Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 6

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


Participant: How far away from the cities ideally one should live?

Rositsa Avela: I will tell you what questions I had asked on that topic and what was their answer.

The last Message from the spring cycle of Messages that just ended was given by Master Morya. In that Message, He talked about going to live outside the big settlements, as did the other Masters in the previous Messages. I asked Him: 'What exactly a large settlement means and which settlement is suitable, e.g. small enough, to live in it? Also, how far the domes of large settlements extend?'

Master Morya said that the answer isn’t unambiguous due to the influence of various factors. It would be different for different settlements in different parts of the planet, and it depends on the density of the settlements, e.g. how close and how big are the adjacent settlements. It also depends on the predominant type of people in it – what is the level of their consciousness and what is the degree of the compliance with the Divine Commandments and Laws there. A settlement that has just very few people, who constantly violate through their way of life the Divine Commandments and Laws, may be extremely unsuitable for living in comparison to a settlement with many people, where the Divine Commandments and Laws are observed.

In that sense, even a settlement of 50-100 people might be a 'large' one if people there have predominantly negative attitude and living in violation of the Divine Commandments and Laws. And vice versa. I have already experienced that personally – one of the cycles with Messages was received in a country where the people still have a high moral of living. It turned out that it was very easy for me to travel and live there, even to sleep, even though the process of penetration of our modern civilisation there with all its 'conveniences' had begun (TVs were rare there, young boys and girls marry as virgins). At the field level, I was feeling easiness; I felt like I was alone in nature, even when as I was passing through large settlements.

Therefore, the answer again is 'Ask your hearts.' Before you decide to live somewhere, you have to go there to feel the place. Because if you have requested help from Above, you will receive Divine Guidance, you will feel good and will love such a place, which is suitable for each one of you individually, even though it isn’t suitable for others of you.

Because, for example, the neighbours, who have specific customs and imperfections, might be the right one for you, to allow you to pass through something that you have to transform. Then you will be given an impulse from Above to like that place and when you start living there – surprise! But that is given to you to help your development. As you have read this Teaching, which is given from Above, by remembering to thank the Father and accepting the things as they are, you will work off the negative deposits within you that prevent you to progress forward on the Path to God. And it is very likely to achieve new Divine qualities and perfections. Then that same place may become for you the most wonderful place for living outside the large settlements, or a new opportunity may open to you allowing you to move to another place, which is the best one for you to be in the following moment. The development is endless; God knows best on which paths to lead us so that we become more and more perfect. We just need to be always grateful to Him and ready to accept all that comes, consciously at that gladly.


To be continued.