Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 13

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela:

A question – is it a superstition, which we should better ignore or truth that a group have to pass on the same side of an obstacle? For example, two people are walking together along the road, if they pass around a pole or a tree on both sides does that brings them any harm? Or it is preferable to pass on the same side of the obstacle?

Participant 1: I have heard the following version: If two persons who are holding their hands separate while passing on both sides of some obstacle, that takes away their happiness.

Rositsa Avela: Even without holding hands each other, if two persons who are walking together pass around on both sides of some obstacle there is a belief in Bulgaria that this is wrong. I was asked that question, and I requested that some explanation is given to us from Above.

The answer is: It is a very real; it is true, and it is best to observe that because when people move together, they are in a common energy field.

What happens in energy as a result, if two people pass simultaneously on both sides of the obstacle?

Answer: If two persons who are travelling together pass on both sides of an obstruction, e.g. pole or another obstacle that slash their common energy field and leads to internal discomfort, which can manifest itself as an annoyance in both of them without apparent reasons for that.

If that obstruction is a Living being, it also has its own aura – energy shell, whichever kingdom it represents – whether it is a mineral, plant, animal or a human. That group of people moving together, at least two persons, each of them has own aura, and all of them have a common one. When these two or more people pass through the obstruction, which is a Living being then while that common aura passes through his aura may come to a double rupture – of the common aura of the people who move together and the individual aura of the being that is passed by on both sides. The consequences are harmful to all people from the group that move together, since then they create (their own) negative karma. That newly created negative karma is transformed immediately, while it is happening, as long as these people have enough good karma, which they lose automatically, as it goes for the renewal of the damaged aura of the encountered and passed around both sides Living being.

There is an exception:

blue-dotIf two or more people pass on both sides of a man, who is burdened karmically and if that ruptures his energy shell, that way a karmic debt is returned to him. Some negative karma is being transformed.

blue-dotIf two or more people pass on both sides of a dog, whose owner is a karmically burdened person, that way the dog takes to work off the karmic burden of his master.

In these two cases, there is lack of good karma taken from the passing on both sides people, as there is lack of automatic renewal of ruptured aura of a man or a dog, to whom some passed on both sides. Then the people passing together on both sides do not get any karmic burden. And thiat is the only exception.

You may ask what if these two or more people who are passing on both sides of an obstacle lack of good karma, or have some, but it is less than the needed for the recovery from the damage, what happens in that case?

Answer: In that case, it shall be taken from the good karma of their relatives who have such and with whom they are connected as a family, and if they are without their own family it shall be taken from the good karma of their kin.

Participant 2: If there is a child around me, and I stand in one place, cooking or when the child play running around me and passes between my feet, is that tantamount to rupturing of the aura?

Rositsa Avela: If the child is one, most likely there isn't rupturing of the aura or puncturing it, but if there are two children, then it would happen. However, if the child passes between the legs of the man, it enters into his aura. It comes to overlapping of auras, which may lead to a different result depending on what the child is – how heavy he is karmically burdened and whether his Soul is pure, i.e. the subtle lower bodies. And vice versa, if the child is pure, but the person through which legs he passes is burdened and without sufficient purity, the result may be different. In the worst case, it may happen a strong karmic pollution and/or a strong energy draining.

For that reason, it is best that a person keeps his legs together to prevent such pass between his legs of both children and animals, who has their owners and are energetically connected with them. The parents should also keep an eye on their little children where are they going, protect them from passing between the legs of the people and teach them that this is something harmful. The same applies to dog owners, for instance. They should also keep an eye on their dog's actions, because they are karmically responsible, same as parents of the children if their dog passes between the legs of a person and cause him harm.

Participant 3: On the same topic – we often go for a walk in the woods with the dog. There are plenty of fallen trees. We pass over them in different places, because my husband has longer legs. Is that important?

Rositsa Avela: When the obstacle is something lying on the ground, there is lack of rupturing of the common aura of the passing, as they pass over the obstacles at different places along its length, but on one side – from the top. Rupturing of the common aura of the passing group happens if the obstacle stands upright and is passed on its both sides.

When the obstacle that lies on the ground is a Living being, including fallen tree, which is alive while passing above it comes to an overlapping with his aura, and it may be energetically contaminated. The same happens when one walks along the top of a living tree, using it as a bridge. If the person is karmically burdened and energetically unwell, that may burden the tree. But that is a part of his service and is good, as long as the person remembers to thank the tree for its help, while he is walking on it or passing above it. Then the benefit is much greater and the tree may take a much greater load. If the man blesses the tree with all his heart to successfully continue its evolution, as well as the plant species to which this tree belongs, for example, all pines or all oaks, etc., to successfully continue their evolution, then the benefit is greatest. In that case, during the overlap between the aura of the person with the aura of the tree, it comes to overlapping with the common aura of all the trees around belonging to that spices. And they can take much more of the energy impurity of the person and help him, when he has Divine Love for them, bless them and thank them.

Participant 4: When two people stand and talk, and someone passes between them, for example, a child who is playing run between them, what would happen?

Rositsa Avela: That is also dangerous because it ruptures the common aura of conversing people and they start to feel irritation. Besides, every conversation is an exchange of energy between the speakers, and by passing between them that energy can be taken by the one that passed. Then it is possible that the conversing will lose their willingness to talk, the conversation will seem for them to be pointless and they will part without an inner sense of satisfaction and joy from the meeting. The passing person that took the energy burden himself karmically and becomes their karmic debtor.

Therefore, when two or more people meet and talk it is better to stand next to a wall, for example, instead of standing in a place where everyone passes and children play. If, however, a running child goes towards them, they should be vigilant and fast enough to catch the child and direct it to run in a different direction.

Participant 5: If two people are talking and a third person join their conversation, does that rupture their common aura?

Rositsa Avela: Then everything is fine because the third person joins the common conversation and flows into the common energy envelope of the other speakers. But that happens only if he asks for permission from conversing to join their conversation and they agree, for instance by saying 'May I take part in your conversation?' Otherwise, if the third person intervenes in the conversation of the two without asking and getting permission for it, it comes to the forced intrusion into the common energy field of conversing, and he drains the energy, which is accompanied with all the harmful consequences for the participants in the conversation.

Participant 6: It often happens that the conversation of two people is intervened by the third person without apologising. What is it best to do then?

Rositsa Avela: Man to withdraw from the conversation. To keep silence. Even to leave. That is why we were told from Above to be mostly silent. Silence is more valuable than gold in these times.

For a person, it is best to refrain from interfering in foreign conversations unless one of the speakers personally turn to him and ask him for his opinion or he request and receive the permission to join their conversation.

Rositsa Avela: I have to tell you one more thing on this topic. When I had received the information on this subject from the Above, I asked further: Is that why Indians moved in one line – to protect themselves from passing on both sides of an obstacle on the march, which could weaken their strength in advance? What are the pros and cons of walking in a single file, apart from the obvious benefit that when you look at the track it appears that passed one man and it really passed 30?

Answer: Congratulations on the question asked. Yes, mostly, for this reason, the Indians moved into the so-called. 'Indian file', since when the person steps into the footstep of the previous person, in the same place, the Living beings are protected the most, and the least number of them are injured, instead of everyone trod and trampled in a different place.

When an object is passed through, i.e. it is bypassed at the same time on both sides, whatever that object is, that creates an internal tension in the matter and may lead to damage to the substance of the object which was bypasses.

When the obstacle is a human being who is passed on both his sides, he may be hurt on the higher plane. And if his aura is ruptured by all passing around on both sides or if it is already punctured or his aura's integrity is compromised to some degree, he may get some negative karma from all that passed. That may cause a sudden deterioration in the health of his physical temple or some of the parameters of his fate. In such cases, healers in the past were saying that magic was applied to that man, referring to someone else's negative energy interference. And that is a truthful statement.

If people move as a crowd and meet an obstacle, even if that obstacle is a person it is very likely that the crowd will pass around him on both sides without even noticing. In contrast, moving in an Indian file prevents them from doing so. That way, the man is protected, and the passing group is protected from creating a negative karma in significant quantity. Because when a man is passed around on both sides by group and everyone from the group gives him some negative karma and thus change some of the parameters of his fate, the people from the group create their negative karma multiplied by the number of passing people.

Participant 7: What happens when two people get into a car – after all, they pass on both sides of the car?

Rositsa Avela: There is lack of a negative effect because they go into the car and their auras merge with the energy field of the car.

However, bear in mind that as in the general conversation, which can be joined by new participants, when they seek permission from the conversing, the same way when using a transport, if a person wants to sit next to another person, it is better to ask if the sit is free and whether he may use it. Because the mutual proximity and contact of auras require permission from the person already sitting so that everything between them is fine. In that case, both retain their energy protection.

Participant 3: Does all that applies only to a static obstacles or dynamic as well? For example, when people are standing on the escalator but someone needs to move faster and goes around people? Or when viewers leave the theatre or the cinema, but someone is in a hurry and filters through people?

Rositsa Avela: If one man filters through other people, but all of them as a whole are located in one place and move in the same direction, everything is fine and without harmful consequences for anybody even though these people are not energetically together. However, while filters through the people if that person passes between two people who are being together, that is harmful as previously discussed.

For that reason, for instance, when spouses go to the theatre or the cinema, it is good to hold arms each other while moving along with other people, for instance when leaving the theater. That way a man shows that he is not alone and they go as a couple, and by being close to each other they have taken preventative measures from being separated in the crowd.

Participant 7: I always feel that I should be near my wife. Now I got the answer, what was the reason for that.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, your feeling is right. Because it may be energetically dangerous if someone rushes between both of you while you are going somewhere. That may rupture your common aura.

Other advantages, which I was told from Above on the movement in 'Indian file' apart from the first and most important one – to protect the Living beings both those who pass and those who are passed through, are:

blue-dotWhen people go in single file, at that time they are silent and watch carefully only to step exactly into the footstep of the previous person. It is good to be silent while travelling so that the protection for the whole group is effective and complete;

blue-dotThe protection is being multiplied, as everyone protects the back of the person in front of him. However, that works only when all are relatively pure. The higher the percentage of their purity on the subtle plane – for each member of the group, the higher is a multiplication of the strength of the protection, and the protection is better. The most powerful people in the group are placed at the beginning and the end of the column, to protect others, because through them it is created a very good common protective aura for everyone;

blue-dotSince everyone's attention is focused on how exactly to step, i.e. exactly into the footstep of the previous person, there are no unnecessary looks around and curiosity. The eyes are kept on the ground; there are no unnecessary thoughts and questions that usually arise when one looks sideways. For example, asking himself or asking others: 'What is that?', 'What is the reason for happening ... (something that is seen while passing)?'.

All are focused on one thing – to step in the same place, as the previous person and so to protect the Living Life. And because their motive is to protect the Living Life, they are protected from Above very much. Because the collective thought for the protection of the whole repeatedly multiplies the assistance and protection for everyone!

That way, people can go for a very long time, overcoming great distances, without feeling hunger, thirst, cold, heat, fatigue, etc., as they are one with the Unified Creation. Then they are given on the subtle plane everything necessary.

That is why you were told that if few of you live in one place with proper life motive and you are in God, you would be able to cope with everything much better. And it would be able to help you much more from Above in comparison to when you live alone in life or with someone who is not in God and destroys, rather than to build and protect the Living Life.

blue-dotWalking in the 'Indian file' is the best from the Lord's point of view way of walking on foot for more people in these times and in times ahead if the walking is in nature, people step on the ground in the grass and on the small living beings, who are living in it and if the people who are walking together have a sufficient level of purity – karmic and all other kinds, that is they are in God.

But in different situations, the best solution may be different, and therefore the person should always be vigilant and have the consciousness elevated to the maximum to assess each situation that develops properly.

Participant 2: What is the meaning of stepping exactly in the step of the previous person – does it have some meaning from the energy point of view? Because, for instance, I would joyfully and gladly go after my husband and step into his footsteps, but there are people, for whom the thought of going right into their footsteps makes me shudder.

Rositsa Avela: There is a meaning. The result of walking in the footsteps of another person can be quite harmful. That depends on the level of purity of people walking in front of him. That is why it was pointed out from Above that walking in 'Indian file' is a good way to move only for a group that has reached a high level of purity of its members. If there is a man in front who is burdened with karma, the man behind him, who steps into his footsteps could take part of his bad karma.

Participant 7: What needs to be done if a person is in the city and his aura is ruptured, as someone accidentally frightens him by crossing his way or he was passed around on both sides simultaneously?

Rositsa Avela: It was said that if few people, who walk together, simultaneously pass through the aura of a person and his aura is ruptured, it will automatically be restored by taking the appropriate amount of good karma from those who passed through him. Or from their relatives if their own good karma is not enough for the purpose.

Another issue is if some person suddenly crosses the path of someone else. That is a case of another topic, but there is a link with the topic that we are discussing today. In this case, the walking person may be surprised, and on the subtle plane, he may take some of the energy of the person who quickly crosses his way in front of him, who wedged in his aura, passing as a whirlwind in front of him. That may cause the appearance of foreign illusory thoughts and feelings in man, as well as such states of consciousness. For example, a person may acquire new, foreign fears belonging to the person who has passed his way.

Then the one who caused that to his fellow man, by suddenly passing in front of him, without thinking that he may harm him, is burdened with a bad karma and becomes his karmic debtor.

The one who was hurt may improve his condition very quickly and to transform everything illusory that has entered his subtle bodies, by doing all that is necessary to calm quickly if he was scared, without condemning the offender, to forgive him and ask for him to be forgiven from Above! And wholeheartedly thank for the help that is given from Above at this time. But, we must remember that this is a work in spirituality, which could be performed only if a person does what is needed to remain alone in a closed room or cover himself for a moment until he recovers.

Participant 7: What needs to be done when two people pass around on both sides of someone accidentally, without noticing at the moment or there is no other way and situation happens very quickly – faster than they can respond?

Rositsa Avela: The best thing is to do the spiritual practice Forgiveness with that man immediately – personally with the person or mentally ask for forgiveness his Mighty I AM Presence. However, times now are such that it might be impossible to do the practice Forgiveness immediately mentally if it is impossible to cover yourself or to be alone in a closed room.

Therefore, everyone should be extremely vigilant, observant and monitor the situation his surroundings with all his senses, including the peripheral vision, to try to avoid being startled by anything, including by acting wrongly.

However, if it happens that two people walking together, pass on both sides of someone else and his aura ruptures, later, at the first opportunity they might perform The Spiritual Practice 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' and The Spiritual Practice of the Twelve Bows of repentance to the Father. And if they perform these wholeheartedly, their negative karma will be transformed, and the amount of their good karma will be restored.

Participant 7: At work, for example, one of my duties is to pass between the audience and the musicians during a concert. Furthermore, we move between people in the audience talking on the radios. How does that affect us?

Rositsa Avela: That is safe because it is part of your official duties. All the people who come to the concert both musicians and audience, agree that you will do your duties to allow the concert to take place. Furthermore, while you are working, you are also in the common energy field along with all the others, and it does not matter that you pass between them. It would be bad, however, if you pass between two or more people who are one group and came together to the concert, without requesting and receiving a consent for that.

Participant 7: When I'm working, I don’t feel that something bad was happening there, but outside of work, for instance in the hypermarket, if something like that happens I feel that something wrong happened.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, the situation there is different and what you would do depends on your free will. Consequently, what you get depends on what you have done.

Participant 5: Does the common aura always occurs when we go as a group, whatever we are doing?

Rositsa Avela: That is another type of common aura. It is a common energy presence of all the members of the group, which moves in space. The higher the degree of purity of members of the group, the stronger is that newly created common energy field during the journey.

Participant 5: When that common aura occurs how far apart from each other the people may be so that they are within the aura?

Rositsa Avela: For instance, when two people are moving together with the intention to go somewhere together, then they are in common aura, regardless of the distance between them. If one of them says 'I' will do this, and you go further do that', then they are already separate, out of the common aura.

Can you see how much knowledge humanity has lost and how caring and attentive was in the past the attitude towards all Living beings?

Participant 5: How much knowledge is unknown to us and we have yet to receive it again!

Rositsa Avela: And we have to thank so much for it – for the care for all of us from Above!



Addition to part 13


Question: Is it superstition that passing under a sign on the road or between posts connected at the top is a bad thing? What about going in a tunnel or the subway?

Answer: That is also true, it is bad to pass through any gaps. If it is a slot – a hole in a natural thing as a rock/stone or a tunnel underground, regardless of whether natural or artificially built, going through these is similar in effect as the passage of two or more together walking on the two sides of any obstacle, but in that case, the passage is through the inside of the whole thing. That again leads to the possibility of rupture of the energy shell and violation of the energy balance of the object through which one passes through.

When passing under signs on the road or under bridges, it is without that effect, as these are artificial human creation. There is another danger there. When a person travels along a road with signs above his head, inside artificial ground tunnels, such as the subway, or under bridges, his aura has to shrink as close as possible to his physical body to feel good and avoid rupturing of his protection. Then the aura remains intact, but during its shrinkage, the connection with the Higher spheres is lost and the protection from Above in such moments is significantly reduced.

For that reason, there is usually a large number of disembodied astral beings at such places. They are trying to draw from the energy of the passing people whose protective envelope, the aura, eventually ruptures while they are passing.

The possibility of rupturing the aura increases rapidly when the speed at which the person passes through these signs, connected posts, tunnels, under bridges, etc. is higher than the safe speed of 80 km/h (or 50miles/h) as stated from Above. That is the maximal allowed speed. Because by travelling at that speed, the human aura can shrink if it was expanded earlier during the travel due to the performance of some spiritual practice. For example, to bless someone or if the person worked in spirituality before the travel – the person has connected with the Higher Worlds, and his aura is big.

If a person has to travel immediately after the work in spirituality, in addition to saying the invocation to Buddha Vairochana for help in sending his multiplied Divine energy to his causal body and the invocation to Archangel Michael for protection, the next most important thing is that at the beginning of his travel the person travels more gradually and slowly than usual. Then his aura has enough time to shrink and to preserve its integrity.

When immediately after work in spirituality the speed of travel is high, the person may feel even a physical pain. As his aura is expanded to the maximum and while passing, for example, under posts that support wires carrying electricity or under a bridge, road sign, etc. that could directly cut or rupture his aura. The slow speed of travel is the safest in this case – up to 50-60 km per hour.

Participant: For how long one should travel at such a low speed after performing a spiritual practice?

Rositsa Avela: A person would feel when his aura has shrunk, and he is fine to travel at a higher speed. That may vary from person to person.


To be continued.