Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 20

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela: The following are questions and their answers given from Above on the subject of things.

Question: What happens in energy with an object or property if it is co-owned with a person who has lost his purity? For example, if two brothers have received an inheritance and one of them has lost his purity? What is then the best thing to do from the Lord's point of view?

Answer: If the owner of the property has lost his purity and then he has made a transition, it is best for his heirs to sell that property.

If a pure person by mistake or due to karmic bonds buys, for instance, a property that is owned by someone who has lost his purity, it is also best to sell it very quickly, immediately, as soon as he feels unwell in it.

If one of the two or more co-owners/heirs of an object or set of objects loses his purity, it is best either to divide the inheritance or only one to remain the owner and to pay the shares to the rest of the co-owners/heirs.

Question: What happens if a person stays in the yard or in the house of a man who has lost his purity? Is it harmful to him if the owner is absent for a short or a long time?

Answer: The best is to avoid contact with such people in every way possible, as well as passing through their land or living on their land or in their house, and also to avoid contact with their family and their animals if there are such.

Any contact with these people, their possessions, their relatives and their animals takes away your energy and is therefore harmful to every living person and generally for any living being.

It is best to stop the access to your home for a person who has lost his purity and in the presence of which you feel unwell. But there are exceptions, of course. There are cases in which it is impossible to avoid such a visit. For example, when you expect a public official or some civil servant who takes readings of water meters, electricity, etc.

In all these cases when you lack the knowledge whether the visitor is pure or has lost his purity, you need to make sure that he would finish his job very quickly and go away without holding him in your home and without asking him any questions.

If he is working slowly or if he is talkative and asks you unnecessary and extraneous questions tell him: 'Excuse me, I'm in a hurry, I have an urgent business, so please finish your work faster.' And when he came out of your house if you want something to ask him, go out while he is still close and ask him the question by saying that you reminded of something to ask.


To be continued.