain. Just look around how many of you are here. Each one of you may ask others for assistance so that each one of them to pray for him every day. For instance, during three days, one week, or 1 month for him to get help from Above to move out to live in nature, by using the invocation given by Beloved Guan Yin – 'Invocation for helping our neighbour, who demanded, sincerely wished and asked for our help'. Because God has said: Where two or three are praying in My name for something, that will happen much faster and all the help is given from Above so that it can happen. As you can see, there are so many ways to solve that problem successfully. Everything is in your hands.

Participant: How to create Communities in which to live among nature as in a Divine pattern?

Rositsa Avela: First, everyone should prepare himself. I was told from Above that we still lack the required minimum number of people who are prepared sufficiently, to start building Communities with them and they become its mainstay. There must be a certain degree of karmic purity, to gather people to live together, who follow the Divine Commandments and Laws and create Divine Patterns, instead of allowing their illusory part to express itself and thus allow scary things to happen. When a sufficient number of individuals are prepared to the extent that Masters feel as necessary to start building a Community, then someone would be allowed from Above to lead that Community and Divine Guidance will be given through him – someone who is ready, who has prepared himself. When the pupils are ready, the Teacher comes, and Divine Guidance is given through him in every moment on how the Community to continue further and what is the best solution for each case that happens in life.

From now on, simultaneously with the rise of the vibration of the planet, which happens at higher and higher rate, if you stay to live in the big cities, your development slows or even stops, and your progress forward becomes very difficult or almost impossible. That would be a great disruption. When each one of you came with his family to live in nature, he will continue to be cleared karmically, to develop and prepare until the time came to create such Communities.

Your questions are good, but I am still waiting for the main question to be asked. The question associated with the Message of Lord Eliseya, the answer to which is our main work for this day – the one that I would give to you and you will receive it at all levels and in all of your bodies.


To be continued.