Meeting in Poland near the village Podkampinos, Part 9

(Excerpts from the meeting with additions and explanations to them)

28 April 2013


Rositsa Avela: The time has come to ask the question that you could not remember to ask in regards to the Message of Lord Eliseya and give its answer. The sentence from the text of the Message, which leads to this question is the following one:

'Through everything I have told you so far today, I have given you one of the keys to a successful transformation of all your bodies and your entrance into the New Order.'

Do you remember now what the question is?

Participant: What are the other keys?

Rositsa Avela: You see how easy it is? You need to be focused and vigilant during the reading of the Message, same as with any other thing.

When I was receiving the Message from Lord Eliseya, as I wrote this sentence I immediately asked: 'What are the other keys?' Lord Eliseya told me to ask this question again as soon as I finish with receiving and writing down the text of His Message because that is a very important question.

Note that the entire program given by Lord Eliseya is included in only one of the keys to the successful transformation of all our bodies and for our entry into the New Order. As we shall see in a moment, all the keys are well known to all of us and we were told about them already in the Messages. Now, we are just being helped to systematise and realise them in a new way, and we are given the necessary impetus to rehearse and apply them in our lives, to be able to prepare and pass in the best way through the transitional times.

The answer of Lord Eliseya:

'The first key includes Repentance and Forgiveness, given a long time ago by Beloved Jesus. That key – the Repentance and Forgiveness – repentance towards the Father, to God, to the Ascended Beings of Light, towards neighbours and forgiveness that is given to you by your Heavenly Father, as well as forgiveness that you give each other with your neighbour – serves for the transformation of the negative karmic records created in all incarnations, up to this moment, here and now.'

Yesterday, while we were performing the spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' someone asked me: 'Is it a good thing to do it and how to ask for Forgiveness and give forgiveness to someone who doesn’t want to do it, if I feel that I need to do the forgiveness because our relations are not good?'

The answer is: Regardless of whether the person with whom you feel the need to forgive each other is a relative, friend or colleague. By performing the Forgiveness, you can greatly help yourself and to that man with whom your relationship is not very good, and obviously, you have some karmic bonds. Even though he is without the desire to do Forgiveness with you, you can ask him and give him forgiveness, without him knowing about it and be present personally.

First, make an invocation to his Higher I AM Presence, tell him that you forgive him all sins from all the time and ask him to forgive you all sins from all the time. Then imagine that the person is in front of you and all your Divine Love that you can experience at this moment, with much Joy, ask for forgiveness and forgive him. Then give him the opportunity to ask you for forgiveness and forgive you, imagine how he is doing it, carrying out mentally the spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'. The more days you do that spiritual practice, the better because it helps to transform your karma so that the relationship between both of you would improve. Then it would come the moment when the person would desire both of you to ask Forgiveness and give Forgiveness each other and then you will do it.

Participant: Is it possible to use this spiritual practice for someone who isn’t alive anymore, i.e. he has made a transition?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, it is possible to ask for forgiveness his Higher I AM Presence and give him forgiveness. Invoke him and tell him in your mind or aloud that you that you feel the need to forgive each other all sins from all the time and ask him to perform together the spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'. Performing this spiritual practice helps a lot in the case when the person with whom you want to forgive each other has already made the transition. That way the karma with that man is transmuted, even though he has left his incarnation in which you knew him because we are all united on the field level. When you perform the spiritual practice, you should ask forgiveness and imagine the same way as I earlier explained that you are given forgiveness and then imagine that you are asked for forgiveness, and then you forgive.

Participant: To imagine or to feel it?

Rositsa Avela: Both. Whichever one works for you, do it that way. Everyone would render that. You may say the words that the man in front of you suppose to say, imagining that he pronounces them. You may close your eyes, imagine that you see how the person in front of you is pronouncing them, feel how he forgive you from all his heart. And how much he is thankful to you, because asking for forgiveness and forgiving releases karmically him as well, while being on the subtle plane at the moment.

The most important thing, in any case, is to use the exact words that are given for that spiritual practice without adding something from yourself and without replacing them with other words. It would be good to memorise the words. They are just a few and brief. The same applies to the words of 'The Spiritual practice 12 bows', which is also included in the first key and which is performed before the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'.

The reason for having to pronounce the exact words of any spiritual practice is that by uttering the same thing again and again, it is created an energy egregore. When you succeed to perform that spiritual practice with quality, that achievement of yours goes into the appropriate egregore and then it is passed to all others who carry out the same spiritual practice.

When you successfully ask for Forgiveness and give Forgiveness each other, you charge with energy the egregore of spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man', and it becomes stronger and more powerful. Then anyone who uses this spiritual practice with exactly the same words connect himself to this egregore and the energy that is accumulated in the egregore helps him to transform the negative karma even faster, completely and with gain multiplication.

That way the technique becomes more and more strong and helps more and more to many more people. It is important to pronounce the exact words because by doing this, increases the chance of success in the transformation of the negative karma of any subsequent person who pronounces them and connects to the egregore of this spiritual practice.

Uttering the spiritual practices in a very specific way is an ancient knowledge known for millennia. That is why the mantras in the Hinduism and the Buddhism, must be pronounced with the right words, with the right pauses between the words, even with the exact vibration of the sound, with the exact melody, without any change. For achieving powerful and active meditation, the mantra should be pronounced with the right words and the right way. Then one enters the common energy field of all, who was pronouncing it, have reached Enlightenment and help from the Higher octaves of Light.

That is why the Lord's prayer 'Our Father' is so powerful – its words are exactly defined, the strength and the power of the praying energy of many saints is accumulated in it – an energy that has accumulated for hundreds of years, while they were pronouncing the prayer being in incarnation. The Prayer helps anyone who pronounce it with Faith.

The same applies to invocations, prayers, blessings, Meditation for the Earth, ..., to each spiritual practice in part 'Spiritual work' on UNIFICATION website. It is important to pronounce them by using the exact words, as they carry their own energy component.

Since now are running accelerated times of the transition and one time is replaced by another time, the needs of the moment are also changing. That sometimes requires making small adjustments to invocations published on the website. For example, if the numerological value of an invocation at the moment is one, everyone who reads it exactly as it is, he is given a new start for what he needs to change at this point. For instance, a new beginning for work in spirituality, performed with a greater concentration and without interruptions. But in the next moment of time, it might be more necessary, for example, some people to reach and to have open access to the Divine Love, other people to have this Divine Love increased with a Divine multiplication. And then a word might be added, or a word might be replaced so that the numerological value of the invocation becomes number 6. Then all those who begin to pronounce the invocation with the new correction have enhanced their quality of Divine Love.

Only one word may change, but with regards to the time that runs currently, with regards to the configuration of the planets, with regards to the situation on the planet it might be better if that invocation is pronounced exactly that way, and then the correction is made.

Another reason to make slight changes in invocations is because that is a program that helps all who work with them, read them and memorise them, to develop their memory and concentration, as a lot of people currently suffer from poor memory and low level of concentration, including the young generation.

When a person memorises the invocation, and then an adjustment is made in it, he must be very careful to pronounce it in a new way, must focus to avoid a mistake. That develops the memory and concentration. That program is given from Above. It is exactly said when, in which invocation, what to be changed to help humankind in the state in which it is now by those who say it and put their achievements on the subtle plane into the collective unconscious of his people and the entire human race. Therefore, it is very important to pronounce the words exactly.

That program runs currently mainly for the invocations. Moreover, the announcement of changes in the window 'News' on the main page of the website is for the whole set of invocations, for instance, 'Changes made in the evening ministry' without specifying exactly which invocation has been changed. Everyone has to find it himself, remembering their previous version.

Participant: Does that spiritual practice of Forgiving helps in transformation of the karma of the kin?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, it helps a lot. It would be very good to read the explanation of that spiritual practice, published on the website in part 'Spiritual work.' Presence of the One in His Guidance on 21 December 2012 said:

'The Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' is one integral part of the 'Spiritual practice the 12 bows', during which you send your repentance to God, to your Heavenly Father Lord Alpha and Me – the Father Presence of the One. Both together are the most powerful practice in spirituality that has ever been given so far to your civilisation.

The Spiritual practice 'Repentance and Forgiveness' can transmute the negative karma of the person to God, the negative karma between two people and the negative karma between the families/kin. Between religions, between nations, between countries to which they have come and the countries in which they have been in incarnation so far, and which karma they carry.'


To be continued.