Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 1

(Selected fragments of the meeting)

... All of us, the participants in this meeting, we are exceptionally benefited by the guidance given from Above that it will take place exactly on the 23rd day of the month and the following day. The more good karma we create during the whole day of the meeting, the greater the amount of negative karma will be transmuted at all levels, by Divine multiplication.

Also, from tomorrow the moon begins to decrease (waning moon), i.e. tonight is the night of the full moon. You may wish to put some water in glass vessels outside under the rays of the full moon and thank God for the extra protection.

That will be a special water because apart from the fact that it is a full moon night, and the water will be under the influence of a full moon, it is also poured and set at sunset on the 23rd day of the month, the place is clean, and we have an ongoing meeting. Later, that water could be very useful for you and help you a lot. It does not matter whether it will freeze and turn to ice during the night, as the water will be encoded under the rays of the full moon to transmute the foreign and harmful energies. The rays will penetrate into it and do their job. When you take this water in the morning, it would be good to transfer it into plastic bottles because, as plastic retains codes, even while travelling. And when you get home, you could sprinkle all over with it – the whole space of the house, your family and pets – anything you want and everyone in your surrounding who wants it. In difficult times you can spray yourself as well.

Full Moon water transforms all foreign energies. Therefore, if someone buys second-hand things and use the full moon water to sprinkle them, especially if it is during the waning moon, all foreign energies are transmuted, and the thing becomes just like new. If you want to sell something that belongs to you, it would also be very good to sprinkle some full moon water on the object first, to transmute your energies contained in that object, before someone else start to use it.

We would pay particular attention to the performance of the Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man'. It would be good if each of you asks for forgiveness three times and give forgiveness three times with each other. Since it is one of the most important works to be done in the Spirituality during our meeting today on the 23rd day of the month, which facilitates and multiplies the transmutation of the negative karma in each of us. Everything we do today after we say the invocation for the 23rd day will help the transmutation of the negative karma for the whole next month.

Now we will make a longer break for everyone who wants to write a letter to Lord Surya, in which to ask Him for help in the transmutation of his illusory part – the ego during the following month. You will have enough time to invoke the angels-messengers who will bring your letter to Lord Surya and then burn it. You will also have enough time to complete the practice of forgiveness. As you already know, it is best to carry out that spiritual practice in pairs, being in seclusion, in this case, the most convenient will be to do it in your rooms. And here in the meeting room, which is usually full of people, we would avoid performing the Forgiveness practice.


To be continued.