Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 21

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela: Now we continue with more questions and their answers given from Above on the subject of things.

Question: A person who currently is in the network of Light has some belongings, which are his property. However, he bought them when he was in the network of the darkness. How does that affect him and his things?

For example, a person goes to buy a certain item, but in the meanwhile, he gets into a situation where he becomes highly negative, annoyed. In that state, while he changed the network he buys the item, or he needs to buy an item in the period of his life when he feels miserable, or something constantly happens to him because of the increased amount of negative karma descending for working off, etc. Items purchased at such times are and remain a property of that person. When he has calmed down, and he is in the network of Light, he uses them. What is the best to do from the Lord's points of view with such items?

Answer: The energy of things changes with time because, as a rule, they follow the network of their owner. Accordingly, the items in that example can also move into the network of Light and stay in it. However, that happens when the person is stable in the network of Light. Otherwise, things very quickly break as the frequent change of the network is bad for the structure of the material from which they are made.

For that reason, it is best for a person to be permanent and stable in the network of Light. Then his things will be tough and very durable in the future.

If an object that is a property of a person, who is strong in the network of Light and is almost constantly in it, for some reason is saturated with negative energy, that object most likely will break or will cause constant irritation in people who use it later being in the network of Light.

Therefore, it is best to immediately free yourself from such things by selling or repairing them – then the object energetically re-polarise.

It is best to keep your belongings for your personal use only and to operate them personally so that only your energy enter them. An exception are the family members – but note – only if they are in the same network with the owner of the item.

If someone is relative but lives elsewhere and is not a part of that household or lack stability in the network of Light, then for a person who is almost constantly in the network of Light it is best to abstain giving him his items to use, as because they will quickly break. If that happens and such 'energy drained' item is returned to its owner the item will take away his energy, which will cause his irritation. And that person hardly guesses what the cause of his annoyance is.

The same may happen when a person uses foreign items. For that reason, it is best for a person to refrain using a foreign items because if they break while he is using them, he will be wondering how to return them.

The greater the difference in energy and vibration between the owner of an item and the one who uses it, the stronger the effect of that item breaking down while being used by that person. And that relation would become even stronger as a result of the ongoing processes on the planet at the moment.

As for the people who have lost their purity and whether it is good for them to use your belongings and for you to use theirs – it is pointless to even to speak about it. Because the best for you is that they are without access to your home and your belongings and you refrain from using their belongings if you want to feel healthy and be healthy.

Participant: In my work, I was given an item to be at my disposal, and I have signed a document that I am financially responsible for it. Now, while I work with that item I saturate it with Light – consciously or unconsciously. What could be expected if that item was used in the past by a person from the illusion, who is completely in the network of the darkness? What should I do, so that everything is all right and the item stays intact?

I had the following situation: before I started, where I work at the moment, it was known that all the cables of that equipment are in good working condition. When I started work two-thirds of the cables broke down, and everyone was surprised how that happened. Even though there were witnesses to what happened, and no-one accused me of that, now I have to keep repairing them.

Rositsa Avela: That's what we talked about above. You've already experienced it on yourself. These are normal processes. When you started to work in that place, the energy network of these cables has changed.

The best thing you can do to keep the objects at your work in good condition for longer, providing other people are using them as well, is to try to go to work very well fed, to avoid doing any spiritual practices in the workplace and rapidly increase your energy and vibration. Also, to avoid going to work in the morning immediately after the end of your work in spirituality. Remember to always make an invocation to Buddha Vairochana for directing the energy of your service to your causal body before leaving the house.


To be continued.