Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 22

Questions and answers

Rositsa Avela: On 2 January this year I was a given a verse-guidance for the foreign and harmful items, and then I was advised to ask which items are foreign and which are harmful. I will read this verse and the answer that was given to the recommended question now.

If there are any questions that you might have during the reading, you can ask them.

Verse-guidance on 2 January 2016
Work a lot and intensively, even without interruption,
and fulfil the new program given from Above,
checks all your belongings one by one,
put aside those that are foreign or harmful
and prepare them for sale,
burn those that are unsuitable for selling
on a waning moon and say:

'As these items burn
may burn all the evil in the world,
may burn all that's illusory in me …… (the first name)
may my house free from the energies
of bad memories, stagnation and harmfulness!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

Then free yourself from all these separate items
sell them bravely without regrets
and the sooner they leave your house, the better!

In this verse-guidance, quite a lot of the Teaching on items is explained in very few words. As an answer to my question about the foreign and harmful items I was given Knowledge for the right from the Lord's perspective disposal and usage of the objects that surround us on the material plane and that we use in life.

The received Knowledge takes into account the new conditions on planet Earth. It is part of the Teaching that is given from Above now to help our successful passage through the current times. This Teaching is given in the form of questions and answers that are announced at our meetings and then published on the website as part of these meetings. As you know, this program was launched after the announcement made from Above in 2014 about the termination of giving Messages, and it is a natural continuation of the Messages received until 2014 and including 2014. The Teaching that we would be given and how much of it we would be given depends on all of us – on the questions we ask, the energy level at which we are when we ask and the level of our consciousness. I will use the occasion to thank all who ask questions on UNIFICATION website and also during our meetings.

We talked about the objects on the meetings we had so far, and this information has yet to be published on the website. As the time changes quite rapidly, the increasing karmic burden of some people, as well as the loss of their purity, can do a lot of harm to other people, who are using their belongings.

For this reason, due of the importance of the subject, although on our previous meetings and this meeting up to this moment we said a lot about the objects, although something can be repeated, I was told to disclose the information below in full and without cuts. Because we live in precisely this material world, surrounded by belongings wherever we are, and usually the life of most of the people on this planet passes among them.

It was recommended from Above in these times that are ongoing as an important program for every Bright man, who wants to be well – to free himself from all foreign and harmful objects.


These are two separate categories of objects.

Foreign objects

Foreign objects are those that we have lent, we were given as present or have come to us sometime, somewhere and by someone without us paying for them, or give something in return – items, work or something else.

Foreign objects are still energetically connected with their owner – the one who bought them and had given them. It is possible that we have some items without being given to us, which we use. We may have forgotten where certain items came from, items that we have but we neither bought, nor were given as a gift, nor borrowed, nor obtained in exchange for other our items or work.

For example, after a student party at the home of the host remain cups that nobody is looking for, the host does not know, and there is no way of knowing who they belong to, as many people came, some of whom he saw for the first and probably the last time. The host begins to use them in his household. The owner, however, remains the one who manufactured them initially or the one who acquired them by paying for them with money or in other ways – for example, in exchange for his belongings or labour.

The one who has the foreign object, regardless of how it came to him – whether it was a gift or not, is only its user, which usually has the right to dispose of the item according to his wish, including selling it, destroying/burning it or throw it away.

If it is detrimental for an item to be burned, for example, due to the release into the atmosphere of toxic gases during the burning, if it is impossible to be sold or fixed, for example, due to the excessive wear, defect or costly repair, only then, as a last option, when lack other options it is recommended that the item is removed from home by throwing it away. Even faulty items can be sold for spare parts at very low cost, for example for 1 lev (0.5 Euro), through the Internet and usually, there are people willing to buy them.

The most important thing is to pay money for an item so that the energy bond of the item with its previous owner interrupt. The payment for an item is protection for the buyer because after paying the price, he can safely use the item without being harmful to him. Because the energy connection of the item with its previous owner is interrupted, but only provided that the item has never been a property of a person that has lost his purity.

If a person missed making a payment or exchange for an item, any change in the energy of the real owner, and especially if he loses his purity and moves into the new network of the illusion, affects the item with all the implications for the person using it. For his relatives with whom he lives and works and also on the surrounding space – the Living Life around and even on his other belongings.

Similar influence and a process of energy interaction exist in the opposite direction as well – from the item to the owner, with its full measure. Moreover – an item donated or left for using creates an energy link between the donor or the borrower on one side and the person to whom the gift is made or user on the other. That connection continues to exist until the item exists, even if it is not used by the person to whom it was given or the user of the item and only lies somewhere in the home/property.

That energy connection is realised exactly by the item that is given as a gift or borrowed for usage and the connection works in both directions. Any change in the energy of the person to whom the item is given as a gift or borrowed influences the energy of the item – item's energy is changing, and that energy influence is extended to the owner of the item – the one who has donated it or borrowed it to be used.

That two-way energy connection can be interrupted when the person buys the item given as a gift to him or the item lent to him from the owner of the item for some price, even the lowest. That recommendation applies only to the cases in which the owner of the property is pure. If we are without the knowing whether he is pure or not, the only way out is to sell the item to free ourselves from it or return it immediately to its owner, if we knew who he is and the item was lent to us for temporary use.

Until recently people gave to each other different things, also borrowed items for temporary use and that was the way to implement an energy exchange between them without specific harmful consequences. But now the situation on the planet has changed radically. It is our job to take all necessary measures in the future for our safety, to preserve our and ours relatives Divine energy, because our future and the continued existence and development of humankind depends on it.

When a person is away from home, among other people and objects, if he feels some negative energy or feels unwell, he can change his location, however being in his home he couldn’t do that. Therefore, it is necessary to take care to free his home from foreign and harmful items.

Objects themselves also have their energy, and some of them may have a stronger positive or negative energy, depending on the energies which have been subjected to and which they 'absorbed' from the surrounding space. That is the reason behind the folklore wisdom that says it's wrong to give a knife as a gift and it is always necessary to pay for it, even a symbolic price. The candles, as well, because they can cause a fire.

That ancient folk wisdom is based on the idea that for everything that constitutes a danger, one has to pay for it to interrupt its energy connection with the owner and then the item becomes safe to use. Even if the seller, giver or the one who borrow the item for usage have programmed in the item negative thoughts or even negative wishes to that person.

Now, in the time we live in, every foreign item given to us as a present or a foreign item that somehow is in our environment, at any time may become particularly harmful if its owner loses his purity.

Payment for the items, as we have already discussed during this meeting, may be done with money, payment in kind – by exchanging for other items and also in the form of work done. That happens very often in mutual relations between the neighbours when a person helps by working, and the other thanks him by giving him something in return – for example, products from his garden. In that case, the work is considered paid when both parties agree that what was given from the garden is sufficient.


To be continued.