Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 16

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela: I would start a big topic now regarding the objects – what to do with them and how to utilise them in the best for us from the Divine's perspective way.

The provision of information on the subject is dictated by reasons of safety for our lives in the new conditions, caused by an increase in the vibration of the planet and the appearance of representatives of another network of the illusion.

The instruction from Above is that the greatest good for each of us now is to get rid of all foreign objects regardless how valuable they are for each of us, without exceptions! To get rid of them by selling them.

That way everyone will clear and make safe his home, his place of work, the space around himself and the loved ones. Because currently, almost every man has no knowledge what his future holds. Items given as present may turn out to be a big trap for the whole family. For all relatives.

Everything that man needs he can acquire again, but in the right way – by buying it. Because if an object has been given to him by someone, and he hasn't bought it himself, there is no way for him to know at what point that person (the giver) may lose his purity, in which energy networks he is and how harmful would be the impact of that given object then for him and his relatives.

There needs to be a deed of sale (the act of purchase), where the person pays for the object with his money or through his labour. Both his money and his labour are carriers of his energy, and when a person pays with these, the energy connection between the object and its former owner is interrupted. Otherwise, even if the given object stays with the person to whom it was given, and he uses it and is entitled to dispose of it, the item remains a property of the giver – the one who has produced it or bought it and given it without being paid for it.

When the owner of the donated/given object – the one who produced it or bought it make his transition the ownership of the object passes to his descendants and became a co-owned property that carries the energies of all owners. All these energies then affect the one to whom the object is given and his relatives.

When someone gives an object, which he did not pay for, as he received that object as a gift, the one who gets the gift would be without the slightest idea who is actually still the owner of the object. And whose energies the object would channel in his home or wherever he is – wherever that object is located. Since the object is a carrier of the energy of its owner it affects other people – both those who use it and all residents in the vicinity and the entire space around the object.

blue-dotIf the owner of the given object is in the Light network of the planet, but he continuously burdens himself with plenty of karma and falls into negative states, that is among the options with less harmful effects. The one who was given the object may get that negativity and will have to transmute it.

blue-dotIf the owner is in the network of the darkness, his object becomes a sort of relay/translator, through which the Divine energy of the gifted person (to whom the object was given) is transferred to the network of the darkness. And that may happen continuously, as long as he has that object even if he doesn't use it. Then the person feels tired in his own home without knowing the reason for that and usually lacks the willingness and strength to work.

blue-dotIf the owner of the object is a man that has lost his purity and fell into the new network of the illusion, then the object becomes 'dead' object with entirely drained energy. It can 'absorb' a huge amount of energy from everyone and everything in the area and especially from the one to whom it was given. That may quickly lead to illness of the physical body of that person and his relatives who use it. Because such objects are like 'black holes'.

In the latter case, even if the person has bought that object it is like buying a cursed object. It remains 'dead' object. The harmful strength the object may be different, depending on the energy strength of the giver, or respectively the seller, who is a representative of the new network of the illusion. Even if the detrimental effect is weaker, one way or another it is harmful, and it is present. Because, as I said, these objects are 'without a soul', their energy was drained. Dead objects that only take away the energy of their new owner and the surrounding space, because that is how they have been programmed or rather – they are already energetically degenerate and are like a black hole, which a person buys, and it becomes his.

When an item was produced by a man who is pure, and the item is bought while he is still pure, then even if that man later loses his purity, the item is safe, because its ownership was changed while it was a 'living' object. But when a clean object has been given as a gift, and after that, its owner loses his purity it becomes a 'black hole'. And even if later the one who got the gift pay for the object to its owner that doesn't matter because that object remains a 'black hole'.

Similar situation, but with a less harmful effect is if a person has items that have been donated or given as a gift by a man who currently is or has been in the network of the darkness when he bought and give them.

Participant 1: If we buy an object which was produced by someone who has lost his purity, that object will be dangerous and will absorb the energy of its owner and his family as a 'black hole', right?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, to a greater or lesser extent.

Participant 2: If in a large company whose owner is a pure man, but one of the workers has lost his purity and produces some object, what kind of object that would be?

Rositsa Avela: Only that object would be harmful within the entire batch.

Participant 1: Is it possible to recognise such objects.

Rositsa Avela: One who is in the Light network feels the good energy of the objects when he comes into contact with them and avoids the harmful objects in a completely natural way because the harmful objects repel him instead of attracting him and being appreciated by him. Like attracts like, you know that, right? That is an internal feeling.

Participant 2: What if the purchase is made through Internet? Nowadays many items are purchased via the Internet.

Rositsa Avela: Then a person can go wrong. If it turns out that the object is harmful and gets in your home, it is highly probable that some bad things will happen. If a person feels tired, he should quickly get rid of that item by selling it. Again via the Internet. The more pure the man is, the more clearly he feels what the energy of the objects is. Therefore, because of all that and everything else, we were told from Above to preserve our purity at all levels and to guard our Divine energy as the greatest treasure. Because the more time accelerates its move, the more we will need these.

Participant 1: Do we create karma when you sell such an object, knowing that it is harmful?

Rositsa Avela: We were told from Above to get rid of harmful objects by selling them – objects that we have bought being unvigilant or foreign/donated objects that are harmful or at any time in the future may become such. We were told to do that as the best thing for the moment. And when we do it we don't create a karmic burden, the other way around – then we comply with what we were instructed from Above, and we create good karma.

If the harmful object is bought by a Light person, who through that helps us at that moment, he creates for himself a good karma that protects him from the harmful effects of that object. Or perhaps he transforms his negative karma by freeing us from the harmful object by buying it from us if, for instance, he is our karmic debtor. Then he can free himself from the object by selling it in turn. By being Light being, he will quickly detect the harmfulness of that object.

If the harmful object is bought by someone who has lost his purity and is in the new network of the illusion, all that is irrelevant, and there isn't harmful effect for him because the object is in the same network.

Participant 1: May we burn such an object?

Rositsa Avela: If the item is in good condition and it is burned that would create negative karma for the one who is doing that because that way the resources on the planet are wasted.

Participant 2: What if a man, for example, buys a car and some of its parts have been made by a person who has lost his purity?

Rositsa Avela: Then the car starts to break down quickly.

Participant 2: Therefore, only old cars would remain.

Rositsa Avela: It is the other way around. People who have lost their purity will use them. And cars will serve them very well. It is good that there are such objects because otherwise the resources on the planet would be wasted even more. Therefore, these objects should be sold instead of destroying them.


To be continued.