Meeting in Poland on 23 and 24 January 2016
Part 28

Harmful things (continuation)


The third type of harmful things are the stagnant things. (The first type of harmful things are items at home and clothing from synthetic fabrics and in black, grey and the other very dark colours; the second type of harmful things are those associated with bad memories.)

Stagnant things are things that a person doesn’t need and which stay for a long time in his house without being used by him. They carry the energy of stagnation.

Stagnant things draw from the energy of the person, which he puts in them while cleaning and rearranging them, without returning it, as normally happens when the items are being used. The things may return the energy multiplied as well if the person beside caring for them and using them enjoys them and thanks them for their good service.

Stagnant things also draw away from the energy of the surrounding space when for a long time stay in one place, without being used and without rearrangement. In that case, it is said that their owner has stopped breathing life into them. It comes to distortion on the field level, and that prevents the energy to move freely in space inside that part of the house, where the stagnant thing is located.

An exception are items which are stored in reserve for later use. They were bought especially for that. They are stored in a specially reserved for that closed place, well cleaned, sorted and packed to be protected from any harmful influences. Such things are beyond the category of the stagnant items because their purpose is to be used in the future. Another exception are some specific tools that are normally designed for occasional use, for example in the case of a break down that might happen once in 10 years, and even more rarely. Or items that are only used in particular season, for example, shovel for snow, which is used only a few times per year during the winter etc. Such items are also beyond the category of the stagnant things. They are items held in stock.

Participant 1: How to determine whether an item is a stagnant item?

Rositsa Avela: For each item is different. If some item is designed for everyday use, but a person hasn’t used it for a long time, for instance for one year, then the item is carrying the energy of stagnation. Or items that supposed to be frequently used, but nobody has touched them for 10-15 years. When you look around at your home, and you contemplate on that topic, you would recall which things in your home are in the category of the harmful things.

Ideally, the stagnant things should be brought again into use, but if a person doesn’t need them, he should sell them. When the stagnant things are very worn out or damaged, and there isn’t opportunity to sell or repair them, then they could be burned or left for recycling.

When the clothes are worn out, including the underwear, the best is to burn them, but whole as they are, without cutting them on pieces or using them for rags, because that badly affects the human bodies on the subtle plane.

When a person wears the garment, it soaks with his energy; the effect is even stronger if the person performs his spiritual practice wearing the garment, because then it soaks with a Divine energy as well. When that garment is old and is replaced by a new one, if the person starts using the old garment for other purposes, such as cleaning rags for dusting, then that is like wiping the dirt with his subtle bodies. And scattering the Divine energy with which they are saturated, as it scatters the Divine energy, which the old garment is saturated with.

It is even worse when an old garment that has been worn for a long time, which is a carrier of the energy of the person and served him well, be cut for making rags – that is like cutting the subtle bodies of that person. The thing is whole and is best to be burnt by being whole, regardless of whether the moon is increasing or decreasing.

It is best everyone to burn his personal clothes, should it be needed. Underwear, which touches the body must be burned because it is most imbued with the energy of one who wears it. Just before a person burns his clothes, it is good to say an invocation, but while he is indoors at home, or if he is in nature he needs to cover himself fully and to say the following:

Thank You, Lord, that these clothes served me well.
I give them to the fire to purify them.
As the fire burns and purifies these my old clothes now,
may everything illusory in me burn up
and may all my four lower bodies be purified here and now!
I ...... (the first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask
for help from Above to find henceforth
all the things that I need
which would be good, of high quality and safe for me and my loved ones,
and which are the best things from Your point of view, Lord, to come to me!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank you, Lord, for the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


When you burn all other things, separated during the cleaning of the house, which is impossible to sell, repair or use anymore, regardless of whether they are foreign things or harmful things, it would be good to pronounce:

When the moon is decreasing:

As these things burn here and now,
May all the evil in the world burn up
may everything illusory to transform into Divine Light
and may my home set free from the energies
of the bad memories, stagnation and harmfulness!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!


When the moon is increasing:

As the Moon increases in these days
and as the fire grows higher,
while burning away everything foreign and harmful here and now,
may my Purity increase,
may the purity of my home and of all my bodies increase,
may the purity of the surrounding space increases, wherever I am,
and may the purity of the whole planet Earth and the Living Life on it increase,
here and now, forever and ever – at all times!
And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!


Participant 2: Is it good to use old towels as rags?

Rositsa Avela:

That depends on what these old towels have been used for.

If they have been used for drying the face, hands or the body after a bath, they are imbued with the energy of the person who uses them, and they are items for personal use. Such towels when worn, must be burned just like an old personal underwear and other garments. It would be best if everyone has his towel only for individual use.

If the towels were used for example for drying washed dishes or for any other common household use, has become obsolete and replaced with new ones, they might be used as rags at home.

Ideally the rags should be bought as such specifically for that purpose. One may purchase towels for cleaning the house, or if they are someone else's clothes, they need to be paid for, even though on quite symbolic price, such as 5-10 cents, so that the energy connection with their previous owner is interrupted. Then they need to be sprayed with full moon water to transform any negative energy accumulation in them and all energy records of their previous owner.

The full moon water is water that was left outdoors during the night of the full moon in a bowl made from a natural material, such as a large glass bowl without being covered, left in a place where the moon would illuminate it. Such water is active and could be used until the next full moon. After having spent the night of the full moon outdoors, the water is poured into in a plastic bottle to be protected from absorbing any other energies.

Everything in the house could be sprinkled with the full moon water to deactivate negative energy influences.

As I said at the beginning of the meeting, and as you know from our previous meetings, second-hand clothes which are bought ideally should be sprayed first with a full moon water and then used. Because that converts the energies of the people who wore them in the past and after that, the clothes are like new.

When a person prepares for sale his things, ideally he also should spray them with a full moon water to deactivate his energy records in them.

Whatever a person does, he needs to consider well his deeds beforehand, to have his results as good fruits in the Light network of the planet Earth and to preserve his purity and his energy to for the future times!


To be continued.