Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 27

Harmful things (continuation)


Another type of harmful things are those associated with bad memories.

Usually, when a person looks at such thing, his thought is directed to the person or the situation that is associated with the thing and during the establishment of that energy connection again and again with each subsequent look at the thing the person could lose his precious Divine energy every time.

Such things could be photos, souvenirs or anything, regardless of whether they were received as presents or they are own. It is possible that the person bought them himself, but he had been using them together with someone else and later during each consecutive use, each time he remembers something about the other person because the thing has absorbed some of his energy as well. When that happens, the person recalls something that the other person said or has done, which creates an energy bond with him or strengthens an already existing one.

Therefore, everyone needs to consider carefully and decide to what kind of memories his thoughts are directed by each of his things. If a person has experienced shock, some grief, stress, someone hurt him somehow or insulted him while he was wearing a specific garment, later on when we put on the same garment, and something bad happens to him again. Ideally, the person should be observant and notice that link.

For example, if a few bad incidents happened to a person while he wears the same garment, that means that the garment is encoded to be harmful. In that case, it would be better to take precautions and purify the energy of the garment to transform these negative energies. That could be done by spraying the garment with three types of water – full moon water, holy water (from the church, i.e. prepared by sacrum practising person) and Live Water – over which a person has pronounced the invocation from Lord Shiva. The garment could also be immersed in a wash basin with water and left overnight outdoor during the night of the full moon under the rays of the moon until the very dawn of the sun. Then if something bad happens to the person while he is wearing the same garment, he needs to sell that garment immediately. If selling it is impossible, then it needs to be burned. Finally, if it is impossible to sell or burn the garment, it needs to be recycled.

Therefore, it is necessary for one to be very observant and ready to quickly react to everything in the best from Divine point of view way. That purification, introspection and mindfulness are very important.

If something bad had happened, a person should be vigilant and with a high degree of awareness to notice immediately what is the connection between things and understand where the harm is. He needs to notice everything – which garment he wears, what objects he is surrounded with, where exactly he is, which people are in the same place, if in a car – who is its owner, what is there inside the car etc. at the time when the incident happened. Everything is important; it is possible that there is a foreign or harmful thing among the clothes of the person or surrounding him objects that have become especially harmful at that time.

If something similar happens again, the person should notice is there some item, which was present in both cases and is there something else that is repeated in that critical situation, i.e. he needs to try to find the cause immediately.

He needs to take care to transform and root cause as well:

blue-dotTo repent before the Father for everything sinned at all times;

blue-dotTo ask for receiving help from Above to transform into a Divine Light the root cause of that critical situation, and finally, needs

blue-dotTo thank for the help.

Because there is always a root cause and it is on the subtle plane, karmic one. The cause for what happened is a manifestation of a karma descending for working off at that moment, and that might be something on both the subtle plane and the physical plane.

The transformation of karma may happen on the physical plane through things as well. When that happens to some item it breaks, because it may have absorbed the whole negativity. In that case, the energy code of the object may change, after which its matter also changes its properties. That option is much better than something bad happening to a person, right?

Thus, when some item becomes harmful in whichever way, the person must thank the Father rather than being angry, worry or be a pity for what happened! The vigilance is required to notice the change of the thing because it might happen only on the subtle plane. If a person suddenly starts to get irritated by some item, that thing must be purified. And if its purification if without effect, the thing needs to be urgently eliminated/removed.

If a person is away from home, something serious is happening, and there are a lot of people, it is best for him to quickly leave that place, as obviously there is someone who is harmful at that moment, or there is something that is harmful at that moment.

It is advisable always to be ready to change your location immediately. In the future, that behaviour should become your way of life in the changed conditions of life on the planet. When you feel something bad, immediately move away. Even while being in your workplace, go to the toilet and stay there longer, as long as there is someone to replace you, while the dangerous person goes away, regardless whether he himself is the carrier of the danger or some of his belongings are highly harmful.

Of course, there are workplaces where it is very difficult for a person to get out of the situation. If he works with clients, and there isn’t anyone to replace him while he goes out for a while, and every day he feels even more unwell from the people, who he has to serve, what is best thing to do for a person who is in similar situation and who is predominantly in the network of Light?

The question should be rather: What is the best thing to do from the Divine perspective, i.e. from the Mighty I AM Presence point of view of that person and what is the best thing to do from the Lords perspective – the point of view of the Father, for someone who is in such a situation? The answer has been given to us from Above – the best thing for the person is to leave that job and to start another one, which is without direct communication with many customers.

Sometimes it is worth for a person to change his workplace to save himself. There are so many ways in which a person might be useful to others, himself and so many ways to earn his living. Sometimes it is worth to go for a lower paid job or a less prestigious job, which is less risky for his existence.

It is clear now that something new and extraordinary happens on the planet. The new circumstances assume applying in full, very accurately and timely everything we were told from Above in these times so that we can survive. The Masters teach us:

blue-dotTo observe ourselves and everything else,

blue-dotTo be ready to accept any change and

blue-dotTo react adequately to any change in us and around us.


Participant 1: I am confident that I have a thing at home, which is like a black hole and which I need to get rid of quickly. My question is whether the sale would neutralise the harm from that item or it needs to be neutralised somehow in advance so that it is harmless for the person who buys it?

Rositsa Avela: The item will go to the right place with the right person, if you say an invocation before you sell it, by saying:

Lord, I ...... (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask,
help this item to be sold quickly and safely to the one
to whom it is best to go from Your point of view.
(or: Help all these items to be sold quickly and safely
to these people to whom it is best from your point of view items to go.)
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank you, Lord, for the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Participant 1: What if the item is sold to a family member to make the sale quickly, is that good?

Rositsa Avela: When a person sells a foreign and/or harmful thing, it is absolutely compulsory that the item is sold and goes to someone who is completely separate person, outside of his surrounding, such as the family circle, at work or anywhere.

It would be good if every time a person begins cleaning of his home from foreign and harmful things, to say the following invocation:

Lord, I am starting to clean my home and my belongings
and I ...... (first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask
to give me help from Above,
to recall which things are foreign and
to feel which things are harmful,
so that I can separate all of them
and free my home, myself and my loved ones from the harm!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank you, Lord, for the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Participant 2: Should we sell out things on the big markets where used items are sold?

Rositsa Avela: Yes, you can also sell through the Internet or wherever. For example, you may write a label that says that all items are sold for 1 Dollar/Euro each.

Participant 1: When we stand to sell on the market, we may be visited by various people who talk to us and ask questions, in which case we would be unable to move away. Is that a danger?

Rositsa Avela: If a person says at home the first of two invocations, which is above, before going to the market, he is given protection from Above. It is best to gather in one separate place all foreign and/or harmful things until you clean the whole house and then to take them to the market and quickly sell them at once or twice.


To be continued.