Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 18

Questions and answers

Continuation of the topic on objects.

Questions of the participants in the meeting on the subject:

Participant 1: I want to lease a car. The car is owned by someone else, but I pay for it every month. After three years, I return the car and take a new one. During all this time I just use it. What happens in that case from an energy point of view?

Rositsa Avela: In that case, the most important is what the owner of the object is, the car – whether he is pure or he has lost his purity and is already in the new network of the illusion.

Participant 1: At present, the bank's owners are usually companies with many shareholders.

Rositsa Avela: The most important question, in that case, is the question you asked on one of the recent meetings: When a bank or some association with a number of owners move into the new network of the illusion? Answer: At the moment when all co-owners lose their purity.

Participant 1: Is, therefore, the safest way to buy on instalment plan – on credit?

Rositsa Avela: It is best for a man to acquire a full ownership of the objects he uses. But when he lacks such a possibility to do it, it is better now, in these times, if he buys on credit to do so from banks or other large companies that have many co-owners – as much as possible. When buying on credit, there is another trap of the illusion – the interest, but it is the lesser evil now when the representatives of the new network of the illusion appeared.

Participant 2: Is everything right if the credit is at 0% interest?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, and that is the best option. When the bank provides the credit, it gets a percentage of the profit from the seller. For example, someone wants to buy a particular brand car on credit. The bank gives him an interest-free loan, that is to say, he would pay in the future for some years as much as if he would have paid for the car in cash now, and the bank gets its profit for this loan from the seller. The seller willingly pays a certain percentage to the bank, so that the bank provides such interest-free loans and people buy this car brand in particular instead of another. In that case, everything is right and is part of the sales contract.

Participant 1: I own a trading company. I order 10,000 leaflets and distribute them to people for free. I do it for my job to increase my income. In that case, do I bind myself karmically with all these people?

Rositsa Avela: When that is part of your job, everything is fine and without a karmic burden for anyone.


To be continued.