Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 26

Harmful things


The second category of things are the harmful things. A person needs to immediately free himself from these, without delay and the sooner, the better. The harmful things may be both foreign and own things.

For example, items at home and clothes from synthetic fabrics and/or black colour are harmful to the people who live in God and are predominantly or entirely in the Light network on the planet Earth.

It was stated from Above to be uncompromising with regards to our clothing if we want to be well in the future.

The clothing that is useful and good from the Divine perspective for people being in the Light network is the following:

1. It is made of 100% natural plant fabrics – cotton, flax, hemp, bamboo, ..., and their mixtures with each other, regardless of the ratio;

2. It is white or has one of the colours of the rainbow, excluding the black, grey or whichever very dark colour. A combination of colours of the rainbow might be used and in that case, the garment is two-coloured or multi-coloured, composed of bright colours. The best effect, however, has monochrome clothes. If a man wears dark pants, his top shirt is good to be bright. The rainbow is the testament of God for the people. All colours that are missing in the rainbow are without recommendations (poorly recommended) to wear, for example, the brown is composed of several colours, one of which is the grey and all shades of grey are derived from the black colour. In ancient times, people wore clothes with pure colours of the rainbow and were healthy;

3. 3. It covers well the body and protects it from harmful influences – long-sleeved, long pants for men and long skirts or dresses for women. It is known, for example, the harmful effect of UV rays passing the atmosphere through the ozone holes with intensity greater than the one being healthy for man;

4. It is a private property of the one who wears it. We have already clarified in detailed which things are personal property. These that are purchased with our money or for which we have given our things or work in exchange. Or for which we have provided some service in exchange (for example to allow the seller to live together with his family in our villa on the sea for one week by his choice in exchange for acquisition of some item). Or we have received it as a heritage. Even those who cannot afford to buy things, but people give them such things, these things may become their property if they immediately offer in return his work to the one who gave them. For example, to help him in something or to bless him. The Blessing is a kind of work in spirituality, a work of the highest order and when it is done wholeheartedly is very valuable repayment for anything that is given to us in materiality.

5. It is purchased with so-called 'clean' money – this is money for which Divine tithes and Donation to God were separated immediately upon receiving, in observance of the Divine Law;

6. It is energy purified periodically. Which means at least once a month, when we have prepared the full moon water, to energy clean with it the whole wardrobe by spraying it on all clothes, shoes and the things in the house in general.

In the case when a person has experienced strong negativity or other illusory feeling or something else bad happened, while he was wearing specific clothes, as soon as he took these clothes off, he should spray them with the three types of water. Full moon water, holy water taken from the church and Live water that everyone prepares himself by pronouncing above the water the invocation given by Lord Shiva. Because even if these clothes are washed after that in a washing machine, they still may produce a harmful effect while wearing them again, if they are still contaminated with negative energy.

As you can see one should make an effort to feel good in his clothes and order his clothes to make his life easier instead of hampering it and even becoming sick.

Participant 1: It is known that the synthetic fabrics decompose into toxic substances under the influence of the ultraviolet rays.

Rositsa Avela: The black colour attracts the gamma rays from the solar spectrum which are passing through the air/(atmosphere) and reaching the human body even when it is cloudy. That is a scientifically established fact. Also, that the gamma rays are harmful because when they reach the body, that leads to shortening of life at the cellular level. The normal lifespan of a cell is:

birth – growth – work – ageing – death.

When wearing black clothes or when the black colour is present in the clothes of a person, even though only partially, it happens the following:

birth – growth – rapid ageing – death.

As you can see, when a person dresses in black, he shortens his life himself. The fashion of wearing black clothes is imposed by the forces of the illusion. Only they benefit when a person suffers, is ill and less productive because then the forces of the illusion can freely draw from his energy.

Participant 1: Professionals who work in nuclear installations and radiologists are dressed in white to reflect the harmful radiation. It has been scientifically established that in that case, the most reliable protection is wearing completely white clothes. The White colour is the only filter.

Participant 2: Medics are also dressed in white. In addition to protection from the harmful radiation, does the white colour acts as a filter for diseases as well, does it repels them?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, but only if the clothes are made from 100% natural plant fabrics/tissues. The white colour passes the energies coming from Higher octaves of Light, passes the positivity and is a natural barrier for the negativity, for the heavy lower energies coming from the network of the darkness. The black colour passes exactly these lower energies and the negativity.

That is exactly why in ancient times priests serving the Father who were in the network of Light and have worked with the pure and radiant energy of the Creation were dressed entirely in white. However, the black mages serving the forces of darkness, feeding themselves with and working with the negative energies were dressed in black.

Participant 2: So, what is the reason nowadays priests and monks to be dressed in black?

Rositsa Avela: The priests in Orthodox are dressed in white and gold when performing service in the church to accept the Lord’s Light, the energy of Divine Love. So that it multiplies during the service, to pour over all present people and they receive it if they are in Divine attunement and properly dressed. Sometimes priests dress in black, monks and nuns are dressed entirely in black because their service is to accept the negativity from the world around and convert it into Divine Light. They pray for forgiveness of sins of all Living people and take for transmuting a negative karma from various levels:

blue-dotFrom those who bring gifts to God and give them to them, which helps them to be able to continue to serve for the benefit of the Living life;

blue-dotFrom the people and the country on whose territory they carry out their service;

blue-dotFrom all Living human beings on this planet.

That is how it supposed to be, and that is how it is when the Christian priests, monks and nuns are in God and do their work from all their hearts.

The priests and monks in Buddhism are dressed in yellow to energy connect with the buddhas and bodhisattvas, who serve on the ray of Divine Wisdom, and the colour of that ray is yellow.

Participant 3: In Poland, there is a tradition to dress entirely in black clothes when a person goes to a funeral, and everyone has in his wardrobe clothing for such situations. Is that right and good?

Rositsa Avela: In Bulgaria, the situation is the same. That is a harmful custom because it destroys the protection of man when he is both dressed in black and receives the negative energies from everyone around who is filled with such negative energy by being sorrowful, instead of accepting that the exit from incarnation is something good thing and even being joyful. In these times exiting of person from its incarnation is the most joyful event, because his soul is saved for further evolution and he can return Home. If he stays longer in incarnation, being more and more burdened with karma, there is a danger of him losing his purity!

Participant 3: On one of the first meetings in Poland you have explained us about the harmfulness of wearing black clothes. Later, when I was at the funeral of my brother, I was fighting with myself how to dress – entirely in black or not. My Soul give me a hint, and I dressed with a white blouse; everyone was looking at me very strange.

Rositsa Avela: Trust me, your brother enjoyed that. His soul enjoyed seeing you in white colour. For him, that was a joyful ray in the general field of grief. Do you know how depressing for the Souls that exit from incarnation is to watch all his loved ones sunk in grief? That is very depressing for them. Everyone would like to help the Soul of his close, that just got out of incarnation, right? Everyone would want to give it relief and reassurance, but this wouldn’t happen if there are black clothes and sorrowful behaviour during the funeral, before and after it. Instead of the Soul being supported by its close ones, which Soul sometimes unexpectedly for herself exit from incarnation and may be in stress, the close ones that supposed to be helping the Soul, needs to be supported! So, you can see what kind of distortion of understanding happens in reality.

Participant 3: I need to warn my family that when I exit from my incarnation, I would like them to be dressed in colourful and even bright clothes, to be calm and know that everything is fine and I'm fine.

Rositsa Avela: Yes, let them be without any grief, without any black colour. Let all of them be joyful together with you. Because the exit from the incarnation means a new beginning. It means that a person returns Home to rest, to see all his close kindred Souls out there and to prepare for a new start. He finishes one cycle and immediately begins preparing himself for the new one. Preparation for it is the training of the Soul in the Higher octaves. This is like the end of the summer vacation when the Soul returns home for the next school year. Children enjoy the first day of school because they meet with their classmates and friends, right? And when the school year finishes, the Soul gladly goes to a new vacation – in a new incarnation. Somewhere in the universe, or maybe again here on the planet Earth, to make firm all that was learned during the school year and to gain by work new Divine qualities and perfections in the challenges that life presents to it when left without the supervision of his Teacher and has to make decisions herself. It is up to everyone individually how would he spend his vacation and what would happen. For some children, the vacation could be a real nightmare – there is someone who will bully them, or they will be bored or feel lonely, while for others it would be the most wonderful thing. Everyone design this for himself and that depends on his point of view and the tune of his consciousness. Coming into a new incarnation on the planet Earth is the most wonderful thing that may happen to any Bright Soul, because the new beginning would happen in the New World, which is pure and bright, and which is coming – the world of the New Order – the Divine order.

Whatever happens, a person should live in such a way that he enjoys everything, because everything that happens to him is the best. His Life is a gift from God containing the best option for his growth and the salvation of his Soul. He just needs to direct his consciousness in the right direction.


To be continued.