Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 8

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


Participant: My question is with regards to the Message of Lord Eliseya. May we carry out the whole program specified by Him in the Message in the place we live, or we need to go out of the settlements to do it?

Rositsa Avela: Everyone may carry it out wherever he wants, according to his free will/choice, because the freedom of choice is given to us by the Father. The Beings of Light from the Higher octaves are reluctant to oblige us to do anything.

That is the answer to your question on whether you may – yes, you may. Whenever you ask a question starting with 'may I' and you ask for Divine guidance, the answer from Above is: 'Yes, you may.' Because that is a matter of personal choice and everyone has the right and opportunity to make such choice, even if that is harmful to him.

If you ask the question 'What is the rightest from Divine perspective way to proceed in the following situation – and you describe the situation, in your case – to carry out the program specified by Lord Eliseya in His Message in the place we live or to go outside the settlements and where that should be?' Then the answer is: 'It depends on who lives where. If a person lives in a big settlement, it would be better to carry out one ministry for the week, for instance on Sunday, when you can be among nature, do it with quality. And that would help much more than doing the ministry every day in the place you live in the big settlement.'

Participant: While being in town, is blessing someone better than remaining neutral and refrain from blessing him?

Rositsa Avela: It is good to bless wherever you are, whoever he/she is, wherever he/she is located, as well as blessing many people at once. Because when the blessings are spoken in a state of a Divine unconditional Love, with Gratitude to the Father for the events that are happening, that helps for pacifying the situation and transformation of the negativity. The most important is to finally leave everything in the hands of the Father, by pronouncing 'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord! AMEN   TAKKA DA BUDDEH   OM   '

Participant: I would like to ask whether all ministries that a person carries out is good to be done out of the city or if he lives in the city, he may make them there?

Rositsa Avela: In all their Messages Masters recommend that spiritual practices are carried out in nature – at purity, quiet and calm. That is the best.

(Supplement from 5 May 2015) However, if someone is without the possibility to go out of the energy domes of the settlements and permanently resides in a settlement, the best for him, in that case, is to perform his spiritual practices very early. To finish the practices before 3-4 am in the morning astronomical time when almost everybody is sleeping, and the field is cleanest. (See the Message of Lord Shiva on 24 Mar 2014)

During the day, while being in the settlements, the best ministry is Karma Yoga – the work, right from the Divine perspective labour, through which a person achieves Divine Qualities in himself. That is not just the physical labour, but any kind of work carried out willingly, with all the attention and focused on what is done, so that it has the highest quality. By being in a positive tune, by putting in that work Joy, Gratitude and Divine Love and when before starting to work the person pronounces that he dedicates that work to God and that is a part of his ministry for the day. A person may even dedicate various activities during the day, before he starts the work, to different Beings of Light to which he has accepted some commitments to carry out a ministry in return for the help they have been requested and which they give him.

When you need to preserve your harmony, I already told you which invocations would be best to say urgently and quickly, regardless of where you are – inside or outside the settlements (see part 3). We were also instructed that before leaving the house it would be good to say the following invocations to St. Archangel Michael and St. Archangel Gabriel, again regardless of where you live:

blue-dotInvocation to Saint Archangel Michael for protection at any time

blue-dotWord-formula for transformation of any fear into Light

blue-dotHelp to reside in Joy, Peace and Harmony

Note that the invocation to St. Archangel Gabriel (the last of the three) is pronounced so that He can help us to constantly be in a state of Joy, Peace and Harmony, wherever we go. That invocation assumes the person who utters it to be in such a state when he leaves his house, and it is pronounced to help him preserve that state until he is outside.

The new invocation that Elohim Peace gave in his Message from the last cycle of Messages should be used when a person is in the turmoil of life. When he feels that he is about to come out or he is already beyond the harmonious state, and some disharmonious state has started overcoming him, regardless of where he is – at home or outdoor. At the moment when that begins to happen, a person needs to say the invocation to Elohim Peace to stop the illusory state, which is manifested in him and regain his harmony.

Participant: In the Messages, it is said that we can write letters to the Karmic Board and commit a responsibility towards its members for some ministry if we have asked them for something. And ideally, that commitment should be carried out every day, regularly, because otherwise, the effect is less favourable. It turns out that in my case, I have days when I do everything right, as soon as I start and there are days when I try 10-20 times and each time I start, I cannot finish, and I know that it is best to leave that.

Rositsa Avela: That happens because you suppose to commit to responsibilities which you can carry out. If you have such situations that means that you have committed to a wrong obligation. My advice is when you write letters to the Karmic Board with a request for help in something, to commit to such an obligation where you can choose what to do and how many times to do it for each day, i.e. without obligation to be strictly defined. When you undertake that obligation you could write the following in the letter: '...I demand, sincerely wish and ask, if such is the Lord's, Holy Will, ..... (here you describe what you want). For which I commit to the obligation each day to give the members of the Karmic Board of the planet Earth my Divine Love, by dedicating to them prayer, invocation, song, 1 or 3 bows, a kind of material work, etc. According to what my heart tells me on that day and according to the possibilities of the moment.'

What matters is the impulse that you are going to put in what you do. A person may do just one bow and say: 'Thank You, Lord!', and if he put in it all his gratitude and Divine Love, that would be much more than performing some work in spirituality for an hour and being constantly distracted or interrupted by something.

Participant: If a person has committed an obligation before the Karmic Board, for instance, to read prayers for two hours every day, but it comes a day when he cannot fulfil that obligation. That may happen. Then what to do?

Rositsa Avela: Of course, there might be such days. That is why, in the first cycle of Messages that I received in 2010, Beloved Portia has recommended in her Message to undertake eventually a very small obligation but to carry it out with high quality and every day, to be effective.

If a person already has committed to a significant obligation that becomes for him a burden with time, and it is clear that he lacks the possibility to carry it out accurately and qualitatively, it would be best to write another letter to the Karmic Board immediately and to explain the situation. To ask for forgiveness that he was in dereliction and ask to replace his obligation with the one that I just recommended you. Then, if one day he has very little free time, he can do something very short, and another day when he has more free time and calm, he can carry out a longer spiritual practice.

Participant: For some time, I am listening to lectures of a person who has visions, and I feel that he wishes good for humanity. For many years, he makes predictions regarding the step change of the energy of the planet. For the beginning of the next month, he predicts...

Rositsa Avela: Please stop the translation. I refuse to listen. Anyone can express his free will on what to listen to and what to read. The Masters has said that preliminary indication of a date and time at which something would happen is illusory. I categorically refuse that any forecast or prediction for a specific time is pronounced, which we would hear and which would be multiplied with the Divine energy of our meeting. Because the future is multidimensional and multivariate. Even if it is about the very near future, it may always be changed, even at the last moment, as that depends on the choices that each one of us makes in this incarnation of ours, here and now.

If someone here on Earth starts making various predictions and a sufficient number of bright in their nature people put their Divine energy in these predictions through believing in them, the thing that was envisaged can happen even though the Providence of the Father initially was without it. Thus, everyone carries his own responsibility for what he reads and what receives. I can guarantee only for the Divine Information and Guidance, which are given from Above and come through me. To be able to guarantee and protect their purity, I was instructed to refrain from getting in any way extraneous information.

Translator: He understands that and deeply apologises.

Rositsa Avela: Everything is fine. Everyone carries the responsibility for the decisions he takes. It is also said that when a person comes to a Teaching that he feels like a truthful, he must remain in it and to stop taking a side information from other Teachings because that prevents him from advancing on the Path. It is harmful to mix the energy of different Teachings, even if they are truthful.

A person may start climbing on the Path to the top of the Divine consciousness, approaching from different sides of that peak. But when he starts climbing, he needs to climb only in one direction to reach the top. Imagine a tall, steep peak of a mountain. Several paths from several directions lead to that peak. If the person starts climbing the east side, reaches, for instance, the mid of the height and suddenly he wants to shift and to continue climbing to the summit from the west or northwest side, how do you think, would that be possible. As there are gaps and many other obstacles between the various paths that lead to the top? To do so, he must descend to the bottom, to get around and only then to begin climbing again, on that single path only. That is a waste of time and energy. That is going backwards in the development. If a person continually does so, you can answer yourself whether he will be able to climb and reach the top.

Participant: I would like to ask what is the question that we missed to ask about the Message of Lord Eliseya and its answer?

(Buddy joyous laughter and great relief in the hall)

Rositsa Avela: Very good question, which would be answered, although it is slightly different from the one I expected to hear.


To be continued.