Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 12

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela: During the days around the Winter Solstice along with other questions I asked Presence of the One the following question.

Is it good that a person avoids a conversation with someone who is eating at the moment? What happens, when he does it if the eating person is in the network of Light or one of the networks of the illusion?

Answer: 'It is very good for a person to avoid talking to any other person who currently eats regardless of the network he represents. Work it on, as a rule, and way of life.

You may calmly inform other people that you avoid talking to anyone when he eats, and so you would like that all other people behaved the same way towards you when you eat. And practice it, because for someone to ask others about something, he alone must be able to give them the same thing – that is one of My Commandments, which you should follow so that you are well.'

If anyone violates that rule, the results would always be negative for him and may have various degrees of harmfulness, depending on the network that the eating person represents. And depending on many other factors such as his place in the hierarchy of the relevant network, what 'achievements' he has and what is his speciality, the size of his karmic burden, the extent of the energy shortage or power to take away the energy from the people in front of him etc.

Participant 1: Is what has been said applicable only through direct contact with someone who is eating or it also applies to conversations over the phone when I feel that the person I talk to is eating? And what about the conversations over the Internet – Skype, Viber etc., when the web-camera is on or off? What is best to do?

Rositsa Avela: It is best to end the conversation as if the connection was broken immediately. And after some time, you may call again and explain that as you heard that the person is eating, you left him alone to eat in peace; because you follow the rule – to avoid conversation with a person who is eating. Say it sincerely. Later, you can explain more if that person wants to learn more. You could say that when for example someone who is in the network of Light is eating, he automatically opens to God, i.e. he establishes a connection with his Mighty I AM Presence. And if he talks to someone, while he is eating, one of them, the one that is karmically more pure takes some negative karma from the other in a much larger quantity than in the usual communication when none of them is eating at the moment.

Participant 2: What if the talking person drinks tea?

Rositsa Avela: In Bulgaria, there is a proverb: 'When a man drinks water even the serpent avoids disturbing him.'

As representatives of the network of Lights, we should protect even more the one who drinks or eats while doing it. That way we protect him and ourselves.

That proverb comes from ancient times when humankind was much cleaner. When a man was eating or drinking, he was strengthening his power, and in such moments everyone left him alone in peace.

Participant 1: When I was a kid everyone remained silent while we ate. That laxity and conversations during the meal appeared later.

Participant 2: Now I remembered that years ago when I was a kid in my country, people on their way to work in the morning were buying pies (pierożka). And had breakfast on the street around the canteen by turning their back to people with face towards one of the walls of the building, silent, without even seeing what's going on around while eating. That was a usual sight. Everyone was doing it and perceived as something quite natural. Once a foreigner took a picture of the view and the press wrote that people in our country have savage manners. And now it turns out that it was all fine and good.

Rositsa Avela: In the recent past people knew very well how to live. There were centuries-old traditions and principles, which were respected. And even though the reasons why these rules were introduced have been forgotten, the people faithfully have followed them, knowing that it is best for them and passed them to their descendants.

What to do, these are the times in which we live – the final time during the transition from one race that is karmically quite polluted and burdened, to the next. Now everything is allowed, and everyone should manifest himself as he is in his nature, to separate the wheat from the weeds at the precise moment in time when it comes.

Knowledge from Above has always been given to man, how to live, to be well and evolved successfully. Now it is also provided. Everyone who wants it may take advantage of it and continue forward successfully in the times ahead.


To be continued.