Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 10

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela: You know from our previous meetings that we were told from Above to avoid undue curiosity and ask questions about the forces of illusion in order to preserve our energy. Also to have a strong Faith in the God and Father, to fully comply with the guidelines given from the Above, so that we are well protected and successfully continue forward on the Path of the evolutionary development. That recommendation is beneficial for us because when a person thinks and talks about the forces of illusion, he enters into energy relationship with them and allows his Divine energy to be directed to the particular network/egregore of the illusion.

Of course, there are exceptions to that rule in case of a significant change in any area.

Over the last few months I was given the understanding from Above that in addition to well-known to us from millennia two forces acting on this planet – the Forces of Good and forces of evil, known respectively as the Forces of Light and forces of darkness, there are also other forces. And in recent times, some of these forces of the illusion are now particularly dangerous and harmful for the Living Life on our planet.

These newly appeared forces of the illusion can influence the subtle structures of the man on the higher plane when he is open to God while seen by other people. That is why the 5 Rules-Guidelines for safety and preservation of the purity on the subtle plane.

I asked a few questions regarding this new information during the days of the Winter Solstice and asked for the Lord guide to be given to us.

1. 'What will happen on a planetary scale, and what should we do?'

Answer: 'There will be increasing influence of the new network of the illusion and a global conflict of interest on the entire planet between the representatives of the new network of the illusion and the forces of darkness. Their interest is the same – taking away the Divine energy of those who are its carriers.'

Everything I was instructed to do, applies to all other people who are part of the Living Life on this planet. It is very important that a man controls himself and live without standing on either side in any conflict. It is very important for everyone because when a person chooses to stand on either side of a conflict, his Divine energy begins to flow down there and he loses it. That way one creates negative karma for himself, regardless of which side in the conflict the network of the illusion, which he supported mentally, verbally, with any acts or through lack of actions, belongs to.

I was told to be absolutely equal now and in all times to come, i.e. to avoid any condemnation, rejection, denial, criticism, etc. as well as avoiding any kind of approval, encouraging, praising etc. The same applies to anyone who wants to preserve his good karma.

At this moment our work is to be witnesses of God of the events developing on the planet, during which to preserve all our values in spiritual aspect and remain clean with intact energy potential so that we can successfully continue our evolution. For that everyone is given a very big support from Above.

2. Second very important question: 'What is the biggest threat for us and how to avoid it?'

Answer: 'To get out of balance and harmony, as that is accompanied by a change of the network. The conclusion is that nothing on this planet in these times – a person, situation or whatever, is worth your excitement so that you lose your joy, peace and harmony. The danger is on the subtle plane and it is transmitted by people who are already carriers and representatives of that previously unknown to your network of the illusion. The situation is almost identical everywhere in the world due to increased travel and movement of people all over the planet, so it is pointless to look for safer place somewhere. The most important is to strictly observe safety measures given to you in the 5 Rules-Guidelines. In this case fully applies stated by the Beloved Pallas Athena that "The best actions are the preventive actions and timely actions."'

3. Is the food prepared or grown by people belonging to one of the networks of the illusion dangerous for people who are in the Light network of the planet?

Answer: 'The surrogate food prepared by people belonging to the network of the illusion, which you learned about recently, is dangerous for you. However, fruits and vegetables produced by those people under the open sky (outside greenhouses) in the soil of the earth, which fruits and vegetables belong to the Living Life on the planet, have a different status. They are live food, as they charge themselves from the Sun, stars and the earth, which are clean. Also, they are safe food when you bless them, purify through the invocation* and sprayed them with full moon water, in consequence of which these products restructure in the Light network of the planet. (undergo a structural change that is compatible with the Light network on the planet.)

If the live food is not clean, i.e. it is outside the Light network due to the external energy influence by those who are growing it and processing it, packing it, storing it, transporting it, selling it, if they belong to the forces of the illusion, regardless of the egregore, first that food mandatory has to be purified, transformed and reprogrammed to belong again to the network of Light* and only then you may consume it if you want to be well.

Therefore, it is better to stop eating a surrogate food and consume only raw (live) food, which is first purified by energy and only then you can prepare a meal with it and eat it. That is why you were given the invocation for purification and transformation of the food products after shopping immediately after bringing them home*. That invocation was given to you before you know that the forces of illusion are divided into different energy networks.

For GMO food products situation is different, because they aren’t Divine Creation. They charge themselves with energy from:

1) from their owner;

2) from the egregore of the illusion that is new for you; GMO products also send their energy to the same place, as that is the egregore where they have been created on this planet; and

3) from those people who grow them because GMO takes away their energy. That happens while GMO grows. However, after harvesting, GMOs continue to rob the energy of the people. That applies only to GMO products.'



* 'Invocation for purification of the food products after shopping immediately after bringing them home"' by Lord Shiva



Addition to part 10


4. What protects us from the representatives of the new network of the illusion and what helps us to keep our purity?

Answer: Presence of the One said that the three of the things that give us protection are:

blue-dotAlways being in the planetary network of Light;

blue-dotThe Messages-Pictures that I am given to receive and which are published on UNIFICATION website in part Spiritual work. Each week after the publishing of the Message-Picture for the week on the website it is good to see all of them from the first to the last one, however, as they are already more than 200, it is best to see them in two sessions in two consecutive days;

blue-dotCovering the head, the hair, regardless of how long it is and all exposed parts of the body with large shawl-cover made of 100% natural plant fabric. Or being alone in a private room without the possibility of any other person entering that room or being seen by any other person while opening to God, in all cases listed in the Five Rules-Guidelines for the conservation of the Purity.

5. What is the influence of the representatives of the new network of the illusion on the Living Life on the planet?

Answer from Presence of the One: 'Some species are about to disappear from the face of the Earth, and that is quite a natural process.'

That is because some species of plants and animals are without the sufficient ability to withstand draining of their energy by the representatives of the new network of the illusion, which draining can sometimes be particularly large. When that is happening, and we are witnessing it, we need to stay calm. It is required:

blue-dotThat we are very calm and in a constant balanced state of the consciousness;

blue-dotTo ask the Lord to forgive us – to the whole human race and to repent wholeheartedly when we find a place to be alone or when we are well covered, and

blue-dotTo thank that the humankind karma transforms that way. To thank for everything that happens, so that the period of painful karmic transmutation is shortened.

When a person starts to feel that something irritates him, he needs to take some measures immediately. To fully cover all exposed parts of his body with a large cotton shroud or to stay alone in a room where he is protected from being seen by others and to say 'Words of Gratitude to the Father Presence of the One for multiplication of the Divine Force and Power' to restore his balance quickly, to say the invocation to Elohim Peace and to say something else if he has to, according to the time which he has and his wish.


To be continued.