Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 7

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


Participant: Until the time we move out of the cities, how should we behave towards the illusion that surrounds us, as it is everywhere – in stores, among friends, and in the place that we live?

Rositsa Avela: Without paying attention to the illusory manifestations, because that way you scatter you own Divine Energy. And without any condemnation. If a person feels that it is difficult for him to remain impartial in a given situation, he should immediately leave.

Participant: What if that happens at home?

Translator: She gives an example where her husband and their neighbour come into conflict about something small, where one of them asked the other to do something, but the other didn’t do so, and every time she returned home, her husband was starting to protest and speak against their neighbour. She asked him to calm down, to forgive him and that helped for a while, but later he was starting again to murmur against neighbour. It was very difficult for her to listen to all that, as that acted like a bomb against her, which could explode at any moment, again and again.

Other participants: Difficult situation.

Rositsa Avela: At the moment when your husband begins to grievances you can tell him: 'We have already discussed that.' And ask him to calm down so that both of you can keep your health. Ask him: 'Would you like us to become ill because of our neighbour?' And if he continues, tell him with all your love, very quietly, that you are going for a walk outside, to allow him to calm down. And do so. Come out for about fifteen minutes, and when you return, he will be on a different wavelength. When you return if he stops talking about your neighbour, thank him for that.

Participant: To say it out loud, right?

Rositsa Avela: Of course, tell him also: 'We cannot fix that situation at the moment anyway, but at least we can decide to stop paying attention to it and stop torturing ourselves about that. That would be our personal decision. You are a wise man, and if you think about it, you will see that it is pointless to punish each other for foreign mistakes. It would be much easier to ask forgiveness from our neighbour, to forgive him and to pray the Lord to forgive him as well' One should act only with a good.

As you can see, sometimes it happens to fall into difficult situations. So, I would advise you the following:

When you are calm, when your consciousness and vibrations are raised, it would be good to send an invocation towards the Forces of Light during your work in spirituality. To demand, sincerely wish and ask all Beings of Light from the Higher octaves to feel always invited and asked to help you when you need help, even at the moment when you forget to invoke them. Because sometimes a person can fall into situations that surprise him, and at that point, he may lack the possibility to respond adequately and even to forget to ask for help. Ask them to help you in such moments generally. We were told from Above that the help is given if it is requested. So, you can be on the safe side and ask in advance for help to be given when it is needed in such moments. That may be extremely useful and salvational for everyone when he is in a difficult moment.

Translator: The participant said that after the first meeting in Poland in November 2012, she sent e-mails to participants in the meeting in December with a request for assistance through the invocation of Beloved Guan Yin – everyone to say it when alone at home, for helping her to find a job. She already has a job for the last two months and now she thanks all for the help.

Rositsa Avela: Thank you, Lord! I congratulate all of you for what you have done. You made me so joyful!

Translator: The participant said that she is a computer graphics designer and produces various advertising products. Her question is whether through that work she can create Divine patterns, by trying to put her Divine Love in it, even though these products aren’t such a great art?

Rositsa Avela: It depends what she advertises – whether it is something good and useful for people or a product that is harmful to their health, such as alcohol. If she prepares ads for something that is good from the Divine perspective, she may turn that work into a Divine pattern by putting the vibration of her Divine Love and Joy from her work into the ad she creates. Seen from a higher level of awareness, however, even if she advertises alcohol, she can put the Divine Energy of Love in what she does and turn it into a Divine pattern, by Blessing while she works. In the example of advertising alcohol, she might Bless like this: 'I Bless everyone who sees this ad to give up drinking alcohol and become a teetotaller. And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '

Thus, any labour may be transformed into a Divine pattern. All that is in your hands.

Translator: The participant said that currently, he works as an assistant chef and although he is a vegetarian, he has to cook meat dishes as well. When that happens, he tries to transform that work into work for God, by praying God for purification of the negative energy of the meat he cooks. Is that appropriate or he should start looking for another job?

Rositsa Avela: While you cook the meat, you may begin to bless all who eat it to become vegetarians shortly like you, if such is the Lord's Holy Will and the providence for them from Above. By being vegetarian, while cooking, you put that Divine pattern into the food, as energy on the field level anyway. That is very good. While cooking, just start to bless all who eat that food to elevate their consciousness and reach Enlightenment etc., using the 'Blessing for the one who needs it' by Beloved Pallas Athena. That is a great ministry. That way, some of the people who receive the Blessing on the field level, may at some point to stop liking the taste of the meet and to become vegetarians on their own, thanks to your blessings, and that would help them to be more healthy and more aware than before. That way you will create a wonderful good karma for yourself that would help you on the Path forward.

Each work in this material world, which is carried out in compliance with the Divine Laws may be dedicated to the well-being of the Living Life, providing it is carried out in Joy, and with Blessing and harmony during the work. The product of your work will absorb these Divine vibrations, and they are passed then to those who are using it.

In current times, a person who is aspired to God passes his initiations in the place where he lives. Whatever he does he might be in the Ministry of God through the way of his life, by giving an example on the field level to all around, without even saying them a word. I bless those of you who want to be successful in your ministry of yours. And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM


To be continued ...