Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 25

Foreign things (continuation)


Participant: On a birthday people bring gifts, and the person who has the birthday give them a treat, therefore he pays for the presents he received, and they become his property, right?

Rositsa Avela: It turns out that the answer is negative. I will explain now.

In almost all cases besides giving a gift, the guests bless or express their good wishes 'I wish you ...' to the birthday person. That person gives his guests a treat precisely for these wishes, so that they may realise in the life of that person during the following year – in our example with the birthday. From the Divine point of view, the wishes are the most important and greatest gift; the treat is given only for the wishes, so that they may happen, be manifested on the material plane in the life of the person who has the birthday. The same applies for every type of celebration, where some presents are given and some wishes are pronounced.

Participant: So, what happens with the gift – does it remain a foreign thing? What should be done with the gift, should we pay to the person who gives it to us, or we should rather refuse to accept it?

Rositsa Avela: It is best to accept the gift. And later there are several options how such gift being a foreign thing becomes a property of the person who received it. Everyone decide which option to choose, according to the situation and his desire:

1. To pay for the gift to the one who makes it, by giving him some symbolic amount. That option is the least recommended because the guest who gives the gift may be offended. Everyone must be careful to preserve and even to increase the joy of others, instead of reducing it or even completely taking it away.

2. To give some gift in return. The best way to achieve that in our example with the birthday is the birthday person to provide some present for the guests immediately after they arrive and give their gift to him. He might give each one of them for instance inflated balloon, cone party hat, etc. That way, the birthday person naturally becomes the owner of all received gifts, and then they can stay in his home.

Another question is whether the gifts in these two options that becomes personal property to the birthday person bring good to him or remain harmful to some degree for him and his family. As you already know, that may happen if the birthday person is for example in the network of Light and the guest in the network of the darkness. Or if one of the gifts is made by someone who has lost his purity and in that case, the gift remains a black hole, which continuously takes away the energy of the one who is using it and everyone and everything around, regardless of being the new owner of this present.

3. To sell the gift in the fastest way during the next few days. That is the safest option.


This knowledge is given to us now, according to the situation in these times, so that it would be applied from now on. However, a person may have in his home gifts, which are foreign things originating from various people and celebrations. These things may be virtually harmless, but they also may be very harmful. Any harmless foreign item may become extremely harmful at any time if the person who gave it and is still its owner loses his purity.

That is why in our example with the birthday, when the child has a birthday, the parents who follow the recommendations given from Above, may protect and free themselves, their child, which is the birthday child, other their relatives and their house from the influence of the energies of other people if they wish. And from creation of energy bonds with everyone who has bring a present if later on that present remains as a foreign thing in the house, or to protects themselves from serious energy drain if any of the gifts comes from a person who has lost his purity, even if the present becomes a personal property of the birthday child, by refusing to use the items given as gifts on the birthday and make what is needed to get rid of them, ideally by selling them even cheaply.

It is required to sell the thing and take some money for it so that the energy bond with the previous owner of the thing is interrupted. Such a selling for cheap may bring a lot of joy to someone who purchases the item and that joy is transferred to the seller and his relatives as well. Moreover, the seller creates good karma for himself when he sells the given thing for cheap to people with lower income, who otherwise hardly could afford to buy it from the store for its regular price. That is the greatest reward for the seller*. In that case, it is triggered another mechanism – Divine one. When a person sells for cheap and by doing that brings joy to others, later, when he needs to buy something for himself, even if that is very expensive, he finds the needed money and finds to buy exactly what he needs, in the exact moment, when that is needed and the item he buys has the highest quality and extremely low price!

Thanks to these sales, when a person frees himself very cheaply from the foreign and harmful things, he creates (works out) for himself the Divine opportunity to acquire in the future everything he needs of the highest quality and at the lowest possible price. We can only say 'Thank You, Lord!'

Can you see how wonderful that is – when you bring joy to others who are in need, then God takes care of you the best way, so that to you will be happy in the future. That is what happens.

For any celebration, preventive actions are the best – one of the parents could easily tell in advance each of the guests when he invites him: 'For this celebration, we have decided to collect gifts in the form of money.' After the celebration, they can separate from all collected cash gifts a Divine Tithing and Donation to God to clean money from the karma of their previous owners. Then all needed thing that would be purchased for the child would be useful and will bring good to him, to the entire house and all its habitants.

Participant: Complex science.

Rositsa Avela: It is the opposite. Our ancestors did all that. They had this knowledge, and they were doing things right from the Divine perspective, in a fruitful way for them.

Participant: They were acting right inherently, and now we have to solve for ourselves all these old problems.

Rositsa Avela: That is because the old Knowledge was forgotten and distorted. Now, it is given to us again. In the Messages, we are told many times: 'Be pure; keep your purity; clean yourself and around yourself.' And also 'Act! You have so much work to do.' etc. Now has come the time to do it, to work that out in our life. That is why we have these meetings so that we are given the support from the Above and Knowledge of how to act.

Participant: When we go to birthdays is it best for us to give money as a gift?

Rositsa Avela: That's right. That is the best – to give a money gift or to say that he would like to receive such gift.

Every person may have such a course of behaviour and to calmly say that he prefers to choose and buy for himself one bigger present, which he currently needs, and every guest of the celebration may give him a money gift according to his wish and capabilities at the moment.

And vice versa – he must refrain himself to buy things as a gift to someone else but rather make his gift in the form of money. Providing he wants to feel good in the future without being endangered when something bad happens to the person, he made his gift and then consequently the negative influence affect him and his family through the thing he gave.

Things may be given as gifts only in extreme cases. Here in Bulgaria in some workplaces it is customary, for example on Christmas, to draw a raffle and employees to exchange gifts accordingly. Nobody knows who will get his gift and whose gift he will receive. That remains a secret even after the presents have been exchanged. Also, there is no way to refuse participation in this event. In such cases where it is mandatory to give a gift, it is best to choose a gift that is a consumable, has a short expiry date and would be consumed quickly, for instance, some exotic food or a delicacy.


The foreign things may be both harmful and without harmful effect. They might even be useful. That depends on the person that gave the gift and his state at the time when the gift was given. That situation, however, is quite unpredictable and nobody knows what may happen at any moment in time in which we live now.

A thing that is useful may turn into harmful if the person who given it as a gift, heavily burden himself with karma as a consequence of admitted wrong choices in life. Or due to the activation of a significant amount of negative karmic records in his aura whose time to be worked out has come according to the cosmic clock in conditions of the accelerated times. That badly affects the state of all its property, including the thing that he has given as a gift.

A thing may turn into an extremely harmful if the one who has given it as a gift loses his purity on the subtle plane.

A foreign thing may be harmful to the one to whom it was given even from the moment it was given if the person who gives it is significantly more burdened with karma then the person to whom it is given or when the giver has lost its purity at the time of its donation.

As to this point, currently and most likely in the near future, people who are heavily burdened with karma are eager to make gifts. Through these gifts they give to people parts of their karma so that they would work it off for them when they start using the received gift. Such people feel wonderful. They speak the truth when they say how much they like to make gifts. Moreover, the given thing is energy connected with the person who has given it, and that person can draw energy from the one who has received the gift and his family at any time.

In previous years, this effect was barely noticeable, but now in these times in parallel with the changes of the situation on the planet such things have an even stronger negative effect, as more and more energy is drawn from those who use these things.

That is why it is important that this Teaching reach as many people as possible. As you can see, the Teaching is given. It would be better for people to think about it and stop living in the old way because everything is changing very quickly. We live in accelerated times present during the transition between the two root races, and we need to change the image of our life, to feel good, to preserve our Divine energy and to preserve our purity.


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* Note from Rositsa Avela:
There was a question in regards to this paragraph, which was answered below:

I have a question about the meaning of the following sentence in part 25: 'That is the greatest reward for the seller'?

Answer on 18 October 2016

Highlighted sentence is meaningful in relation to the previous and the following one. The biggest reward for the seller is the joy that comes from the buyer and his relatives, which is transferred to the seller and his relatives. As well as the good karma that he creates by selling for cheap, but only to people with low incomes who have no opportunity to buy such items and they need it. That joy enhances the personal protection of the selling person, which is a kind of immunity on the subtle plane; the good karma allows that person to receive help from Above in a difficult moment when he asks for it. When the sell is complete that activates the Divine mechanism described above, which is also a reward – an additional reward from Above for the seller.


To be continued.