Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 14

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela: The following questions are on entirely different topic. Their answers were received in the days of the winter solstice at the end of 2015 by the Father Presence of the One.

1. Since diapers are made entirely of synthetic materials, and currently, the children wear them all the time during the first two years of their life I have asked for an explanation from Above what the consequences of that are? What are the implications of wearing diapers during the first two or more years in the life of man? How that influences the functioning of the first and second chakras since they were completely wrapped in synthetic material for two more years immediately after the birth? How does that affect the fertility of an adult, which is a function of the second chakra? And how does all that affects the behaviour of the child and the person in general?

Answer: The influence is extremely harmful to the fertility and behaviour of children. Because during the constant wearing of the diapers, i.e. an artificial tissue clinging tightly to the first and second chakras, the main energy axis that has the seven major chakras on it is sealed underneath, so the energy stops flowing normally, and the natural energy exchange with the planet is interrupted. The energy that comes through the crystal string is routed to the surrounding space, where it is taken away by the forces of the illusion.

That affects the future fertility of such man and the behaviour of such child. Children become different, occurs energy distortion. They may become energy vampires due to lack of proper energy exchange with the planet. Children become like the flowers grown within the premises – such plants take away energy from the people because their roots are in the pot rather than in the ground. They have no opportunity to receive energy from the planet; they have limited opportunity to receive energy from the sun and stars through the day and night because often they lack direct lighting by the respective celestial bodies.

Almost the same happens with children who are sealed underneath through diaper made of artificial materials, especially if they are without the opportunity to walk barefoot on the grass, earth, soil and sand every day! The situation is similar. If children are wearing diapers and usually wear shoes that contain synthetics, they have no direct contact with nature, and that impair the proper flow of energies in them and has a detrimental effect in different ways.

2. When seriously ill people who are going to make the transition wear diapers, does this affects the quality of the transition? What is the flow of the energy along the main axis –is it even possible? Where does the soul goes, if a person makes a transition while his first and second chakras are sealed with a plastic diaper underneath?

Answer: Yes, that affects the quality of transition as well, when a man leaves his earthly incarnation. That way the astral soul, i.e. the souls of the people who come into incarnation from the astral plane may again return to the astral plane.

But that also happens to all other souls when the people wear diapers in their deathbed because like children they have sealed the main energy axis underneath and their energy connection with the planet is interrupted. Then during the transition, the Soul often gets stuck between dimensions or at most gets to the astral plane. If the Soul has to reach higher planes and the person is sealed through a plastic diaper, then this would require an enormous amount of precious Divine energy.

3. Who introduced this innovation – the diapers, which are harmful to man, when he comes into incarnation, and when he goes out of it, that is at the entrance and the exit? Whose interests does it serve?

Answer: Pampers, as well as GMO foods, are inventions made entirely under the influence of the forces of the illusion and serve their interests. They 'facilitated' raising children and taking care of the sick by which they caused great harm to humanity.

4. What is it best to be done now and in the future to correct this distortion and eliminate the harm?

Answer: People should stop wearing synthetic fabrics on any part of their body. Lord Shiva already told you that in the very first Message that you received on 1 June 2010. That is why it was given on 1 June – the international day of the child and is a very important key Messages! The answer is there; it is clear, precise and concise, there isn’t another answer.

Questions of the participants during the meeting:

Participant 1: Do sanitary towels have the same harmful impact?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, they have the same impact. While using sanitary towels during those few days of the menstrual cycle, the main energy axis is blocked. For that reason, many women do not feel well during their monthly cycle, which takes a lot harder than the usual course. But that only applies when the sanitary towels in use are made of synthetic materials. Everything is all right if during the monthly cycle you use natural materials such as cotton wool, wrapped in sterile cotton gauze.

Even more harmful is wearing synthetic tights, as well as the combination of pantyhose/tights and socks both made of synthetic materials, as this impede the proper flow of energy in the first and second major chakras as well as the chakras on the legs and especially on the feet. Furthermore, unlike feminine sanitary pads, which are worn only a few days a month, the tights and pantyhose might often be worn and for a long time, almost every day.

Participant 2: Often a urinary catheter is inserted on seriously ill people who are on their deathbed, to facilitate the work of the maintenance personnel. Is its effect the same?

Rositsa Avela: It is different because it is without the sealing of the main energy axis, as the body remains open underneath (at the bottom). In that case, there aren't the harmful effects of which we spoke earlier.

Participant 3: I thought that when I'm in town, I have to wear clothes made of synthetic to be protected better, am I right?

Rositsa Avela: It is exactly the opposite. When a person wears clothes made of synthetic materials, its natural protection decreases. It is completely wrong to believe that wearing clothes made of synthetic materials brings some extra protection.


To be continued.